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Constellation (DAG) Price Statistics

  • price

    Price (USD)

    $ 0.0463
  • supply

    Circulating Supply

    DAG 2.94141B
  • volume

    Volume (24h)

    $ 985.495K
  • marketcap

    Market Cap

    $ 136.29754M
  • dry

    Low/High 24h

    $ 0.0445 - $ 0.0473
  • change

    Change (24h)

    -$ 0.000461

Constellation DAG Crypto – Redefining Web3

Constellation is a protocol that aims to create a digital space where mainstream applications can use blockchain technology. Constellation plans to overcome the distance between information processing and decision-making. The platform strives to alter the current nature of centralized data storing methods used by blockchain networks. The network can be used to create a blockchain, cryptocurrency, or decentralized application.

Shared information often suffers from a number of issues including accuracy, volume, as well as how the data is exchanged and utilized between systems. Fact-checking the information becomes critical to ensure its proper utility. Constellation aims to provide validation to data so that informed decisions can be made. 

In addition, the network provides speed, security, and ‘layer-zero’ consensus in its network (Hypergraph) and transportation protocol (HGTP) without explicitly required fees. Through the creation of state channels with advanced programmable business logic, extension of core consensus module to layer one network specific use cases, users have innumerable opportunities to develop peer-to-peer networks. 

DAG Crypto Features

Constellation is focused on big data validation, big data notarization and scalable interoperability. It also features the following architectural elements:

  • Hypercube: Enables businesses to launch their own blockchain, mint a cryptocurrency and includes a complete set of open-source developer tools.
  • Hypergraph: A near-zero fee and horizontally scalable decentralized network that is focused on providing fast, trustless, scalable solutions to improve data integrity and data assurance.
  • Lattice Exchange: An AMM- based DEX that allows users to transfer cryptocurrency between multiple Constellation ecosystems. Lattice Exchange supports seamless cross-chain swaps and a multitude of DeFi applications by utilizing Constellation’s Hypergraph.

DAG Blockchain, Historical Background

The company was launched in 2017 and the DAG roadmap dates back to April 2018. Constellation Labs, the company behind Constellation network, was co-founded by four people: Benjamin Jorgensen, Benjamin Diggles, Mathias Goldmann, and Wyatt Meldman-Floch. Constellation’s Twitter account claims that the company is based in San Francisco, USA.

An Innovative Approach: Directed Acyclic Graph

The underlying data structure that is used to construct Constellation's ledger is a Directed Acyclic Graph or DAG. DAGs allow for asynchronous inputs and are very useful for understanding data transformation pipelines, which makes the data structure very well suited for use in distributed ledger technology. Unlike a blockchain that consists of sequential blocks, directed acyclic graphs possess vertices and edges. The vertice (also referred to as a node) represents the transaction while the edge is the relationship to other transactions. The graph is ‘directed' in that it only permits expansion in one direction, resulting in every new transaction being built on top of the previous one.

When a transaction is registered with a node, it is bundled along with other data in a DAG structure and verifies prior references during validation. Those prior references are chosen according to an algorithm that will also check to ensure there is no conflict with previous transactions. This removes the unnecessary burden of checking against the entire global ledger state which is common in traditional blockchains. In this model, the vertices/nodes become the ‘miners,’ enabling fee-less transactions.

What Is DAG Coin?

The Constellation network has its own token, Dagcoin or DAG Crypto. DAG is a native cryptocurrency and utility token with a fixed supply on Constellation’s decentralized Hypergraph network. DAG was created as an ERC-20 token and offers seamless communication between government channels and nodes, connecting multiple network components. As the network’s creators claim, DAG crypto is substantially different from other cryptocurrencies. It was launched with the goal of creating a decentralized cryptocurrency for use in developing countries. The idea was to take back power from large financial institutions. The cryptocurrency was designed with practical use in mind, not trading.

The token ensures that all the components of the Constellation network can relate to each other, which leads to a seamless flow of information. DAG crypto also helps to establish interaction between the many nodes of the network. A node is any computer in the network of a cryptocurrency. 

Apart from serving as a store of value, Constellation coin also provides faster data processing. DAG coin secures network utility by providing liquidity and sufficient bandwidth to the entire ecosystem and allows value to be added to data. The goal of DAG is to act as a secure mode of payment for the participants of the network. The token also provides incentives that encourage users to contribute to the Constellation platform. 

When it comes to tokenomics, there are currently 9 billion DAG coins. Just 5% is reserved for the developers and founders. As of today, all 3 billion coins have been distributed and 6 billion coins are currently frozen. These coins are reserved for usability partnerships or, if unused, burned at the end of 2022. Usability Partnerships are partnerships with organizations or entities that bring widespread usability and huge growth to the community of DAG coin.

DAG Coin News: A Growing List of Partners

In June 2018, the creators of Constellation launched Orion, which allows the community to earn DAG tokens to participate in various Constellation events. The community’s goal is to gather information and content from the web into a single central hub.

The crypto project also aims to communicate with various partners:

  • A government of a country accepting DAG coin as an alternative currency next to their national currency.
  • A region, county, or state in a country making the token accepted there.
  • A multinational e-commerce platform integrating DAG coin into their system including their user base.
  • A business platform with millions of users.

Falling under this scheme are such notable business partnerships as Amazon Web Services and the United States Airforce, which was initiated in 2019. According to Constellation, the Air Force expects the company to facilitate the various fleets, including drones, planes, and satellites, that the branch is responsible for. The project has also established sector-related partnerships with Chainlink (LINK) and KuCoin exchange.

In terms of technology, Constellation cooperated with Kinnami Software to leverage its Hypergraph Transfer Protocol in order to create a robust, data security product based on blockchain encryption and distributed data management.

In 2020, the project launched its own wallet called Molly on the Hypergraph network. Molly can be used to create a native DAG wallet and features its own address. 

DAG Price Prediction 

At the moment, DAG crypto price has drastically fallen to $0.06905 from what was its all-time high, $0.4624, which is normal taking into consideration the general recession in crypto. According to various sources, there are different predictions for the cryptocurrency. For instance, DigitalCoinPrice claims that the average Constellation crypto price in 2031 will be $1.31, while experts believe the coin will hit this price in 2026.

This, however, depends on how innovative the project will prove in the future. DAG technology presents a viable alternative for different technological verticals: reducing transaction costs, improving transparency, and increasing efficiency. And all in all, Constellation forms a sustainable platform for companies to maintain the integrity of digital assets and transactions. In a highly competitive marketplace, DAG coin may be a good investment opportunity.

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