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TomiNet: Alternative Internet Freedom

What is fascinating about the multitude of blockchains on the market is that they expand into all areas of life, including finance, retail, logistics, and much more. One of the fields that greatly interests developers is the Internet and its future, and several projects try to create an alternative worldwide web by combining Web2 and Web3 technologies. One of them is TomiNet. Let’s take a closer look at TomiNet and its basic features.

What Is TomiNet?

Web3 startup TomiNet (TOMI) blends the fundamental elements of the web with management, cryptocurrency, identity, and privacy layers to give users direct control over the web through democratic DAO. Using high-performance computers, a multi-chain wallet, and a special browser, it further decentralizes digital assets and cloud services, enabling free expression and providing the basis for Web3 projects to become totally decentralized. In March 2023, the project successfully raised $40 million in funding from leading venture firms.

In addition to Pioneer NFTs, which symbolize the statuses of the initial pioneers who pledged to fund and support Tomi in the project's early phases, the Tomi network also includes TOMI tokens, which are transaction and service tokens.

The token economy is intended to enable long-term self-sustainability of the project, ensure trust in the ecosystem as a whole, draw and keep users, and reward system developers and collaborators. TomiNet leverages basic TCP/IP and DNS protocols for basic internet, TOR and Starkware for privacy and zero-knowledge, Ethereum and Starkware for the creation of a native cryptocurrency, and DAO technology for self-governance of the entire ecosystem. For the first five years, the total supply of TOMI tokens is fixed. After that, DAO may alter the token issuance rules with a majority of TOMI token holders' support.

TomiNet Features

The advantages of TomiNet (TOMI) include: 

  1. A completely decentralized structure.
  2. The ability to freely express oneself, and the ability of users to directly manage the network. 
  3. A range of tools to further decentralize digital assets and cloud services, enable free speech, and provide infrastructure for Web3 projects.
  4. Tomi’s token economy aims to ensure the ecosystem’s long-term sustainability and attract and retain users.
  5. tomiPAY, a multichain digital wallet.
  6. Tomi Browser that utilizes a fork of Brave and was developed to be private.

Additionally, TomiNet developed a Web3 native cloud computing node that can be run from anywhere to supplement the cloud network with a mesh network that is rewarded for the contribution to the network through TOMI Tokens. Here are some basic features of the Tomi Cloud Server: 

  1. Decentralized cloud hosting.
  2. Decentralized storage.
  3. Blockchain GPU mining.
  4. Consensus validation.
  5. VPN services.
  6. Proxy services.

A New Digital Solution – TomiNet Passport

The company is planning to offer a new digital solution. The Tomi passport will be a self-sovereign identity passport which is a privacy-preserving way for people to be able to use zero-knowledge proofs of their identity, reputation, or other information that is required for logins at different sites. Users will have the ability to decide what information to share, how long to share it, and where to store their own backups of their digital identities. 

Digital identity is key for participation in the tomiDAO, as is preserving people’s privacy. Participants in the system need an easy way to provide information to a variety of websites, without having those websites use that data in ways that do not align with fair data principles. Users will be able to maintain specific profiles and release data in a fully permissioned way. 

Data aggregators and researchers can request data from users, either as a paid service or a public good. The initial wallet will be self-custodial. Application developers will be able to create alternative identity solutions as well as custodian and digital identity backup services that allow people to secure their digital information and leverage it in different ways.

Who Stands Behind TomiNet?

TomiNet was launched in the beginning of 2023. It is unknown who founded TomiNet, and their official website states that ‘Satoshi Nakamoto chose to be anonymous because he wanted people to judge the creation rather than the creator and we think he was right in doing so,’ and the blockchain owners don’t give away their names. It is also rumored that one of the people standing behind Tomi is Moshe Hogeg.

The company has no control over the network, only the DAO does. As a result, the owners basically have no control over anything that will be done or decided on the network. The company's tokens are spread among countless people (community, core team, developers, vendors, consultants, employees, future sales, exchanges, etc.) which means TomiNet’s founders will never have a truly strong and dominant force over it.

TOMI Coin: TomiNet’s Basic Token

TOMI and Pioneer tokens were initially distributed through an Initial Minting Event and then through daily ongoing minting. The estimated total supply for the initial period of 5 years is ~597,000,000 TOMI tokens, of which:

  1. 18% are issued to the founding team.
  2. 7% are issued to seed investors and initial contributors.
  3. 33% are issued to the core team, developers, advisors, marketing, and additional suppliers.
  4. 42% are issued to the public, distributors, and the TomiDAO.

When it comes to TOMI coin price, a lot of crypto experts believe that it’s going to grow and might reach $30 by 2030. According to the latest news, TomiNet is actively working on its blockchain and corresponding projects, including being listed on different crypto exchanges like Poloniex and StealthEX.

How to Buy Tominet Coin?

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