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Dejitaru Tsuka Coin: The Dragon of Wealth

You can easily find any kind of project in a variety of cryptocurrencies the crypto industry has to offer, including the most unusual ones. Tsuka is a decentralized community meme token built on ERC-20, fully distributed and entirely run by the community. The community is referred to as the ‘Sangha’ (a Buddhist community) as a tribute to Milarepa and his teachings. The new cryptocurrency project known as Dejitaru Tsuka is believed to have been founded by the enigmatic Ryoshi, developer of Shiba Inu. Let’s take a closer look at the Dejitaru Tsuka crypto project.

What Is $TSUKA Coin? Harnessing Community Power for Crypto Success

Dejitaru Tsuka is a token based on the Ethereum blockchain. It's a token rather than a coin. The project claims that its name comes from the Japanese Dejitaru Tsuka dragon that breathes vast flames of wisdom and prosperity to all who embrace its ferocity and strength.’ This dragon is seen as a sign of riches and wealth. There is no apparent whitepaper for the token, and the project was launched during the bear market, in May 2022.

The TSUKA token was created by one of the most beloved developers in the space, the Original Shiba Inu dev, Ryoshi Research. Tsuka was launched without any pre-sale, no tax on transactions, and no allocated team tokens, to dump on investors. Due to the pure tokenomics and its success being reliant on the community, Tsuka does not satisfy the terms of the Howey Test.

Nonetheless, Dejitaru Tsuka achieved enormous success even during the most difficult and competitive period in the cryptocurrency market. At the moment, Dejitaru Tsuka has a 37 mln dollar market value, all because of its community's support and dedication. Following Ryoshi's success with Shiba Inu, this currency is likewise expected to reach billions in market worth in the near future. Unlike other cryptocurrency initiatives, Dejitaru Tsuka is fueled exclusively by the optimism and passion of its community. Its supporters believe in the power of the mind and the strength of a community eager to support one another in mutual growth.

The Dejitaru Tsuka society, known as Tsuka Sangha, believes in positivism, meditation, and study. The community believes in the power of the mind and recognizes that it can propel Tsuka Sangha to incredible heights. Tsuka Sangha recognizes the power of togetherness, therefore they band together and harness each other's talent to achieve great progress. To alter the digital economy, this cryptocurrency redefines art and decentralization.

Unraveling the Cryptic Connections: Tsuka Token and the Mystery of Ryoshi

There is one other factor that may make the TSUKA token worth a second look. While many people have been involved in creating various crypto initiatives, most of them have used their identities and are easily identified. On the other hand, there have been numerous other cryptos, most notably Bitcoin, that were founded by a person or group of persons under a pseudonym.

Shiba Inu is one of the more noteworthy pseudonymously established cryptocurrencies. While it was launched as a parody of Dogecoin, which was created as a parody of cryptocurrency in general, it has managed to grab a lot of people's imaginations and it's quite well-known in the world of crypto. The secretive Shiba Inu pioneer called Ryoshi totally vanished from web-based entertainment in May 2022. Ryoshi’s Twitter handle and Medium websites associated with Shibu Inu were erased, and he remains unknown. With Ryoshi having established a pretty important cryptocurrency, whether by accident or design, there was some interest in where they had gone, whether they were going to come back and what would happen next. 

At one time, a few individuals from the Shiba Inu people group painstakingly followed a progression of ‘secretive messages’ obviously sent by Ryoshi through the blockchain. Large numbers of the SHIB armed forces say that Ryoshi’s Shiba Inu language is equivalent to that utilized in Dejitaru Tsuka’s main Medium blog. What’s more, the blog has a similar picture as Ryoshi’s Twitter handle. Moreover, the mysterious messages the Tsuka maker shipped off his adherents are like the ones he used to post. One of them was posted by the Dejitaru Tsuka account on July 24, 2022.

However, because Ryoshi is a pseudonym, there is no way of knowing whether Ryoshi is behind it, whether Ryoshi's principles are behind it, or whether talking about someone who may or may not exist as an individual is just a marketing ploy impersonating Ryoshi. 

A Crypto Dragon Amidst Canine Chaos

One thing that instantly distinguishes Dejitaru Tsuka (TSUKA) is that it is not a dog or cat-themed meme coin. Instead, the dragon is used to ‘breathe vast flames of wisdom and prosperity to all who embrace it.’ Although meme coins can help traders make good money, it is a lofty ambition. In contrast to Shiba Inu, there is no overarching ecosystem or value. Speculation can only take a currency so far, and $TSUKA may have passed its prime.

While there is considerable interest in the project, its market capitalization of more than $120 million at the start of trading appeared to be excessive. The maximum supply of one billion TSUKA has already been distributed. TSUKA quickly surged to $0.15 after its launch and was pushed down to $0.035 in the weeks after. At the moment TSUKA coin price hovers in the same price range, $0.03706.

TSUKA is a relatively new cryptocurrency, so we don't yet know what kinds of pricing trends it might exhibit over time. Secondly, there is minimal information available regarding the token. There is no whitepaper and no roadmap. And while there are strong suggestions made by the token’s social media that SHIB founder Ryoshi is in some way behind TSUKA, they remain as suggestions. There is no way of knowing whether or not Ryoshi has decided to create a new cryptocurrency. 

However, the Dejitaru Tsuka community remains strong, and the project’s Twitter account posts update regularly. Apparently, there may be more to come from the enigmatic project leader Ryoshi.

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