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What Is HIVE Blockchain?

Hive is a DPoS-powered blockchain & cryptocurrency. HIVE Blockchain Technologies Ltd, formerly known as Leeta Gold Corp, has a long-term technical rank of 26. Before the 2017 crypto boom it used to be a Canadian gold mining company, however, as the popularity of cryptocurrencies began to rise, the management decided to switch to mining crypto instead of gold.

HIVE Brief History - What Is HIVE Coin?

HIVE crypto is essentially a product released by Genesis Mining and Foire Group. Genesis Mining is one of the world’s leading crypto cloud mining solutions. Cloud mining lets crypto enthusiasts mine cryptocurrencies over the Internet through mining contracts signed with cloud mining companies and without any mining equipment. HIVE cryptocurrency blockchain acquired equipment and funds from Genesis Mining through several agreements. These agreements led to Genesis Mining holding 30% of the ownership. Today, it provides hosting and software solutions that were originally created by Genesis Mining in the form of Genesis services.

HIVE Coin Features

One of the most fascinating things about HIVE coin is that the company approached crypto mining in a solid and serious way, just like they did with gold mining. Their operations are situated in cool and politically stable jurisdictions with access to low-cost green/renewable energy. The company chose Iceland and Sweden for its mining farms.

The facilities are fully powered by hydroelectric power and consume a total of 20.4 megawatts. The Icelandic company produces mined cryptocurrency 24/7. It was chosen by HIVE because of its year-round mild temperatures, so less energy can be used to cool the facility.

Sweden was chosen because of its political stability and the fact that it is actively exploring blockchain beyond crypto. It uses surplus green/renewable energy, which allows HIVE to mitigate its environmental impact in Sweden.

In addition to running multiple mining farms, HIVE blockchain also validates transactions on blockchain networks. Validation is an important aspect of blockchain technology. This is because the technology is designed to be transparent and immutable. HIVE verifies transactions for blockchain networks and thus earns new cryptography that can be used to monetize income and cash flows.

HIVE Blockchain Technologies is the first publicly traded crypto miner, listing on the Toronto Venture Exchange in 2017, under the ticker symbol HIVE. Moreover, HIVE token is listed on the Nasdaq's Capital Markets Exchange (NASDAQ).

One of Hive coin's primary monetary policy features is its decreasing inflation rate, which decreases by 0.01% every 250,000 blocks. This equates to around 0.5% per year. Of the coins that enter circulation via inflation, 65% will go towards filling the reward pool for content creators.

HIVE Coin Price

HIVE crypto price is probably what interests investors the most. HIVE is currently trading at $0.211083. Trading volume constitutes $4,920,442.47 in 24 hours. It reached its all-time high of $3.42 in November 2021, while it dropped to an all-time low, less than $0.08694, two years ago. Ever since that, HIVE has been gaining in popularity with its current CoinMarketCap ranking as #136.

HIVE Coin Price Prediction

So, what is the future of HIVE? According to WalletInvestor, in five years the future price of HIVE token will be $4.001, and the long-term earning potential of the coin is estimated by WalletInvestor as +148.38% in one year.

DigitalCoinPrice believes the average price of HIVE will be around $0.99 in 2025. In general, crypto enthusiasts believe HIVE will increase in price, however, it’s uncertain to what extent.

Is HIVE Blockchain a Good Investment?

In essence, HIVE is a cryptocurrency mining firm. Everyday HIVE earns new crypto coins which it can monetize for revenue and cash flow. Being a solid project, HIVE will most likely develop in the future, although some crypto analysts are sceptical about the whole idea of mining farms. Nonetheless, fast and reliable internet access, as well as a cool climate, help to lower mining costs. This just may be the ultimate ‘green’ blockchain crypto enthusiasts have been dreaming of.

How to Buy HIVE Cryptocurrency?

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