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Planet Crypto: Leveraging Blockchain to Address Pressing Sustainability Challenges

The effort required to tackle the ongoing climate crisis is rapidly increasing day by day. We may have a deeper grasp of the policy challenges, supply chain issues, and cultural issues people today are dealing with by using technological advancements. Projects that pledge to a more sustainable future can receive support if the proper data, tracking, and tools are now available, and the cryptocurrency market has come up with a number of cryptocurrency projects aimed at social and environmental issues. These include such climate-focused blockchains as Regen Network, Klima DAO, the Climate Collective, etc. The long list of environment-focused crypto companies also includes a global stand-alone project called PLANET. Let’s take a closer look at Planet coin and find out more about this cryptocurrency.

What Is Planet Token?

Combining technology and innovation, Planet coin strives for a better future for the whole planet. The 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) announced by the United Nations are what motivate PLANET to take on the world's most serious issues. The project appeared on the market right at the very end of May 2023 and has already gathered a lot of attention.

The goal of PLANET is to create a sustainable protocol that prioritizes community equity while simultaneously bringing about significant environmental changes. The company has also established a plan to have a long-term, recurring, and sustainable revenue stream, which will eventually be utilized to fund enterprises that have the potential to assist the project to fulfill its ultimate purpose of protecting the planet.

The most prominent influencers and celebrities in the world support PLANET, and the company aims to attach its revenue streams to these GOATs. The identities of additional GOATs will gradually be revealed in the near future. A goat is also the mascot of the PLANET project.

By planning IRL community events, Hackathons, Ambassador Programs, and other activities, the crypto project can further its goal of creating a community that genuinely cares about preserving the world.

PLANET founders aim to establish a fund that supports and fosters various programmes and initiatives that advance their purpose of protecting the planet through PLANET enterprises and PLANET grants. PLANET also wants to support companies and changemakers who are coming up with answers to pressing issues like climate change, global warming, and rising pollution with funding and strategic advice.

The PLANET Protocol pursues a dual objective of promoting sustainable projects while maximizing revenue generation for the protocol. Resources are carefully allocated to initiatives like AI-based trading, businesses focused on sustainability, and other high-yield prospects. The protocol aims to achieve a harmonious balance between profitability and environmental effect by finding and utilizing these opportunities.

Real World Assets: Supporting the Cause

Off-chain assets known as Real World Assets (RWAs) are tokenized and transported on-chain for use with DeFi. Simply said, by transforming the monetary value of the project’s Unique RWAs into its $PLANET token so that their worth can be displayed and transacted on the blockchain, PLANET is bringing RWAs into DeFi.

Every RWA purchase will immediately contribute to creating a good effect because all proceeds from the sale of RWAs will go towards supporting the cause. Exclusive benefits will be available to token holders of the PLANET ecosystem, further encouraging social interaction. Users who own PLANET tokens have first access to these RWAs and special offers. This not only promotes a sense of belonging but also makes token holders feel pressured to take an active role in advancing the causes they care about.

The integrated strategy used by PLANET has a tremendous potential to create positive change on a large scale. PLANET is prepared to show the way towards a better and more sustainable future as the world faces urgent problems.

Special Mystery Boxes, a ground-breaking idea that unites Web2 and Web3 communities, has also been introduced by the PLANET project. Beyond containing Real-World Assets (RWAs), unique experiences, and premium goods, these boxes provide more. Regardless of whether a person is familiar with Web2 or Web3, they captivate people with their inventive approach to encouraging community interaction and inclusivity.

Planet DAO

The fundamental goal of PLANET DAO is to keep the #JoinThePlanet movement moving forward in a positive direction without being constrained by money. By funding projects that advance PLANET's long-term economic viability, this will be accomplished. The DAO secures a successful future for holders of $PLANET and PLANET tokens by prioritizing financial stability.

With this innovative strategy, the pursuit of significant environmental advantages is combined with the pursuit of financial gain. PLANET DAO gives its support to people and organizations involved in sustainability projects since it embraces community-led initiatives. It acts as a catalyst by providing funding and tactical support to initiatives that show the potential for significant environmental benefit.


With a sustainable business model, $PLANET aims to revolutionize the sector and carve out a $100 million annual revenue protocol. The project’s commitment to achieving self-sustainability and avoiding the need for grants or short-term support, is what makes it unique. According to the official website, Join Our Planet, ‘the two goals at the core of PLANET’s endeavor are to disrupt the market and create a sustainable future.’

The project has been listed for trading on ByBit and MEXC and has partnered with and BNBChain.

Is Planet Crypto Legit?

The project has only entered the market, and very little is known about its founders. Additionally, there is no whitepaper for the cryptocurrency, so while PLANET crypto may be legit, it seems that it’s lacking some formalities, and though it has a grand vision for their future, only time will tell if the company takes off.

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