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Vita Inu (VINU) Coin: Meme Token of a VR World

We continue a series of articles on the most prominent meme coins. Another fascinating project is Vita Inu. Vita Inu (VINU) is the governance token of the VINU Ecosystem, and is native to the Vite DAG chain. Created in 2021, VINU is the world’s first fast, feeless dog-themed coin with high TPS and smart contracts. Let’s take a look at the world of Vita Inu crypto.

Vite Ecosystem and VINU Coin

Vite uses a Directed Acyclic Graph (DAG) ledger structure, and is a low-latency and highly scalable network. It is also the first public chain to implement smart contracts on the basis of a DAG ledger. Transactions on the Vite network are fast and feeless. The broader aim of the Vite network is to bridge different blockchains in a decentralized way.

One distinctive feature of the Vite network is its ‘snapshot’ mechanism. This mechanism’s main function is to maintain consensus on Vite’s ledger. Snapshot blocks are created by nodes, which are called Snapshot Block Producers (SBPs). Vite holders can “vote” for SBPs, and the top 100 SBPs with the most votes will be allowed to produce blocks. As a reward for creating blocks, SBPs are rewarded based on the number of blocks that they produce.

Typically, SBPs distribute a significant portion of their daily SBP rewards to their votes, as a way of rewarding them. VINU has partnered with the ViNO SBP, and Vite holders who are interested in supporting the VINU project may vote for the ViNo SBP. This will allow them to receive daily Vite rewards from the ViNo SBP, and additional VINU tokens from the VINU team. Receiving additional VINU tokens means that these Vite holders will end up receiving more rewards, compared to simply voting for an SBP that does not distribute additional tokens.

The total supply of VINU at inception is 1 quadrillion (1,000,000,000,000,000). This is the maximum amount of tokens to ever exist and this means that there will be no worries about inflation pertaining to VINU.

The tokens are distributed accordingly:

  1. 50% of the total supply of VINU will be reserved for its Decentralized Autonomous Organisation (DAO) component. Registered DAO members will be able to receive rewards for participating in the activities of the DAO.
  2. 25% of the total supply will be distributed to the public.
  3. 25% of the total supply will be reserved as payment for the contribution of the project team members.


The VINU metaverse or the Vinuverse is under development, and will comprise a full VR World, the VinuSwap Dapp, NFTs, staking, rewards, events, merchandise, etc. Holders of the VINU token will be able to move seamlessly – and enjoy various benefits – within the Vinuverse. VINU is built on the principles of transparency and accountability. The project offers perks that disrupt the new meme economy, such as zero fees, light-speed transactions, smart contracts, and high scalability.

The VINU VR world is a persistent digital space that users can access with VR headsets. As this continues to be developed, players will be able to play games with other users, chat with other users, and even attend social events together, generate and add content to the VINU VR world, making the space into their own, take customization one step further and buy their own plot of land within the Vinuverse.

The avatars in the Vinuverse may also be minted as NFTs, which may grant further access to special areas within the Vinuverse and beyond. VINU will also be releasing various NFTs, which can be used as profile pictures and identity markers as users move through the digital world on various platforms.

Vinu Swap

VINU leverages on the Vite network’s capabilities to develop smart-contract based cross-chain bridges between Vite and other blockchain networks. This allows VINU users to move their tokens seamlessly between different ecosystems, and to utilize various features and functions that we will build within them. 

The VinuSwap will be a decentralized exchange with several key features, bringing a range of utility to the Vite ecosystem. The combination of these features also allows the savviest of investors to maximize their yield. One of the features of the VinuSwap is to facilitate easier cross-chain transfers to and from the Vite network. 

Currently, VINU holders have to use the Vite wallet app to make cross-chain transfers. With VinuSwap, they can simply connect their Vite wallet and external wallet, and make cross-chain transfers seamlessly. This will reduce the difficulty threshold for newcomers, and play an important role in making the fast and feeless Vite network more accessible. Users will easily swap their tokens – even small amounts – without needing to engage with order books. Prospective traders can make their trades at the best rates with low fees, via a simple and intuitive front-end interface. Users will also have the chance to provide liquidity to the trading pairs on VinuSwap. A significant portion of the trading fees incurred on the VinuSwap will be distributed back to the liquidity pools. Over time, and depending on the trading volume on VinuSwap, this increases the value of the liquidity pool (LP) tokens that providers hold.

VINU Crypto Staking

VinuSwap will also offer an in-house staking platform, becoming independent of other staking platforms on the Vite and other networks that it is bridged to. VINU holders will be able to stake their VINU tokens to earn VINU rewards, as well as other coins or tokens from our future partners. Liquidity providers will also be able to stake their LP tokens to further increase their yield. The lending platform will allow VINU users to lock their tokens in a lending pool for other users to borrow. A significant portion of the interests accrued from these loans will be paid out to lenders. In the case of defaulted loans, the collaterals provided by the borrower(s) will be distributed among lenders.

From the borrowers’ perspective, VinuSwap’s lending platform allows them to request and make use of VINU while holding on to their other cryptocurrencies. That is, they do not have to sell their holdings to get VINU.

VINU Coin Price Prediction

When it comes to VINU long-term price prediction, we can see different forecasts. PricePrediction believes that by 2032, VINU coin will reach a maximum price level of $0.00000078, while TechNewsLeader experts think that by 2032, the token’s price may soar to $0.00000082 at its highest point. It’s difficult to say what Vinu coin price will be in a few years as it will greatly depend on the market trends and on the ultimate value of meme coins, however, the project seems to be very ambitious and sets high standards for the future. Is Vita Inu a good investment? It may be, however, it’s always best to analyze the risks before making an investment decision.

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