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What Is Ren Crypto?

Republic Protocol - Ren Crypto - is a new cryptocurrency project aimed at creating a new principle of decentralization of exchange trading. The creation of dark pools will allow traders to place different types of orders, including cross-blockchain ones, and execute them without revealing the details of the transactions. 

Ren Cryptocurrency Goals And Creators

The cryptocurrency market, like the securities market, has always strived for anonymity. To hide the identity of the owner, it was necessary to use the services of a broker or carry out transactions on shadow sites, while the size of the transaction remained open information. Transactions of this kind are recognized as very risky due to the low level of trust in intermediaries and the large amounts involved in transactions. The Republic Protocol cryptocurrency platform is able to solve this problem, guaranteeing a high level of security with minimal information disclosure.

The development team consists of 12 people, led by Taiyang Zhang and Lung Wang. All of them have higher education in various fields of programming and computing technologies, which helped them develop a unique peer-to-peer trading system between several types of cryptocurrencies – Bitcoin, Ethereum, and ERC20, and ERC 721 tokens, bypassing exchanges and other intermediaries. 

The total supply of REN tokens is 1 billion, they were issued in a one-time emission. The token was released on February 17, 2018. 

Major investors in the project are FBGcapital, Polychain Capital, Signum Capital, HyperChain Capital, Huobi Capital, and others.

Today REN price is $0.04249202.

Republic Protocol Review

To achieve the goal of the project, it is necessary to use mechanisms to ensure the functioning of individual network nodes in such a way that all exchange transactions are processed and executed without disclosing any data about themselves. This will not eliminate the need for personal identification to participate in the darkpool, but should ensure a high level of security of information and funds.

In the Republic Protocol system, these requirements are implemented through a combination of cryptological technologies and algorithms:

  1. The division of large orders into fragments is carried out according to Adi Shamir's secret sharing scheme. Fragments are placed on different nodes to match. None of them contain information about the original order and are not sent to it when executed.
  2. The Ethereum Registar smart contract was implemented to protect against collecting order fragments by setting an unreasonably high cost for such an operation.
  3. The Judge is a smart contract based on the Zero-knowledge-proof protocol, which provides anonymity at the time of interaction between network nodes in the process of searching for a selection of parts of applications that can satisfy each other.
  4. Republic Swarm is a network where atomic swaps technology allows peer-to-peer inter-blockchain transactions.

The interaction of nodes with each other occurs in such a way that the trader may not be in the network, waiting for the processing and execution of the order. Nodes will look for a counter-trade offer until the order is fully executed, expired, or canceled. It is important that the motivation in the system is built in such a way as to make collusion of individual nodes unprofitable

What Is REN Coin?

The Republic Protocol REN token is a tool for maintaining the interest of network nodes in performing computational operations for matching order fragments. In addition, REN is used as collateral under the Registar protocol – larger collateral allows more orders to be placed. 

Ren Prospects 

The Republic Protocol can have a beneficial effect on the entire ecosystem by slightly reducing volatility. Whale deals conducted in the darkpool will not push small traders to unreasonable asset leaks, which can significantly strengthen the market. 

In order not to disappoint the community, developers need to adhere to the implementation timelines indicated in the roadmap.

REN Crypto Price Prediction

The creators of Republic Protocol were able to find a demanded niche in the cryptocurrency world and promise a high-quality implementation of their idea. Republic Protocol is an exclusive project required by large traders for confidentiality and closed transactions. Also, the low cost of the token played a role, promising to increase the invested funds in the future.

Is REN A Good Investment?

According to market experts, REN is suitable for long-term investment. 

Ren Price Prediction 2021

According to the predicted data, Ren (REN) price will increase. 

Ren Price Prediction 2025

Based on forecasting, investment in REN might be profitable.

Ren Price Prediction 2030

Based on the estimated prediction, Ren price will not be downward.

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