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What Is Nuls Crypto?

Nuls (NULS) coin is the native crypto of Nuls, an open-source platform that provides instruments and solutions for individual users and blockchain developers.


The NULS Foundation Pte. Ltd, the company behind Nuls project, was established in September 2017 in Singapore by a programmer Lily Wang, a developer Lin Yang and a managing director Reaper Ran.

In distinction from other cryptocurrencies, Nuls didn’t hold an ICO: they made an airdrop of 40 million NULS tokens into Binance exchange in November 2017 (at a price of $1 per token).

Nuls 1.0 mainnet went live in July, 2018.

Nuls 2.0 launch took place in September, 2019.

Currently led by CEO Liesa Huang and COO Isaac Kim, Nuls has participants from Australia, USA, France, Great  Britain, PRC, Indonesia etc.

The slogan of Nuls is “From Null to NULS”.

The Purposes Of Nuls

The aims of Nuls are to reduce technical barriers when building blockchains for companies, diminish development costs and increase adoption of new technologies in the corporate world.

Many companies would like to switch to blockchain technology. Since the number of developers is limited, companies have to compete for the few skilled workers and offer huge salaries. For small and medium-sized companies, such salaries can hardly be raised and would devour a large part of the capital available for their projects.

Nuls seeks to solve this problem by providing companies with an easier entry into the new technology through its modular architecture and pluggable tools.

Nuls Key Features

The Nuls platform consists of two major parts: the microkernel and the modular infrastructure.

The microkernel serves as the basis for the entire network. The module manager driven by the microkernel allows developers to connect modules to their own blockchains and adapt them individually.

The Nuls modular infrastructure includes Nulstar, a framework empowering  enterprise-level blockchain solutions, public and private blockchains, dApps and smart-contracts,

Nulstar features two solutions for building new chains – ChainBox for professional devs and ChainFactory for general users.

ChainFactory enables users to select modules from a convenient web application UI and then assembles a customized blockchain with a smart-contract module, a cross-chain module, a web wallet, and an explorer.

Nuls smart-contract virtual machine (NULSVM)  creates applications and smart-contracts. For the sake of easier adaption, smart- contracts can be written in different programming languages.

The Nuls blockchain uses a Proof-of-Credit (PoC) consensus mechanism. Similar to Proof-of-Stake, POC requires users to lock tokens to run network nodes and get rewards. They need 2000 NULS to vote for masternodes and 20,000 NULS – to create a node. Receiving 200,000 votes, a node turns into a masternode.

Besides the model of nodes/masternodes, NULS features a credit rating system. Each node has a credit coefficient that determines its consensus reward and credit rating.

Where can NULS Coin be used?

The NULS coins are used to support Nuls-based applications, pay application fees, exchange digital assets in sub-blockchains, support Nuls development, reward users and pay transaction fees.

Nuls is listed on many exchanges, including Binance, Bit-Z, ChaoEX, OKEx, Kucoin, QBTC and DragonEX.

Bitcoin is the most popular pair, but Nuls is also exchanged to USDT, ETH, BNB and CNY.

Nuls Advantages 

  1. Demand for blockchain technology is steadily increasing, but the market for medium-sized companies is still quite limited, and currently available technical solutions are too complex. That’s why Nuls is a very promising project, because it establishes new standards and combines simplicity of operations with high effectiveness.
  2. The Nuls team is large and growing rapidly and the development is well orchestrated and efficient.

Developments And Future Plans

Nuls development is divided into phases: ICE, WATER and STEAM. The first two stages are behind, while the current STEAM stage in its fullness is ahead.

The next major milestone is to incorporate many other blockchains into Nerve – a decentralized digital asset service network based on the NULS micro-services framework.

How To Buy Nuls Сryptocurrency?

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