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DEAPcoin (DEP) Price Statistics

  • price

    Price (USD)

    $ 0.0016
  • supply

    Circulating Supply

    DEP 24.94101B
  • volume

    Volume (24h)

    $ 1.58527M
  • marketcap

    Market Cap

    $ 39.79889M
  • dry

    Low/High 24h

    $ 0.0016 - $ 0.0017
  • change

    Change (24h)

    -$ 0.000003

DEAPcoin: Solving Real-World Problems Through Gamification

As the crypto industry develops, so do Play-to-Earn games. One of the projects working with gamification is DEAPcoin. The company behind it is called Digital Entertainment Asset Pte. Ltd. (DEA) and it’s set in Singapore. It is an innovative company dedicated to the global pan-entertainment industry on blockchain technology. Founded by Naohito Yoshida in August 2018, DEA is a full-fledged digital entertainment ecosystem that leverages the power of blockchain technology to create a data-driven economy. Let’s take a closer look at DEAPcoin crypto and find out more about this project.

What Is DEAPcoin?

DEAPcoin is a platform that will create a new economy and culture in the PlayMining gaming field where digital assets will be distributed in a new age infrastructure that compensates users by using blockchain. The DEA ecosystem makes extensive use of NFTs to monetize digital entertainment.

The company has developed PlayMining, a leading NFT game platform of the global GameFi industry. It was launched on May 26th, 2020 as the world’s first Play-to-Earn token economy. By 2022, the service has accumulated more than 2 million players from over 100 countries. 

With their traditional industrial network, DEA owns original IPs drawn by more than 70 famous manga artists and original content such as games and mangas. The team is headed by two co-CEOs, Naohito Yoshida and Kozo Yamada, who together bring decades of experience in founding successful startups (with 3 IPOs), creating hit video games, producing Web TV programs and a deep understanding of NFT gaming.

The entertaining platform allows users to acquire the cryptocurrency while enjoying games and cartoons that are available for free on the platform and at the same time, the roles and goods within will be sold as the cryptocurrency and is used for second transaction among users via Digital Art Auction.

DEA Ecosystem

The platform has three elements to it. The team claims that points obtained from playing games and reading comics may be converted into virtual money through the DEA Bank. These assets can also be traded and disseminated through the digital art auction, and the business intends to create this website ‘a highly entertaining and intuitively usable platform.’

Players will never be charged for any of the games or manga that are available. As a result, those who are the most committed readers and players stand to benefit the most. The platform developed by DEA ultimately intends to safeguard the copyrights of specific pieces of art in the secondary market. The original creators will always receive a percentage of the proceeds, which encourages them to submit their creations to the NFT marketplace.

Unique Digital Assets

According to DEA, the digital assets that will be traded on its platform are non-fungible tokens. Each of the assets, also known as ERC-721 tokens, has distinctive qualities that differentiate them apart and make them digitally rare. Each asset in the instance of the DEA will first present an illustration created by well-known Japanese manga artists. It is hoped that as time goes on, audio, image, and video data will be added, broadening the range of assets available.

A number of engaging games have already been unveiled by the DEA. A closed beta version of JobTribes launched on April 9, 2020, in which gamers battle in a fantasy world on the theme of occupation. PlayMining has also added the coin pusher game Lucky Farmer to their platform. Other popular titles include:

  1. Cookin’ Burger
  2. Graffiti Racer
  3. Menya Dragon Ramen
  5. SOUL Fusers
  6. PlaysiaTV

Featuring both in-house games as well as third-party projects with their own native tokens that allow creators to capture nearly all of the value they create, the PlayMining platform has 2.6 million users.

At the end of 2022, DEA celebrated a number of significant accomplishments, including securing investments totaling US$10 million from LDA Capital and a minority investment from Rakuten Capital. They also formed corporate agreements with TV Tokyo and Rakuten Group as well as strategic Web3 partnerships with YGG SEA and the Rakuten Group. All of these wins will aid PlayMining in growing their GameFi platform.

DEP Coin: The Core of the Ecosystem

DEAPcoin ($DEP) is an ERC-20 utility token that is distributed as compensation to users that take part in PlayMining's free games.

The primary medium of exchange in the PlayMining ecosystem that shares the value of digital entertainment is DEAP. PlayMining's objective to build a new infrastructure with the belief that the preset ideals will be deeply ingrained in society is expressed by DEAP, which is pronounced ‘deep.’

DEAPcoin is the native utility token that is used for: 

  1. Purchase NFTs on NFT Marketplace by DEP.
  2. Fees for processing transactions.
  3. Used for DEA’s DeFi services.

The token can also be used for future PlayMining platform services like buying in-game items and lands on their metaverse platform. DEP payments have also been added as a payment method on Amazon, eBay, Walmart and Home Depo via Shopping,io. In January 2023, DEA announced the launch of its DEP Buyback Program. The company will continuously buy back its own DEAPcoin ($DEP) crypto token in order to sustainably increase the token’s value. DEA will use up to 40 percent of its own sales to fund the buyback.

Is DEAPcoin Legit?

DEAPcoin seems to be legit and can be a good investment for a number of reasons: 

  1. Compared to conventional currencies like Bitcoin, DEAPcoin (DEP) has a number of special advantages. DEAPcoin (DEP) is one such cryptocurrency that may be used to pay for both in-person and online purchases of products and services.
  2. The platform is made to make it easier for various parties to exchange goods and services. This implies that DEAPcoin (DEP) investors will probably profit from improved liquidity and easier access to new markets.
  3. Because the DEAP platform is based on blockchain technology, it is safe and impervious to hacking. This makes it a desirable choice for investors seeking a trustworthy, secure digital money.

Additionally, some of the top exchanges for trading DEAPcoin (DEP) currently on centralized exchanges include OKEx, Indodax, and Bittrex.

How to Buy DEAPcoin?

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