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Pitbull Token: Transforming the Crypto Landscape

Some coins have been on the market for a long while and have greatly contributed to the field development, yet they remain unknown to the general cryptocurrency community. One of such projects is Pitbull crypto. Pitbull (PIT) is an auto-staking token whose ownership was renounced and given to the community upon the token’s creation. Due to decentralization, the token is a 100% community-driven project. The Pitbull Project has achieved exceptional success through harnessing the abilities of its members, comprising professionals in areas such as graphic design, writing, web dev., influencer marketing and data analytics. Let’s take a closer look at PIT token and its background information.

What Is Pitbull Coin?

Pitbull describes itself as a self-managed token and connected product ecosystem built on the Binance Smart Chain. Although its theme is based on meme coins and money for dog charity, its goal is much more complex. In particular, Pitbull has sophisticated tokenomics with consistent token burning and blockchain liquidity. We will talk more about it in a separate section of this guide, dedicated to the native token PIT.

PIT token is designed in a secure form, with every buy and sell automatically contributing to a liquidity pool (LP) that is forever locked. LPs allow users to trade crypto tokens on decentralized exchanges (DEXs) and other decentralized finance platforms, not needing any centralized market makers. In other words, LPs refer to a pool of cryptocurrencies or tokens that are crowdsourced and locked in a smart contract that supports the trade between assets on a decentralized platform. To ensure a fair launch, there was no presale for the token. The maximum total supply of the token is one quintillion.

PIT token operates on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) network. BSC was established in 2020 with the goal of creating decentralized applications more quickly, with reduced latency, and with higher capacity. The chain attempts to take advantage of the increased transaction capabilities by using a modified Proof-of-Stake authority mechanism. In addition to the aforementioned, during the project's earlier stages, half of the token's supply was burned onto a dead address. As a result, the token's contract cannot be altered in any way. The burned share cannot be used as a source of liquidity. TechRate conducted a professional audit of the project's smart contract, and the token's safety was confirmed with no high-to-severe issues, no medium-to-severe issues, and no low-to-severe difficulties. The audit also revealed that no owner privileges exist. A smart contract is a self-executing contract in which the terms of the deal between the parties are explicitly encoded into the code. Without the need for a legal system, an external enforcement mechanism, or a central authority, smart contracts enable trusted transactions and agreements between anonymous participants.

Pitbull: The Ecosystem that Unites a Number of Projects

The token has a community wallet that allows members to donate to develop the project further. Moreover, a few features of the token include the following:

  1. PitTracker – With PitTracker, investors can keep track of their PIT token holdings and auto-staking profits.
  2. The PitCharts charting and analysis tool can be used for all tokens on the Binance Smart Chain. Upon full release, the team plans to generate additional income from selling advertising and premium features for the tool.
  3. The PitFarm will allow users to stake liquidity tokens for points, which can then be redeemed for Pitbull NFTs.
  4. PitSwap is an automated market maker (AMM) that simplifies the trading experience for PIT investors and is set to become a full-on ecosystem that supports staking, farming, and other decentralized finance (DeFi) features.
  5. The PitStore features official Pitbull merch and will be integrated with PIT in the future.
  6. PitStop will be a social network defined by a user’s Pitbull wallet address, with all PIT tools easily available on one page.
  7. PitFund will be a fundraising platform based on PIT.
  8. PitGames will feature browser games, such as card trading games or lottery games.

PitMag: A Digital Magazine

PitMag is the first means of communication created by a token, unique in its kind, with the aim of informing about new milestones and news that impact the world and cryptocurrencies. 

The bilingual magazine, in PDF format for download and website, will deliver all kinds of useful information for all crypto communities in general, from special interviews, news from around the world, market analysis, cutting-edge NFTs, and more.

Pitbull: History

The website went live on March 17, 2021. The crew behind the network is made up entirely of volunteers, including Jack, Jari, Prash, Kevin, and others in leadership roles. There are further organizations as well, such as those focused on administration, marketing, media, and software/web development.  They are responsible for communication and engineering. The rest is left in the good hands of multiple teams of dozens of volunteers who raise awareness, get partners, and work on the code.

However, it’s worth noting that there are no dev or founder wallets. The PIT token smart contract cannot be edited as access to it was waived. 

Pitbull’s Partners and Community

The Pitbull Token Project is managed by members of the user community and supported by volunteers. The concept of the project is to develop and perform social activities – charity work, campaigns, and events – using cryptocurrencies. The project has seen rapid growth due to the active involvement of the community, with individuals contributing their talents in various areas, including graphic design, writing, web development, marketing, data analysis, and translation. In essence, Pitbull is a social experiment, wherein traders are consolidated into the project both from a developmental standpoint as well as the community.

Via the native PIT token, the community helps charities, which receive 15% of all profits from the sale of merch, NFT tokens, etc. PIT is a cryptocurrency donation token for the Kennel to Couch Foundation, which, together with animal shelters, is involved in rescuing pitbulls. One of its unique features is the ability for holders to receive a distribution of 2% of each transaction made with the token without the need to stake or farm on other platforms.

Strategic partners of the platform:

  1. Slam is a crypto platform with an extensive ecosystem. The collaboration includes a PIT listing on SlamCrash. 50% of the PIT bankroll goes to the Pitbull Community Wallet. These funds are spent on the development of the project.
  2. Friction Finance (TAO Token) is an AMM aggregator and a platform for Tao's NFT loot boxes on BSC. TAO provides the PIT-BNB LP yield farming platform via its website. Through the Pitbull dashboard built into the TAO ecosystem, investors receive data on the PIT token.
  3. Zebec is a pioneer in streaming finance.

Using PIT Token

Self-staking is one of Pitbull's defining characteristics. This means that earning benefits from transaction fees and reflections only requires owning PIT. The likelihood of receiving a cut and the size of the reward increase with the amount of PIT one holds.

You can also access unique PitSafe subscriptions by just holding PIT. Tiers come with a variety of perks, from fundamental understanding of BSC tokens to early access to PitSafe Discover chances. Payment options for other decentralized ecosystem apps are available in PIT as well. Alternatively, you can wait a little bit longer to use PIT until the NFT farm and Play-to-Earn games go live.

Lastly, Pitbull has planned to create a tool to automate donations to charities helping pitbulls and other dogs: Kennel to Couch and Bullies in Need being a couple of those. However, in this case, you do not have to wait for it to be implemented and can send a donation in PIT directly.

Pitbull: The Future

The project keeps developing, attracting new partners, and forming new collaborations. In January 2023, Pitbull Token published their new roadmap, which promised new listings, releases, and more. The team will have their hands full with PitMag, exchange listings, etc.

Pitbull Coin Price: Will the Cryptocurrency Explode?

Throughout its history, the coin has experienced multiple price surges. n June 2022, Pitbull Token surged after listings and user growth. According to data from CoinGecko, during the intraday trading session on June 19, the $PIT token recorded a 30% uptick in price to become the top gainer on BNB Chain. 

When it comes to various price predictions for the token, some crypto analysts believe it has a bright future. A number of them believes that by 2030, the cryptocurrency will reach $0.00000001. 

While Pitbull's (PIT) supply is too large for the token to reach $0,01, its ambitious roadmap and strong community can provide additional advantages for token holders. It all depends on whether the community can work together to launch future products.

How to Buy Pitbull Coin?

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