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Poodl Token (POODL) Price Statistics

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    POODL 75.08954T
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    $ 2.1819K
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    $ 614.287K
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POODL Coin — A Utility Token Under the Disguise of a Meme Name

As the DeFi field keeps growing, blockchain technology is becoming more and more mainstream. Both startups and older crypto projects are trying their best to work on the innovative infrastructure, so that people would be able to use it in their everyday life. DeFi aims to create a decentralized system that many would benefit from.

One of the most ambitious tokens in the crypto field is Poodl token (POODL). It’s a cryptocurrency that operates on the BNB Smart Chain (BEP20) platform. It’s a safe self-LP generating token that is powered by the work and ideas of its community.

POODL Token History

POODL first appeared in March, 2021 as the world of crypto kept buzzing with the dog meme coins. It was created by a group of developers that decided to run the project like most meme coins, pumped it, dumped it, and then abandoned it. This left the community in a rather difficult situation. Although it started as an ERC-20 token on the Ethereum blockchain, after the launch it transitioned to BEP-20, where it has lived since May 2021. The switch to BSC was motivated by the skyrocketing ETH gas prices at the time of transfer. As a result, the old ERC-20 token is no longer traded and all focus has been on the safe BSC version of POODL. The token was airdropped to existing holders on April 25th, 2021 (1 POODL v2 token for each POODL v1 token) because the team thought they’d rather take a chance than simply let the project slowly die. 

The project survived and was backed up by the strong POODL community. Since that, the project has been developing and capitalizing on the initial success.

What Is POODL Token?

The BSC POODL token has a maximum supply of 100 trillion, meanwhile the circulating supply is 82 trillion, and the burning supply is 18 trillion. POODL tokenomics encourages holders to keep their tokens by distributing 6% of every transaction. This mechanism decreases the amount of circulating POODL on every transaction and incentivizes holding as well as increases the scarcity of the supply of POODL tokens and increases its stability. As a result, each POODL holder has a strong incentive to hold and spread the use of POODL.

The following is the distribution of the POODL coin:

  1. 2% Redistribution.
  2. 2% Marketing.
  3. 1% Burned.
  4. 0.5% Charity.
  5. 0.5% Liquidity.

This distribution ensures the limited supply of POODL tokens and minimizes market circulation, which increases POODL’s overall value. POODL v1.0 included a 1% burn tax on transactions and the current total burn is close to 20%. 

POODL Features

The crypto project offers the following features:

  1. Liquidity lock. The POODL/wBNB pool is locked at UniCrypt for 5 years, which means during the next five years users will always be able to buy and sell their POODL without any trouble.
  2. Retail payments are listed on, allowing online merchants on Shopify, WOO Commerce, Ecwid, Opencart, Magento, Zencart, and Prestashop to access it.
  3. Verified channels. The project is verified with a blue check status, on several reputable cryptocurrency platforms to ascertain that holders are safe from fraudulent groups. The token is listed on OpenSea, 3X Instant DEX exchange aggregators, CoinMarketCap, Pancakeswap, Whitebit, etc.
  4. Passive income on every transaction.
  5. Tokenomics includes charity donations.
  6. Safe and secure. The POODL smart contract was audited and approved by Solidity Finance. also performed a full KYC audit using SEEK Token’s team of fraud hunters in the crypto space. 
  7. KYC'd team. POODL's admin leadership team has been KYC'd through the SEEK Ecosystem and the project has no bots.


Just recently, the team released 2,000 randomly generated 2D NTFs referred to as ‘POODL Players.’ These NFTs represent a creative artwork of the project’s funny mascot with different outfits and props in different environments. Each model is unique and accessorized. These NFTs cost only .25 BNB to mint and give rewards to the holder based on certain values of the NFT. Each NFT shares a portion of a 250 BNB rewards pool paid back to the owners in either 1X, 3X, or 5X amounts. 5X NFT mints also include a black POODL Lamborghini for exclusive use in the LakeView Meta metaverse. Additionally, all NFTs are entered into a monthly drawing for 5B POODL tokens for the first year.

Soon, crypto enthusiasts will be able to use their NFTs through various metaverse partnerships. NFT holders will be able to pin their digital assets in a future version of the platform. Updates will bring new features, such as animations and NFT interactions. These NFTs will also be used in a revolutionary model in gaming where their holders will earn from others using your models in a series of games from POODL while still retaining ownership.

In May, the project officially joined the Lakeview Metaverse to open new use cases for the unique POODL NFTs. The project airdropped tokens worth $10 to all POODL holders. And what is more, the NFTs can be used to unlock exclusive benefits in the Lakeview metaverse.

Augmented Reality with POODL

What differs the project from other similar tokens, though, is the fact that they have tried to combine NFTs and augmented reality (AR) technology to create a unique user experience. Upon purchase, the users will get access to a unique link that they can open with their AR-compatible smartphone and view the NFT in 3D, and these NTFs can also be used in the metaverse. In fact, these 3D NFTs have been designed especially for gaming, with many already usable in metaverses such as LakeView Meta as player avatars. In addition, they give the buyer a certain percentage of POODL in rewards based on trade volume.

Developments in the Roadmap

On the way to 2023 the crypto project aims to hit all its major goals:

  1. POODL Academy V2. POODL to release first integrated LMS for certifying crypto holders as they ‘earn to learn.’
  2. Metaverse and app launch. Multiple partnerships form to make POODL usable currency in the metaverse with limited edition NFTs and avatars for holders.
  3. Mainstream marketing. POODL’s mainstream marketing program to be launched with major crypto & news outlets.
  4. Multiple simultaneous utilities are in the works to make owning, trading, and using POODL easier.

Is POODL Crypto a Good Investment?

If we take a look at the project’s road map, we can see that this token isn’t planning on slowing down. It aims to develop an AR Pets 3D NFT Collection and AR Apps for iOS to allow users to view their 3D NFTs in real-time via phone camera, as well as collect funds to establish the bridge to the first network. The project’s NFT minting phase is live; anyone can join it through a crypto wallet, such as Trustwallet or MetaMask. 

The crypto platform seems to be doing just fine, even though the current market is bearish. According to CoinMarketCap, POODL has a market cap of 1.1 million. Due to its supply and demand connection, dropping token amount, and continual transactional volume increase, this project shows exponential potential for market growth combined with low risk. POODL may become a successful ecosystem if its current development stays on track.

Where to Buy POODL Coin?

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How to Buy Poodl Token?

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  1. Choose the pair and the amount you want to exchange. For instance, BTC to POODL.
  2. Press the “Start exchange” button.
  3. Provide the recipient address to transfer your crypto to.
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  5. Receive your crypto coins.

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