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Rain Coin: Innovative Meme Crypto

There is a great number of meme coins on the market, however, many of them don’t try hard to build a robust structure or come up with innovative ideas for their projects. However, there are a few precious, lesser-known pearls in the crypto field that shine bright. One of these is the Rain Coin. Not only it is a fun and cute meme coin: co-founded by Calvin Weight, Rain coin provides the crypto space with a new way to look at meme coins. Let’s take a closer look at RAIN coin and the project’s characteristics.

What Is RAIN Crypto?

Rain is an aspiring fully automated crypto project with the following features: 

  1. Fixed supply. RAIN creates a scarcity similar to precious metals like gold, with a maximum quantity of 1,000,000 coins – all of which are now in use. Unlike fiat currencies and even certain cryptocurrencies that allow for the introduction of new coins into their ecosystem, RAIN's constant supply guarantees that it will never be vulnerable to inflationary forces. RAIN seeks to protect the value of each currency over time by imposing a permanent cap on the total quantity of coins, which attracts investors seeking an inflation hedge.

  2. Rewards. Each time coins are bought, sold, or transferred, 1% of the total amount is distributed to all holders based on wallet balance. Every time something occurs on the network, you receive more RAIN the more coins you own. When you include in the daily movement of the Thunderstorm coins at midnight, every day brings with it an increase in RAIN for all. Just imagine: half of the supply, initially purchased on the DEX, ‘Makes it RAIN’ every day, showering 1% of the outstanding supply to all holders, which, in turn, will add more RAIN crypto to your wallet. Holding gives you almost 25% APY.

  3. Fair launch and token distribution. In the cryptocurrency market, RAIN's launch strategy stands out due to its dedication to openness and justice. By beginning the project at a $0.01 price point per coin and dedicating 100% of its supply to liquidity pools, RAIN makes sure that every investor has an equal chance to be involved from the beginning. By doing away with the possibility of price manipulation and sell pressure – which are frequently connected to team allocations, marketing campaigns, and pre-sales – this strategy promotes a more robust and stable market for the coin.

  4. Decentralization and community growth. RAIN empowers its community to foster development and adoption in line with the decentralization concept. The project depends on its investors to spread the word because it has no funding for a team, marketing, or collaborations. This results in a grassroots movement reminiscent of Bitcoin's early days. Such a strategy not only lessens sell pressure but also cultivates a robust, devoted community that is enthusiastic about the coin's development. 

  5. Staking 2.0. Unlike other reward systems, RAIN's enables investors to receive rewards in cold storage, removing the requirement for active involvement or risk exposure from hot wallets and conventional staking procedures. This characteristic also strengthens RAIN's attractiveness as a long-term investment by guaranteeing that all holders, regardless of their technical proficiency or active involvement, can profit from the ecosystem's growth.

Rain Coin Tokenomics

According to the white paper, RAIN token was built on the Polygon chain as it is an inexpensive chain that lets RAIN users benefit off it. Moreover, it’s a more stable network that allows RAIN to rise and fall on its own merits. Rain’s philosophy can be described by one word: fair. From the beginning, all one million coins were part of the liquidity pool. No underhanded dealings, no secret plans. Everything started on an equal footing because everyone who has Rain had to buy in.

The maximum supply of Rain Coin is 1,000,000 RAIN, and it equals its circulating supply. Since no new Rain coins are ever going to enter the market, this creates scarcity for the token. Additionally, the whole supply started on liquidity pools. 50% was bought from the public DeFi pool to fund the Daily Thunderstorm so all coins are transparent and in play. 

Staking Rain Coin rewards can be gathered even without users moving their coins from their wallets. This is a revolutionary way to stake your coins. Any Rain hodler will get their rewards even in cold storage. Users will be rewarded for becoming and remaining a holder by the incentives that the project offers. Unlike other projects, you no longer need to sell your crypto off at a desirable rate and leave. The nominal rewards increase with the balance. With the solid RAIN’s financial incentive, investors would want to stay in the system, which makes it a potentially worthy investment for years to come. RAIN’s reward (1% to all hodlers) is small enough to not get in the way of the larger picture, but significant enough to give people a reason to stick around.

Rain Coin Price Prediction

A number of crypto experts believe that by 2025 the coin will most definitely rise in price, at least to $30. DigitalCoinPrice analysts also think that by 2030, RAIN crypto is going to go as high as $89.04. Meanwhile, CoinCodex believes that by 2030, RAIN coin crypto is going to reach $50.27 at its peak.

How Buy Rain Coin: Step-by-Step Guide

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