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HEX (HEX) Price Statistics

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    $ 0.0019
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    HEX 0.00
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    $ 353.253K
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    $ 0.00
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    $ 0.0017 - $ 0.002
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    $ 0.000149

HEX Crypto: The Ultimate DeFi Solution

Among the many crypto projects available on the market, there’s a number of cryptocurrencies that let its users boost their earnings. This includes HEX that allows users to act as their own bank by staking their HEX to reduce the supply, which puts upwards pressure on the token's price. Longer stakes may potentially earn higher rewards, and active stakes may potentially earn additional yield when people end their stakes earlier or later than committed. In short, HEX is a project to recreate a common banking product called a Time Deposit. It is an ERC-20 token and fully automated in the form of a smart contract on the Ethereum blockchain. Let’s take a closer look at HEX coin and find out more about this project.

What Is HEX Crypto?

Hex Coin (HEX) is a financial tool – a type of Peer-to-Peer (P2P) staking system that was launched on Ethereum in December 2019. All HEX transactions are verified by validators on the network without the need for an intermediary; thereby embodying the foundations of decentralized finance (DeFi).

Since HEX is an ERC-20 token, it may be used with smart contracts and the Ethereum network. Early users of HEX could initially be BTC holders who received a little amount for free or acquired it through a crypto-airdrop. This marketing strategy is comparable to those used by retail businesses. It entails awarding a potential customer with the business's indigenous altcoin for actions that enhance brand recognition, such as:

  1. Social media posts.
  2. Completing a survey.
  3. Suggestion to a friend via email.
  4. Signing up for a newsletter.

Hex Coin employs the same Proof-of-Work (PoW) consensus process as Bitcoin (BTC), but it has been hybridized to include the features of a Proof-of-Stake (PoS) consensus mechanism as well. Investors lock away (stake) a small portion of their cash; the more they stake, the more transactions they can check. Investors receive interest in return for their staked currency, which enables them to generate a passive income without the need for costly equipment (which is required for mining). The potential for rewards increases as an investor stakes more HEX. 

The reason that Hex calls itself a blockchain certificate of deposit is because users can choose to lock their HEX for between 1 and 5555 days and earn interest on that deposit which averages to a 40% APY. This is similar to a traditional bank savings account or CD, but offers a significantly higher interest rate.

By rewarding long-term holders, HEX can increase its liquidity over time, which helps to reduce volatility and create a more stable and secure token. Additionally, the penalties for early stake withdrawals discourage short-term speculation and help to maintain the token’s value.

According to the official website, HEX doesn’t have a roadmap, because HEX was launched as an already completed product and there is no further feature development required for the HEX smart contract to function.

HEX: Unique Features

According to the project’s website, it offers a number of rare features:

  1. Delayed gratification. HEX incentives users to use time to their advantage.
  2. Performance. HEX has appreciated 9481x so far, outpacing both Bitcoin and Ethereum. A 6,500,000x would put HEX at $367.
  3. HEX removes middlemen. By design, there is no central entity in HEX.
  4. HEX’s inflation is capped at 3.69%. HEX is the first cryptocurrency with a chart of its future locked supply.
  5. HEX pays 38% APY. On average, miners earn rewards daily. They can mint them all at once at the end of their commitment. This multiplies their ROI when HEX’s price appreciates against USD. Active Miners get to mint extra rewards for themselves when other miners mint their rewards earlier or later than they committed to. HEX rewards longer and larger mining as well.
  6. HEX is a single smart contract on the PulseChain ecosystem. Like many other cryptocurrencies, it follows the PRC20 standard which makes it compatible with a lot of wallets and exchanges. You have to pay a fee to the PulseChain network every time you send HEX. You don't have to pay any fees to receive or hold HEX. PulseChain's mining algorithm is also ASIC resistant. It's more diverse and censorship resistant than Bitcoin’s SHA256 ASIC mining, this way it can be mined with a common GPU. Unlike for Bitcoin mining, you don't need to buy special hardware from some mining equipment company.
  7. Different staking levels. The HEX Staker Class consists of 9 Leagues: Poseidons, Whales, Sharks, Dolphins, Squids, Turtles, Crabs, Shrimps, and Shells. To qualify as a Dolphin a Staker needs at least 0.01% of all global T-Shares. 0.001% to qualify as a Turtle, 0.0001% to become a Crab, etc.

Richard Heart: The Man Behind the Project

Richard Heart (Richard Schueler), HEX’s founder, has frequently discussed how he discovered cryptocurrencies in their infancy and ended up buying when Bitcoin was still only worth $1 USD, all thanks to Reddit. 

However, Reddit has been the website where Heart and Hex Coin have received the most criticism. Richard Heart established Hex Coin in late 2019 (and PulseChain, a Hex Coin fork, earlier this year) after making a sizable sum from his early Bitcoin investment. Heart is frequently watched on YouTube and has been discussed in a number of media outlets over the years, frequently with divisive outcomes. He is renowned for wearing garish clothing and jewelry.

HEX Coin: News

Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla, recently made an unexpected HEX-related claim. Musk had reacted to a Twitter user who claimed that artificial intelligence (AI) imagines humans executing hexadecimal calculations similar to its own, which is why it portrays humans with eight fingers on each hand. The Tesla CEO responded, keeping up with his customary jokey demeanor and love of memes, "I have a fondness for Hex". As was to be expected, the cryptocurrency community was interested in Musk's remark, with some people theorizing that HEX was subtly mentioned. 

As can be seen from the memetic responses, Musk's tweet attracted funny remarks. Some people questioned what may have motivated Musk's claim about his love of HEX. Some applauded Musk for tangentially bringing up HEX.

While Hex Coin’s business model, practices, founder, and marketing may raise some eyebrows, there’s little question that HEX has made very profitable returns for some investors. The team behind HEX is focused on creating new use cases for the token, including integration with other blockchain-based projects and the creation of a HEX debit card. Continued growth and expansion is expected as more investors seek to take advantage of its unique benefits.

HEX Crypto Price

HEX coin price today is $ 0.0019.

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