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What Is Sanshu Inu Coin?

The DOGE family is developing steadily: cryptocurrency enthusiasts have already discovered Dogecoin, Shiba Inu, and now another similar project, Sanshu Inu, is actively gaining momentum.

Meme tokens are a rapidly growing segment of the crypto industry. The foundation of its progress is the emergence of new projects and support from prominent entrepreneurs such as Elon Musk. With its innovative capabilities, Sanshu Inu Finance can accelerate the growth of this segment.

Sanshu Inu is a meme that has already transformed into a global project – a decentralized transaction network at the intersection of NFT, DeFi, the concept of the metaverse, and digital currencies.

Launched in April 2021, the project is based on the "myth" of Sanshu, a little underdog. Once upon a time, the legendary Wuftoshi Nakamoto gave her the Ethereum Crystal. Thanks to this gift, Sanshu acquired the desire to establish balance and decentralization in the world. As the slogan of the project says, "Victory is sweeter when you are an underdog."

How Much Is Sanshu Inu Coin Worth?

Sanshu Inu coin price now is $0.00000000024.

What Is The Mission Of The Sanshu Inu Coin?

The goal of the Sanshu Inu Finance network is to counteract the volatility of cryptocurrencies and to ensure the transparent operation of its own platform by transferring governance rights to community members. However, decentralized autonomous organizations use a similar process. Then what makes Sanshu Inu Finance unique? 

  1. The fact is that it does not allow monopolist token owners to arise in the ecosystem. The so-called "whales", that is, investors who own a large number of tokens, not only undermine the decentralized nature of cryptocurrency projects but also cause volatility in cryptocurrencies due to the accumulation of tokens and their further speculative trade.
  2. Sanshu Inu puts an obstacle in their way: the project has burned 62.8% of the total amount of its native SANSHU tokens, which prevents crypto whales from manipulating the market. In addition, in any wallet, the percentage of SANSHU tokens is no more than 1.3%.
  3. SANSHU is an ERC-20 deflationary token. The cost of deflationary tokens grows more rapidly than the cost of inflationary tokens, which makes them attractive to investors.
  4. For each transaction in the network, a redistribution mechanism is provided: 1% of the transaction value is burned, and 1% is distributed among token holders, encouraging them to store tokens.

The Sanshu Inu team consists of four people who do not receive tokens for their work. The project is managed by the community. Sanshu Inu did not hold a presale to give all users an equal chance. The total volume of SANSHU tokens is 100 quadrillion. The fair and decentralized nature of the Sanshu Inu Finance ecosystem is ensured by a voting system that regulates tokenomics, token burning, partnerships, etc.

Sanshu Dog Park

The most outstanding product of Sanshu Inu Finance is the Dogpark decentralized application, whose users can engage in yield farming and staking tokens for passive income. Liquidity providers are rewarded with a Kibble governance token that can be sold or used in the DAO.

Sanshu Inu Project News

  1. Karen Strassman, an American actress, and TV presenter has recently joined the project team as its first “ambassador-celebrity”.
  2. According to the project roadmap, SANSHU holders will soon receive additional rewards. Also, the community will become the sole source of decision making, transforming SANSHU into a  100% decentralized asset.
  3. The Sanshu Inu community continues to grow and evolve, and at the same time, the scale of the project is increasing. The Sanshu team is currently popularizing a manga called Sanshu Myth. The first stage of this undertaking will be the release of a series of digital trading cards  – Yokai Collection.
  4. Yokai masks are “cursed masks” that awaken an insatiable lust for violence in their wearers. The legendary Kuraokami created these masks using Ethereum Crystals. Thanks to masks, people who are unlucky enough to own crystals become capable of waging a fierce war. The masks exist in the form of the Yokai NFT Collection.
  5. The creator of the Yokai Collection is Sanshu Studios, the first decentralized design studio bringing together designers and artists from around the world. This NFT collection will be the first step towards telling the story of Sanshu in the metaverse. News about the development of this project is regularly published on the Sanshu Myth Discord server.
  6. Profits from NFTs will go towards metaverse development, marketing, and team expansion. NFTs owners will get exclusive opportunities: early access to development, staking tokens on Dog Park, manga, merch, etc. A limited collection of two thousand Yokai Collection NFTs will be minted from 8 animated artworks. The pre-sale will consist of three stages.

Where To Buy SANSHU Coin?

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How Do I Buy Sanshu Inu Coin?

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