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Immutable X: Web3 Gaming at Its Finest

One of the Top 100 crypto projects is a blockchain dedicated to Web3 gaming called ImmutableX. Immutable X is a layer-2 scaling solution that aims to provide solutions to the intricacies of the problem and the challenges faced by NFT projects on the Ethereum network. It offers instant trade confirmation and near-zero gas fees for minting and trading NFTs. Users can simply construct and trade NFTs while maintaining asset security. Let’s take a closer look at this GameFi crypto project.

What Is Immutable X?

Immutable X is a well-known brand in the market. It was developed to improve the scalability of Ethereum for NFT projects. Immutable X is an appealing blockchain for all NFT enthusiasts, thriving as a Layer 2 scaling option for NFT collections running on Ethereum.

The platform enables users to mint and trade digital collectibles in a seamless manner. The benefits of using this breakthrough interface include no gas prices, carbon neutrality, 9000 transactions per second (TPS), and unrestricted access to instant trades, games, and applications. Achieving the indicated TPS rate is one of the most essential targets set by Immutable X crypto portal and the team is constantly growing itself to live up to the predetermined goals. 

Through a well-structured decentralized ecosystem, Immutable X assures the trade security of NFT projects. Users can easily produce and exchange ERC-721 and ERC-20 tokens at significantly lower fees without jeopardizing the security of their assets. It helps NFT developers to build digital assets in a simple yet compelling way. The Immutable X team believes that Ethereum depends on centralized means to scale properly, which is a major conflict to its identity. Hence, they divulge into zk-rollups as a means to solve the blockchain’s issue of scalability for NFT creators and builders on the Immutable X platform. Immutable X is also resistant against 51 attacks as it is not a centralized chain and it inherits security features from Ethereum.

According to their roadmap, Immutable X is actively working on developing its ecosystem, including its own wallet, Unity & Unreal SDKs, allowing for in-game transactions and smoother integrations, and relayer functionality to allow for gas payment with other tokens.

Starkey: The Key to Immutable X Platform

Immutable X is powered by StarkWare’s revolutionary zero-knowledge-proof technology called Starkey. Instead of adding all the transaction data to the blockchain, zk rollup consolidates hundreds of transactions into a single zero-knowledge proof called the zkSTARK proof. 

ZkSTARK stands for Zero-Knowledge Concise and Transparent Knowledge Discussion. This is a validation method used to prove possession of a particular data section without disclosing any crucial information. Immutable X transactions are processed ensuring the highest levels of privacy standards and security norms.

In a zk-rollup, users lock assets in an on-chain smart contract: these assets are ‘deposited’ into L2. These assets can be traded using L2 transactions, which are ordered by an ‘operator’ entity into a consistent historical sequence. Transactions are then grouped into a batch or block, and a proof is generated for the validity of this batch. This proof is then published on chain and verified by a smart contract which updates the on-chain state. Using this on-chain state, users can unlock their assets.

With the help of Starkey, creators can develop in-game assets for a better experience – all thanks to the robust suite of unmatched trading features. When it comes to trading, Immutable X pledges to provide users with the best-in-class services. Immutable X is an excellent solution for NFT enthusiasts since it ensures high-end security and transparency while meeting user needs. Using the portal's strong infrastructure tools and services, users can set up and expand their NFT business in a matter of hours.

IMX Crypto: Unique Features

The uniqueness of the IMX token lies in the following features:

  1. Ability to provide users with a seamless experience in the creation and transfer of NFTs.
  2. Trading NFTs at gas-free prices.
  3. Allows users to create unlimited quantities of NFTs.
  4. The platform is committed to providing its users with a low carbon footprint through zero fees, which ensures that all transactions are cost-effective and harmless to the environment.
  5. Offers a unique API abstraction layer that makes it easy to onboard builders into the ecosystem.
  6. Offers zero knowledge rollups. Multiple rollup offerings that cater to users’ every need.
  7. Its own marketplace with a range of NFTs for players.

History of Immutable X

Headquartered in Australia, Immutable X was launched in 2018 by siblings James Ferguson and Robbie Ferguson along with Alex Connolly. James Ferguson is also the CEO of the company. He has founded several businesses and led a software development team at a multibillion-dollar technology firm. He is a Forbes 30 under 30 entrepreneur as well as a successful developer. 

Robbie Ferguson, James Ferguson's brother, is a serial entrepreneur and advisor to numerous high-profile blockchain ventures. He has been involved in the blockchain industry since its inception and has been named to Forbes' 30 under 30 list.

IMX Token at the Core of Immutable X Platform

IMX is an ERC-20 utility token designed to reward pro-network activity on Immutable X, such as trading, liquidity provision, and application development. In total, there are 2,000,000,000 IMX tokens. The token aligns incentives among traders, creators, and marketplaces so that protocol activity benefits all participants. To distribute IMX for usage on the Immutable X protocol, Immutable has teamed with token issuer Digital Worlds Ltd. NFTS or the Foundation. Soon, Immutable X is going to launch its zkEVM testnet, which will further expand the platform and the number of use cases for the IMX crypto.

20% of Immutable’s protocol fee must be paid in IMX tokens. This fee can either be paid directly in IMX, or Immutable will automatically swap the actual purchase currency (e.g. ETH) for IMX coin on the open market. This means users do not need to explicitly hold IMX tokens to be able to transact on the protocol. Note that there is no entitlement, allocation, or rights to revenue of the Immutable X protocol purely on the basis of ownership of IMX tokens. 

Staking and IMX Rewards Pool

Staking IMX tokens received as part of the fee capture mechanism will be sent to the Staking Rewards Pool. At regular monthly intervals, this pool is distributed proportionally between all users who are actively staking their IMX tokens on Immutable X. A user’s rewards will be proportional to the amount of IMX crypto they have staked during the month, relative to all other active stakers. Staking will be activated a couple of months after the token launch.

Each day, users will have the opportunity to earn points by conducting pro-network activities, such as trading, depositing or minting assets. The exact calculation of the points will be outlined at a later date and may be adjusted after the initiative has commenced. Every 24 hours, the daily IMX rewards pool will be distributed to users based on their proportional share of the total points earned by all users. Two-thirds (66.6%) of these daily reward tokens are subject to a linear unlock of six months to ensure usage and rewards are aligned with long-term protocol users. User rewards will be activated at a later date via protocol governance mechanisms.

All in all, the Immutable X portal offers a wide range of benefits to its users including zero gas charge and higher scalability, which is something many users are attracted by.

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