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KleeKai (KLEE) Price Statistics

  • price

    Price (USD)

    $ NaN
  • supply

    Circulating Supply

    KLEE 100000.00T
  • volume

    Volume (24h)

    $ 437.66
  • marketcap

    Market Cap

    $ 806.262K
  • dry

    Low/High 24h

    $ NAN - $ NAN
  • change

    Change (24h)

    N$ aN

KleeKai Coin: An Innovative Gaming Meme Token

We have seen all kinds of meme tokens, however, some of them have chosen an unusual path and started developing in the field of gaming and esports. One of them is the KleeKai coin. The project’s logo is a stylized image of an Alaskan Klee Kai dog. KleeKai is a community-focused decentralized transaction network, and it’s controlled by its users. The real owners of KleeKai coin are its investors and everybody who trusts and believes in the project. 

KLEE intends to separate itself from the traditional gaming market, by truly rewarding players for their efforts and playtime. Because of the positive impact Play-to-Earn & Play-to-Educate can have on people in growing economies, the crypto esports project aims to make the initial fiscal requirement needed to play as low as possible.

Instant Rewards for KLEE Coin Holders

The KleeKai smart contract allows each holder of the token to earn passive income, just by holding the token which is distributed upon every buy, swap and sell that takes place of the token. The ‘reflection’ amount which is an active income is fixed to 2% and is dispersed across every wallet but that was not enough incentive for the development team to reach their goals and have now completed a P2E mechanism to incorporate into their game.

The native token of KleeKai is KLEE, with a total supply of 100 quadrillion, and the liquidity has been burned to a flat address where it can no longer be withdrawn to make it more unique. This means that KLEE will always exist and will not be able to draw liquidity from the pool; this also means that rug pulls are not workable with this token. Liquidity itself is ensured by the ongoing procedure of building a product market. As the order size grows, the transaction price grows asymptotically, ensuring that liquidity is always available. As a result, it offers modest to medium-sized trades with cheap spreads.

KleeKai does not use an order book like a traditional exchange. Instead, it depends on an automated market-making system to ensure liquidity. When someone sells a token on KleeKai for ETH, the value of the token increases while the value of ETH declines. The token’s price is steadily reduced as a result of this. When someone buys a token for ETH, the number of tokens on KleeKai reduces while the number of ETH rises, driving the price to increase. An automatic market-matching algorithm determines the token’s price, ensuring that the quantity of ETH multiplied by the token pool remains constant.

KleeRun: P2P Gaming

On May 11, 2021, KleeKai officially launched its token on the Ethereum blockchain and released a unique and addictive game called KleeRun, a fun peer-to-peer game for all ages. The game itself is interactive and features a Play-to-Earn mechanism. The P2E mechanism will allow gamers to select if they wish to receive or burn the tokens earned during gameplay. This is a unique concept to enhance the tokens value as the tokenomics do not automatically allow burning of the circulating supply of tokens. Earning KleeKai tokens is calculated based on a 4 Tier split. To play, a holding wallet must have 100 billion tokens to be able to play KleeRun.

Here are the latest calculations for passive income earnings for KLEE crypto holders. Holding 500 Billion KleeKai tokens will allow gamers to earn a daily limit of up to 8,333,333,333 tokens per day (estimated value $1.92 USD). Holding 1 Trillion KleeKai tokens will allow gamers to earn a daily limit of up to 16,666,666,667 tokens per day and Includes a bonus 10% of daily earnings (estimated value $3.83 USD). Holding 2 Trillion KleeKai tokens will allow gamers to earn a daily limit of up to 33,333,333,333 tokens per day and Includes a bonus 10% of daily earnings (estimated value $8.43).

Additionally, gamers can also trade NFTs representing real-estate, personal avatars, and merchandise. Each of these features incur minor transaction fees, which go to the holders proportional to their contributions to the liquidity pool. Holding is an essential function of the Klee Run, as it enables the AMM smart contract and rewards LP investors.

KLEE Projects and Ecosystem

The Klee launchpad which will be the home of the ecosystem and is branded as KleeGames, within the launchpad are various utilities explained below:

  1. KleeDao: A decentralized autonomous method for token holders to be able to vote, comment, recommend and approve various movements for the project.
  2. KleeGames Launchpad: This launchpad will be where the Play-2-Earn and Learn-2-Earn applications are located.
  3. KleeGames NFT Marketplace: Here, investors will be able to purchase non-fungible tokens that are associated with the ecosystem.
  4. KleeKai Token & NFT Staking: Investors will now be given more ways to earn. They will be able to stake tokens or KLEE NFTs to begin earning with an immediate ROI tracking system directly connected to the Play-to-Earn dashboard.
  5. KleeGames Crossplay Gaming: Each platform will connect to the user’s account where the players dashboard is linked directly to the database. No more direct wallet connection required.
  6. KleeAcademy Scholar rewards: investors will be able to allocate portions of their token investments via a QR code system, to give access to people who are willing to earn in the KleeGames ecosystem.

With the release of the Launchpad, investors can expect to see a widened range of features contained in this hub. Playing games to Staking tokens and contributing to the Klee Games DAO investors will be easy: they can simply check their daily rewards earned by using the launchpad. KleeRun performs calculations within the game, which calculates the wallet holding amount against the amount of games played and the score achieved within the application.

KleeKai Coin Price Prediction

When it comes to KleeKai crypto price predictions, experts’ opinions vary. Some believe it’s a bad long-term investment, while others, like Reddit cofounder Alex Ochanian, think that Play-to-Earn crypto will be the only type of games most people play in five years. In that case, KLEE token has a high chance of entering the market strongly.

Where to Buy KleeKai Coin?

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How to Buy KLEE Coin?

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