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What Is Telcoin?

Telcoin (TEL) is a relatively novel cryptocurrency based on the popular Ethereum blockchain. 

The aim of Telcoin is to offer a system of exchange of values to the broad masses, with a mobile phone as the only tool, including everything related to mobile telephony and payments: NFC, prepaid cards, mobile operator credits, etc.

Mobile Payment

Mobile payment sector was estimated at $2,000 billion dollars in 2020. The Telcoin development team has plans to partner with large groups of mobile operators around the world, which would allow Telcoin to solve some of the biggest issues in cryptocurrency and cryptoassets industry, which are accessibility and trust (institutional and public).

Partnerships with mobile operators will allow the project to rely on powerful lobbies in cooperation with regulators. KYC & AML type systems developed by Telecoms, besides its blockchain technology, could make the Telcoin project globally acceptable in the context of borderless asset transfer through mobile telephony.  

Telcoin hopes to target two billion human beings on the planet who have a mobile phone, and not necessarily a bank account. Only a few cryptocurrencies other than Bitcoin can boast of targeting so many individuals quickly and easily.

The potential advantages of a cryptographic mobile payment system are similar to those of mobile communication. While some of these systems already exist without cryptography and on a small scale, they have the classic flaws of a third-party system without blockchain technology. 

 Goal Of The Project

Telcoin's mainstay is financial inclusion in the broad sense. Telcoin claims to offer financial services, such as money transfer, that are easier to access (due to use of a phone only), simpler in use (due to emphasis on the user interface), more affordable (fees claimed to be significantly lower than that of its crypto competitors), and more secure, because users control their funds through a blockchain system.

Telcoin developers draw attention to the fact that despite the growing interest in cryptocurrencies their use is extremely limited and for the most part is reduced to investment and trading. To solve this issue, the project strives to attract mobile customers to an easy-to-access cryptocurrency system. It also aims to increase e-commerce options for unbanked populations and integrate Telcoin crypto into micropayment systems within mobile games.

The Telcoin developers do not suggest creating new projects, banks or mobile services. Telcoin's development priority is the introduction of its own cryptocurrency into the existing infrastructure – actual transfer of mobile services to a digital basis.

Telcoin History Brief

Telcoin project was founded in 2017. Telcoin Pte Ltd, the company behind Telcoin, is based in Singapore and its team is operating out of Tokyo, Japan.

Claude Eguienta, the co-founder and CEO of the company, grew up in France and studied in China and the USA. Prior to founding Telcoin he worked for various projects and companies, notably at CyberAgent, a company in the video games sector employing around 5000 people. In addition, he also founded Kabotip Inc.

Paul Neuner, the chairman and co-founder of the Telcoin project, has 20 years of experience in the Telecom sector. He notably founded the Mobius company, the leading provider of telecom management solutions. 

The Telcoin cryptocurrency ICO took place from 12 December to 1 January 2018. Bitcoin and Ethereum cryptocurrencies were accepted. The project raised $25,000,000.

What Can You Do With a TEL Coin? 

TEL coin is a utility token of Telcoin, used to:

  1. Facilitate payments and remittances to and from Mobile Currency Platform;
  2. Buy and transfer mobile credit using TEL cryptocurrency (denominated in local currency), including promotions of mobile data, voice credit, etc.;
  3. Create a crypto-based payment card system: prepaid Visa cards spending TEL crypto or another cryptocurrency in real time;
  4. Be used in airdrops and mobile game promotions: targeted SMS advertising promoting mobile games via TEL coins airdrops, with the aim of revenue sharing with the mobile operator.

Telcoin Price

As for today, Telcoin price is $0.00191889. 

Telcoin Advantages

  1. Telcoin team, in addition to being relatively large, operates in complete transparency on their identities: each of them has a complete public LinkedIn profile. The company employs specialists of various types with solid experience in JavaScript, HTML5, marketing, telecom, cryptocurrencies, etc. All in all, the Telcoin project is in line with the standard of serious startups in crypto-blockchain.
  2. Telcoin whitepaper is very comprehensive while remaining accessible and technical enough to be credible and relevant. The document exceeds 40 pages but remains readable and details almost all the aspects necessary for the success of the project.
  3. The website is well done and professional. The site fulfills its role as a portal representing the core conception and model and contains links to find out more.
  4. Telcoin community is quite large compared to the current success of the project and its capitalization.

Telcoin Partners

Telcoin development is relatively slow, but steady. The examples are numerous:

  1. The project’s registration with the Canadian regulator FINTRAC has been approved. 
  2. A partnership with Jumia, an African e-commerce company working in 15 countries, has been signed. The purpose of the partnership is of course the use of Telcoin services on the Jumia platform.
  3. Partnership with PLDT (main operator in the Philippines).
  4. Partnership with Telin, a subsidiary of the largest telecommunications group in Indonesia. 

Telcoin is moving forward and is establishing partnerships with large Telecoms groups and gets approval of regulatory institutions.

Telcoin Summary

Starting from a relatively simple idea, Telcoin Ltd was able to break into a market little affected by the cryptocurrency revolution, that of telecoms and all the markets therein. Telcoin intends to appropriate a part of it.

The primary goal of a crypto investment outside BTC being, until proven otherwise, a capital gain and not a bet on the global adoption of the token. Taking this into account, Telcoin is positioned as a very good candidate for a speculative portfolio, because it fulfills most of the criteria necessary for a speculative investment.

Telcoin Future Plans 

The project puts emphasis on institutional approval and collaboration with major mobile telecommunications industry groups and mobile network operators globally.

The roadmap shows that Telcoin's priority is the project’s expansion and its long term strategy is to bring to market a decentralized, non-custodial exchange and remittance platform to consumers in the US and worldwide. 

Where To Buy Telcoin?

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Also, you can study a detailed article with an exchange guide or watch a tutorial video on our YouTube channel.

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