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Coreum: Modular, Fast, Secure and Interoperable Blockchain

Decentralized finance includes a number of outstanding crypto projects, such as Avalanche, Maker DAO, Compound, and many others. One of the lesser known ones is Coreum. Coreum is a smart-contract blockchain built as a core infrastructure for the future of decentralized applications and DeFi. It features a revolutionary technology for tokens to execute contract-like functions independently and with great flexibility while operating on-chain. Here is an overview of Coreum and its native coin, Coreum cryptocurrency.

What Is Coreum?

Coreum is a 3rd generation, layer-1 blockchain built to serve as a core infrastructure of future blockchain applications. The Coreum Development Foundation has revealed the addition of Smart Token functionality to the Coreum blockchain – The Sologenic Development Foundation created Coreum, an enterprise-graded blockchain (EGB). Coreum stresses cutting-edge speed, with the potential to handle up to 7,000 transactions per second with a federated group of 32 validators. Coreum also provides a low-latency Proof-of-Stake blockchain to a broad range of audiences interested in a multi-chain, interoperable future. Sologenic is a sophisticated ecosystem designed to enable the on-demand tokenization of a wide range of securities such as stocks and ETFs. The Coreum mainnet itself went live on April 4th, 2023.

EGB is a new blockchain network standard introduced by Coreum that is specifically designed to provide the necessary tools and infrastructure for firms of any size to construct and run decentralized apps.The low-latency, blockchain supports the expansion of modular, fast, secure, and interoperable blockchain-based applications, ultimately cultivating the mass adoption of decentralized technology among enterprise-grade entities. 

The grantee initiatives, which include Zeeve, Telios, D'Cent Wallet, Stably, Common, and Amber, are supported by the Sologenic Development Foundation and will significantly improve the community's capacity for scalability and expansion. The Coreum blockchain provides the fundamental foundation for future decentralized blockchain applications in the banking, gambling, and Metaverse industries as well as asset tokenization and asset tokenization.

Smart Tokens: An Innovation by Coreum

Tokens currently store money, whereas smart contracts hold data. Wrapping domestically issued tokens around smart contracts, this new technology, dubbed a ‘Smart Token,’ is able to modify the token's value since it has the data and built-in programmability required to authorize and execute transactions. Developers can enhance the set of given functionality per token and add non-deterministic, smart contract-like operations to enable greater flexibility for strong use cases with Coreum Smart Tokens.

Smart Tokens offer an extended functionality; they enhance smart contract capabilities by increasing speed, cost-efficiency, predictability, security, and extendibility. Smart tokens allow enterprises utilizing the Coreum network to predetermine behaviors of specific tokens in order to execute specific and contract-like functions independently while operating on the chain's storage.

What Is Unique About Coreum?

The Coreum blockchain has a unique perspective on tokens and assets, as it was created out of necessity to support Sologenic. Coreum tokens and assets are specifically designed to provide the necessary tools and infrastructure for organizations of all sizes to construct and run decentralized applications. Enterprises using the network can use Smart Token capabilities to pre-determine the behavior of individual tokens in order to execute hyper-specific transactions without the need for an intermediary.

Coreum is supported by genesis validators Cosmostation, Huobi, Citadel One, Stakewolle, and many other well-known validator operators, allowing for next-generation scaling to occur on-chain. In addition to increased scalability, the new layer one will improve multi-chain interoperability by deploying bridge capabilities and collateralized wrapping. To support continuing mobility and innovation across both ecosystems, Multichain will be developed as the first bridge between the XRPL and Coreum. 

Since its devnet launch in 2021, the Coreum blockchain has gained attention by introducing a new standard for enterprise-use cases. Besides the so-called Smart Tokens, it includes:

  1. ISO20022 Compliance: A single standardization approach (methodology, process, repository) used by all financial standards initiatives.
  2. Inter-Blockchain Communication (IBC) Interoperability: A protocol for interoperability between different ledgers, where all blockchains connect to and communicate with each other via the IBC.

CORE Coin: Tokenomics

The CORE token is the native token of the Coreum blockchain, a transactional token that facilitates all operations and functionalities within the network. The Coreum token has a circulating supply of 500,000,000 CORE and a current market cap of $91,674,112. Coreum crypto is currently listed on Poloniex, MEXC, Coinbase, and many other major crypto exchanges.

Additionally, Coreum supports open-source projects that bring value to the community and scalability of the blockchain with 10% of the total token supply designated for development grants. When it comes to token usability, transaction fees, validators’ rewards and token burn mechanism, Coreum uses a stable fee model that maintains transaction fees regardless of block size and network activity.

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