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Exploring Perpetual Protocol: Decentralized Leverage Trading and PERP Token Insights

The DeFi industry has come up with a number of excellent solutions that cater to a variety of users, and one of them is Perpetual Protocol (PERP). 

Perpetual Protocol is a decentralized finance project that enables this service through written code, without the need for financial intermediaries. The platform offers fully decentralized trading with up to 10x leverage. Using perpetual contracts, users can open leveraged long or short trading positions for a variety of assets. Let’s take a closer look at the Perpetual Protocol and PERP coin to find out more about this project.

Perpetual Protocol Overview

In essence, Perpetual Protocol is a group of computer programs (smart contracts) that run on the Ethereum blockchain and were created to interact and mimic services provided in derivatives markets.

This means that in order to perform trades, users of the Perpetual Protocol simply need to have faith in the code to work as intended, not in any specific organization or group of individuals. Perpetual Protocol was designed to facilitate the buying and selling of perpetual contracts in a way that mirrors a traditional exchange.

Popular decentralized exchange Uniswap and synthetic asset platform Synthetix served as models for Perpetual Protocol. However, Perpetual Protocol is intended for leveraged trading, short positions, and low amounts of slippage rather than spot trading or exposure to real-world assets.

Perpetual Protocol employs a procedure that makes use of a collateralization vault and a virtual automated market maker (vAMM) to accomplish this. These systems are intended to settle trades and provide open access to sophisticated financial products like perpetual contracts.

It should be noted that a perpetual contract is a derivative that resembles a futures contract but has no expiration date. Until a particular date in the future when the underlying product is delivered, a futures contract allows people to speculate on the price of the asset in conventional markets. In contrast, perpetual contracts are long-term agreements in which the underlying is never delivered and traders must pay a charge to keep their position open. 

Perpetual Protocol: Brief History

Perpetual Protocol was first launched in 2018 by Yenwen Feng and Shao-Kang Lee under the name ‘Strike' before changing its name to Perpetual. The Ethereum blockchain serves as the foundation for Perpetual Protocol. 

Perpetual Protocol is not free and users pay 0.1% taker fees and 0.09% fees for every trade placed on the network in addition to Ethereum gas fees. The network fees are settled in ETH and stable coins such as DAI and USD Coin (USDC).

Perpetual Protocol: Features

Perpetual Protocol is a contract trading platform. The platform uses smart contracts to facilitate trades. A smart contract is code that self-executes which means there is no human oversight. The platform offers the following features:

  1. Contract trading allows traders to trade with more money than they have. Users can trade with up to 10x leverage. This means if they trade $1,000 they would effectively be trading with $10,000.
  2. Contracts are not the same as the assets – they are only tied to the price of those assets. If a person trades contracts, these contracts can be bought at a certain price (i.e. 10 contracts for $100 instead of 0.001 BTC for $100).
  3. A perpetual contract is a contract with no expiry date. While most options expire at a certain point, perpetual contracts only expire if the trader is liquidated and/or if they close their trade.
  4. Users can trade contracts for top crypto such as Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Solana (SOL), Avalanche (AVAX), Fantom (FTM), Chainlink (LINK), and more.
  5. The liquidity for trades on Perpetual Protocol is provided by users themselves.
  6. Perpetual Protocol runs on Ethereum’s Layer-2 solution called Optimism that decreases gas fees compared to the Ethereum mainnet.
  7. Perpetual contracts carry risks. If the trader is incentivized with leverage, they face a higher chance of liquidation with a smaller percentage move against their trade.

What Is PERP Crypto?

PERP is an ERC-20 token and it is the governance token of the Perpetual Protocol platform. PERP is essential to its management. The ultimate goal, according to reports, is to hand over authority to PERP holders, with developments and improvements falling onto the shoulders of the community.

PERP can be staked in addition to being an essential component of the network. Stakers receive half of the network's trading fees in addition to the unallocated or freshly created token supply.

The PERP token distribution is the following:

  1. 8%: Balancer liquidity.
  2. 19%: Private investors during the seed and strategic sale stages.
  3. 21%: The team and close advisors.
  4. 52%: Staking rewards.

Is Perpetual Protocol A Good Investment?

The futures trading techniques that were previously used on centralized exchanges were implemented in a trustless, decentralized way by Perpetual Protocol. According to the collateral people put on the network, the protocol enables users to trade the most well-liked cryptocurrencies and leverage their positions. This form of management may serve as a solid basis for the platform to develop later on. However, as crypto investment risks include high volatility, it is recommended to do your own research.

Will Perpetual Protocol Go Up?

Perpetual Protocol is incredibly secure, which is probably one of the platform's main selling qualities. Since it is open-sourced, anyone may look for warning signs. In addition, it has been the subject of independent audits from well-known cryptocurrency companies ConsenSys and PeckShield, obtaining endorsements from both. However, Perpetual Protocol has also experienced latency issues and flash crashes during periods of very high volatility. While the token may go up in the future as it has reached its all-time high price of $24.84 a little over 2 years ago, it is not guaranteed that it will hold its positions. Nonetheless, some crypto analysts remain optimistic and believe that future price gains may be in sight. For instance, PricePrediction crypto experts think that by 2030, Perpetual Protocol’s price will reach no less than $9.60 at its peak.

What Is the Future of Perpetual Protocol?

The state of the cryptocurrency market as a whole will have a significant impact on the future of Perpetual Protocol. While the company keeps developing, it is still considered to be a high-risk investment as with all cryptocurrencies. For those with an asymmetrical risk profile, this form of investing is inappropriate. PERP offers exposure to a worldwide technology and an ever-expanding ecosystem in addition to its speculative nature, which can be seen as an opportunity for more daring investors.

How to Buy Perpetual Protocol (PERP) Coin?

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