Tamadoge Price Prediction 2023-2030: Is Tama Crypto a Good Investment?

Tamadoge Price Prediction

Meme coins have enjoyed enormous success. People love to invest in things that are popular, and there is no doubt that meme culture is popular right now. By creating a cryptocurrency that is based on a popular Internet meme, investors are more likely to take notice. And since these investors are also likely to be social media users, they can help spread awareness of the meme coin through their networks. Read more about Tamadoge price prediction in the new StealthEX article.

Tamadoge Price Prediction

Some crypto projects, such as Dogecoin, have already risen to fame in this field, and more, like Tamadoge, have just arrived at the crypto market. Tamadoge is the new meme coin that surfaced recently and resembles the japanese game Tamagotchi.

Current TAMA crypto priceTamadoge price prediction 2023TAMA coin price prediction 2025

Tamadoge Price Prediction 2030

Telegaon Tamadoge Coin Price Prediction

Telegaon experts expect that TAMA coin will be steadily rising in price and eventually reach high price levels. According to their estimates, in 2023, Tamadoge coin will cost $0.062 (+239%) at its highest point, while in 2025, TAMA crypto will cost at least $0.13 (+612%) per coin at its lowest point. By the year 2030, TAMA will be traded for $7.12 (+38,935%) a coin at its peak. Telegaon also claims that in the middle between these two events, in 2027, TAMA will cost no less than $0.69 (+3,682%).

PricePrediction Tamadoge Price Prediction 2030

PricePrediction gives a solid price prediction for TAMA coin. According to the website, TAMA’s earning potential is +64% in one year and +503% in five years. Based on the experts’ forecasts, the estimated average TAMA price at the end of 2030 will be around $0.33 (+1,709%). At the end of 2031, the average TAMA crypto price may reach a maximum of $0.56 (+2,970%).

DigitalCoinPrice Tamadoge Prediction 2025-2030

DigitalCoinPrice is on the same wavelength with PricePrediction experts. According to their calculations, in 2025 the maximum TAMA crypto price will reach a maximum of $0.0643 per coin (+252%), while in 2030, its value will skyrocket to a maximum of $0.19 (+941%).

When it comes to long-term forecasts, we can find different Tamadoge predictions, and it’s quite difficult to answer the question of what could Tamadoge be worth in 10 years. It’s quite challenging to provide price predictions for the crypto market due to its high volatility, and TAMA is a meme coin. It’s still unclear what meme coins will become in 10 or 20 years’ time, however, Telegaon experts think that in 2040, Tamadoge coin will cost $24.32 (+133,233%) at its peak. In 2050, the crypto market may expect a staggering price of $62.85 (+344,472%) per TAMA coin at its highest price level depending on the market trend.

Tamadoge Crypto Price Chart

Tamadoge Price Chart
Current Price$0.01824
Market Cap$18,718,288
Volume (24h)$3,896,364
Market Rank#620
Circulating Supply71,869,331 TAMA
Total Supply1,418,004,176 TAMA
7 Day High / Low$0.01954 / $0.01428
All-Time High$0.1957 Oct 04, 2022

Source: CoinMarketCap, 2 February 2022

Tamadoge Coin Price Technical Analysis

Tamadoge Price Technical Analysis

Source: Tradingview, Data was taken on February, 2

Keep reading StealthEX’s article to learn more about the Tamadoge project itself and TAMA coin.

What Is TAMA Coin?

TAMA is the native coin of the Tamadoge project, a new meme coin project that is expected to set new standards for all other tokens in the same category. Tamadoge was created using the most remarkable techniques available. The platform’s creators became aware of other meme coins’ numerous problems and decided to establish a new token with exceptional use. The platform has a built-in NFT store and introduces the ultimate Play-to-Earn principles. 

Tamadoge Project History

The project was launched in July 2022. 50% of the total TAMA supply has been allocated to the presale (1 billion tokens). This provides investors with plenty of opportunities to stock up on tokens. With that said, this presale crypto has raised over $19 million weeks ahead of schedule.

In order to generate the most value for its early supporters, the Tamadoge presale used an incrementally increasing pricing system. Rather than time, price directly correlates to the number of TAMA tokens sold. Every time 100 million tokens are sold the price will increase until TAMA eventually hits $0.03.

While most of the founders of meme coin projects are anonymous, Tamadoge seems to have an acknowledged team behind it. Some of the names associated with the project include Siphamandla Mjoli, Carl Dawkins, Neil Palethorpe and Thomas Seabrook, who are all linked to Block Media Labs, a Web3 investment, development and marketing agency. Block Media Labs also lists Tamadoge as one of its blockchain brands.

Tamadoge Crypto: Basics 

Unlike other doge meme coins, Tamadoge doesn’t just include a cute puppy picture. Instead, it offers real-world utility and an immersive gaming experience. Tamadoge’s ecosystem is based in the thriving Metaverse known as the Tamaverse. The inspiration for this game was the Tamagochi handheld game from the early 1990s. All transactions within the Tamaverse use the project’s utility token called TAMA. 

Additionally, you earn Dogepoints by participating in games and doing tasks, and those that have the most Dogepoints receive extra TAMA tokens as a reward. The tokens operate on a zero transaction protocol, and holders receive a monthly distribution of 65% of all coins utilized. All pets are NFTs, enabling gamers to exchange them for TAMA tokens whenever they want. Players can mint NFT pets: minted as babies, they are nurtured by their owners until maturity, when they’re used for quests. Users will need the native TAMA token to buy food and toys to nurture their Tamadoge pets.

You can also train, and prepare your pets for fights that take place in the battle arena. Those who win battles and finish the month with the most amount of Dogepoints can acquire prizes from the game’s Dogepool. Since each pet is a unique NFT, players can buy, sell, or trade them on secondary markets. Tamadoge has followed a rising trend in which meme coins, such as Shiba Inu and Dogecoin, are moving away from their speculative nature and building utility-enabled ecosystems for their projects.

Super Doge Play-to-Earn Game

The newest crypto game with Play-to-Earn mechanics, Super Doge, was released on Tamadoge Arcade on January 26, 2023. Tamadoge developers announced SuperDoge’s launch in their Twitter account.

SuperDoge Play-to-Earn Game

This desktop-optimized game has been in beta testing for a couple of weeks – and it’s going to be a hit with crypto enthusiasts and casual gamers alike. With the bonus of Web3 technology, this coin allows you to earn while you play.

SuperDoge takes it to the next level by rewarding players for their skill, so the more time and effort you put in, the more you’ll earn at both the gaming and economic levels. You can earn not just in the game but also in the crypto world with Tamadoge coins, which are the access key to the P2E ecosystem.

Where to Buy Tamadoge Coin?

StealthEX is here to help you buy Tamadoge crypto. You can do this privately and without the need to sign up for the service. Our crypto collection has more than 700 different coins and you can do wallet-to-wallet transfers instantly and problem-free.

How to Buy TAMA Crypto? Exchange Guide

Just go to StealthEX and follow these easy steps:

  1. Choose the pair and the amount you want to exchange. For instance, BTC to TAMA.
  2. Press the “Start exchange” button.
  3. Provide the recipient address to transfer your crypto to.
  4. Process the transaction.
  5. Receive your crypto coins.

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Don’t forget to do your own research before buying any crypto. The views and opinions expressed in this article are solely those of the author.

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