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Join us in spreading the word of decentralization and get a profit of 0.4% from each exchange, rewarded in BTC. Referral links and API integration are waiting for you!

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How do I join:

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    Drop us a message at[email protected]
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    Get your referral link, ask any questions on the API and get your key
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    Start being StealthEX Partner
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    Earn profit from exchanges

Partner Tools

Referral link

You can use our referral link to recommend StealthEX to your audience and earn profit from each transaction!

Join our Affiliate Program and receive your personal link via [email protected]

Public API

Integrate StealthEX into any web application – our public API is here for your users to make fast and limitless cryptocurrency swaps. Make your own exchange or aggregator, embed StealthEX and earn with us.

API Documentation

Receive your API key via [email protected]

If you would like to receive more information about the partnership types you can always contact us via [email protected]