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Tellor (TRB) Price Statistics

  • price

    Price (USD)

    $ 55.33
  • supply

    Circulating Supply

    TRB 2.57474M
  • volume

    Volume (24h)

    $ 40.57475M
  • marketcap

    Market Cap

    $ 142.44795M
  • dry

    Low/High 24h

    $ 54.45 - $ 64.51
  • change

    Change (24h)

    -$ 4.689433

Tellor Crypto: A Decentralized Oracle Protocol for Your Data

Data has fast become one of the most precious commodities in the age of the internet. We use it in almost every activity and every engagement we have in our daily lives. However, normally, blockchain-based applications can’t access data that is not on the blockchain. Blockchain technology has the potential to change the world, but without access to off-chain data, it will be difficult to discover real-world applications. Tellor has been designed to easily get any data right where it is needed. Let’s take a closer look at the Tellor blockchain and its native token TRB.

What Is Tellor Coin?

In short, Tellor is a decentralized oracle network built on the Ethereum blockchain that connects smart contracts to external data. It is safe and transparent, and it’s intended for Ethereum decentralized applications, with a concentration on decentralized money. Tellor provides crucial off-chain data for Ethereum smart contracts, and all data feeds are dependable and consistent.

As a rule, cryptocurrency users would need to visit a cryptocurrency exchange to check live market data and key market measures, as exchanges provide APIs that allow users to follow trustworthy data streams. Tellor allows consumers to have all of their data in one place by combining Ethereum-based smart contracts with Tellor oracle feeds. Oracles obtain real-time, accessible, dependable, and validated information, allowing consumers to acquire accurate market data without visiting a cryptocurrency exchange.

Smart contracts on the Ethereum network typically do not have access to off-chain data, instead relying solely on the information contained within the contract. Tellor, on the other hand, improves on this by allowing smart contracts to connect to on-chain data banks produced and supported by staked miners. Tellor oracles establish an ecosystem in which users may access trustworthy, fact-checked information via DeFi dApps hosted on Ethereum.

Brenda Loya and Michael Zemrose co-founded Tellor, which went live in 2019. The project's major goal is to solve Oracle's concerns, which are often the speed and cost of off-chain data feeds. Brenda Loya is the CEO of Tellor and has extensive experience in the fields of blockchain, data science, and scalability.

How Does Tellor Work?

Tellor is a form of oracle network that is hosted directly on Ethereum and can give off-chain data to Ethereum-based smart contracts. The platform functions as a bridge between Ethereum and the off-chain data point that the Tellor oracle uses. Users are provided with trustless feeds after the two are connected. Third parties are no longer required by employing the Oracle as a bridge that enables the connection, allowing for greater decentralization.

This platform has a massive network of staked miners who offer Ethereum with secure and trustworthy data. Miners collaborate to solve mathematical calculations and other issues. Off-chain information is confirmed and authenticated once the difficulties are resolved. The Proof-of-Work (PoW) consensus process serves as the foundation for the entire platform.

The system is designed to source new data for requested feeds every 5 minutes. Staked miners receive a request with the highest bid and then the system provides a challenge for the miners to resolve. Once the miners resolve the equation, they can submit it to the oracle contract along with their data point. The data needs to be validated by the oracle system, after which it will be permanently recorded on the chain.

Tellor prohibits the manipulation of data obtained from off-chain sources by verifying it before transferring it to Ethereum. The platform's smart contracts update data streams every five minutes. Miners are suitably incentivized to produce accurate data because they must provide staked tokens to participate. Miners may lose their tokens if incorrect information is supplied.

Tellor Use Cases: A Solid Base for the Future?

Tellor can be used as an oracle for all kinds of off-chain information. Because of how the platform is structured, it's not perfectly positioned to be used for high-speed values that require immediate accuracy. However, Tellor currently has many use cases. The platform’s team plans to further increase use cases in the years to come. Tellor’s use cases include:

  1. Bridging various assets.
  2. L2 security via sequencer validation and data availability.
  3. Prediction markets.
  4. Price feeds.

Tellor Crypto at the Core of the System

The Tellor token, also known as TRB, is built on Ethereum and supports the platform's incentivization program. Miners stake TRB directly, and Tellor compensates miners with ‘tips,’ which are paid when inquiries are correctly answered.

Miners that want to gain rewards must stake 1,000 Tributes in the network staking pool. At the same time, they must vote on proposals every quarter. If a miner's response is contested and proven erroneous, the tokens will be sliced. A challenger can contest a miner's response by paying a fee. Tellor token holders are then asked to vote on the solution. If the holders agree that the response is correct, the miner receives the amount that the challenger paid.

Currently, there are 1,703,442 TRB in circulation. Tellor has no maximum supply since inflation is utilized to incentivise miners in the form of a base reward. However, when the TRB supply expands, the inflation rate falls. Furthermore, only half of the tips linked to user requests are sent to miners, with the remaining half being burnt each block. As a result, the tipping system works against inflation in determining the rate of supply increase.

Tellor's market cap is equal to the amount of Tellor coins in circulation multiplied by the current market price of TRB. The market cap fluctuates with the number of coins in circulation and the price.

Tellor Crypto News: Expanding the Platform

Tellor's platform has grown tremendously since its inception in 2019. Tellor Improvement Proposals for the Governance System, for example, were launched in October 2020. TellorFlex, a simplified version of the platform, was also launched on Polygon in January 2022. It makes Oracle data available to Polygon platform users. 

Is Tellor a Good Investment?

The biggest issue with Tellor is that it has failed to gain traction. Regardless of how useful Tellor has proven to be, its community remains small in comparison to the communities of some other crypto projects. Only through expanding its community will the project develop in strength. 

Despite its advantages, Tellor remains a rather tiny network. However, its platform has a solid foundation, making it a smart long-term investment. The Tellor team is well aware of the need for expansion, as evidenced by their relocation to Polygon in 2022. 

With the new upgrades and extensive work being done on the blockchain, Tellor has been going strong. The project has significant significance in the crypto business since it eliminates the cost and speed challenges associated with oracles. Even if the platform's future is uncertain, DeFi applications are becoming increasingly popular, indicating a somewhat bright future for Tellor.

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