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STEPN (GMT) Price Statistics

  • price

    Price (USD)

    $ 0.2644
  • supply

    Circulating Supply

    GMT 1.57124B
  • volume

    Volume (24h)

    $ 54.6892M
  • marketcap

    Market Cap

    $ 416.50683M
  • dry

    Low/High 24h

    $ 0.2524 - $ 0.2661
  • change

    Change (24h)

    $ 0.011328

Stepn (GMT): A Web3 App and a New Lifestyle Trend?

Just recently, in March 2022, Stepn made headlines and spread like fire among Instagram users. It received a lot of attention as we have stepped into an era when the mainstream Internet started accepting blockchain-based games. What is Stepn? Well, in its essence it’s a new game in which people are rewarded with cryptocurrency for walking or running. Stepn promotes a healthy lifestyle and belongs to a new generation of the Move-to-Earn games. The Move-to-Earn games add a layer of complexity to the GameFi space. They unite the real physical world and a new stage of World Wide Web called Web 3.0. On Stepn website, its creators claim that ‘players can make handsome earnings by walking, jogging, or running outdoors.’ 

Founded and further developed by Australia-based Jerry Huang and Yawn Rong and developed by FindSatoshi Lab Ltd., the app aims to become the leading crypto-fitness game for smartphone users. At the moment, it’s available in beta for both Android and iOS smartphones.

Stepn Coin: How Does It Work?

Stepn App uses its own crypto token, GMT coin (Green Satoshi Tokens), and in order to join the ranks of the top runners players must first spend Solana tokens (SOL) to purchase a non-fungible token in the form of four different types of digital shoes. These are Stepn NFTs. Certain sneakers will bring you more in-game currency. Some will last longer and will continue earning players tokens, while they will have to spend less crypto to repair them over time. Sneakers can also be upgraded by spending tokens. When no longer needed, they can be resold or leased to other players who may not be able to afford them, for a split of their earnings.

The Stepn NFT Sneakers can be differentiated by five key features, which are:

  1. Attribute: Efficiency, Luck, Comfort, and Resilience.
  2. Type: Walker, Jogger, Runner, and Trainer.
  3. Quality: Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, and Legendary.
  4. Level: There’re Levels 5, 10, 15, 20, or 30.
  5. Customization: This option of customizing your sneakers when they attain level 30 through burning GST, GMT, or NFT, is yet to be developed. However, with its help users will be able to change the names of their items, add a quote or extra attribute points, etc.

GMT Coin Price Prediction

MagicEden marketplace sells 60 variations of Stepn sneakers at an average price of 40 SOL. Since its launch, GMT has been doing quite well on the market and has $597,711,947 in market capitalization according to CoinMarketCap, and its current CoinMarketCap ranking is #74. At the moment, GMT crypto price is $0.9962 per token. A month ago it reached its all-time high with $4.11 per token, which is not bad considering Stepn is just a lifestyle app.

STEPN (GMT) Coin in 2027

Many analytics predict that GMT crypto will reach new heights. For instance, TechNewsLeader predicts that in 5 years from now, GMT token will be worth $1.05. 

WalletInvestor is even more optimistic about the STEPN coin’s future. According to its estimates, in 2030 GMT token will be traded for at least $15.2, with the possible maximum peaks at $17.68. The average GMT price can therefore fluctuate around $16.35.

STEPN (GMT) Coin in 2030

TechNewsLeader estimates that the chances of GMT to develop further are high. Analysts believe that the average price of GMT will rise to about $4.76 by 2030 if more investors are attracted to the idea.

Another popular website, DigitalCoinPrice, claims that the average STEPN coin price at the end of 2030 will be $4.72.

Is GMT a Good Investment?

There is no correlation between the current value of the Stepn (GMT) and its future price. It all depends on how well the users respond to it and whether its developers will follow the project’s roadmap or not. GMT price depends on the elements that emerge during the market's growth and development. There’re many variables that are difficult to take into account at this stage, so we’ll have to wait to see the project’s resilience, but for now it seems that Stepn will be popular as one of the many GameFi apps of the future.

Where to Buy Stepn Coin?

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How to Buy Stepn (GMT)?

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  1. Choose the pair and the amount you want to exchange. For instance, BTC to GMT.
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  3. Provide the recipient address to transfer your crypto to.
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  5. Receive your GMT coins.

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