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SALT statistic

Price (USD)$ 0.1676
Circulating SupplySALT 80.28362M
Volume (24h)$ 133.8451K
Market Cap$ 13.45934M
Low/High 24h$ 0.1559 - $ 0.1656
Change (24h)$ 0.010071

SALT is a blockchain-based lending platform. Salt users can freeze their crypto tokens as collateral and receive cash in exchange for crypto assets to make payments.

SALT is the internal token of the project. The highest SALT price was $17.74 per coin.

Today SALT price is 0.1676 USD. If you want to buy SALT coins – go to the StealthEX exchange platform where you can easily get them with a low fee. use cookies to ensure you get the best experience. Please read our cookies policy here.