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Volt Inu (VOLTV3ERC20) Price Statistics

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    $ NaN
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    VOLTV3ERC20 62.26313T
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    $ 9.10985M
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    $ 27.9247M
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    $ NAN - $ NAN
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    N$ aN

Volt Inu: Meme Coin Becoming the People’s Crypto

One of the brightest DeFi players on the market is Volt Inu. The Volt Inu ecosystem aims to become a one-stop shop for DeFi items and return revenues to the native token to support its deflationary goal. In May, the Volt Inu blockchain migrated to a new version of the system. The VOLT Token V3 has been smoothly launched, offering improved features and benefits for users, and the new version of the cryptocurrency aims to address the limitations of its predecessors. Let’s take a closer look at Volt Inu V3 and find out more about this project in general.

What Is Volt Crypto?

Volt Inu, a well-known decentralized platform that chose a dog as its logo, was created to give users a place to access different DeFi tools and interact with its native token. The Volt Inu (VOLT) coin, which is based on Ethereum, aims to use deflationary tactics to broaden the ecosystem and increase value for consumers.

The project’s goal is to build a loyal community, the VOLTARMY, whose members will have access to a growing ecosystem of assets and products, including NFTs, reflections, merchandise, and a P2E game.

The meme coin trend produced several projects with varying degrees of success and popularity in recent years. For instance, some coins like Shiba Inu made it into the top 10 cryptos by market cap. However, most Doge-inspired projects faded into obscurity mostly because they lacked solid ideas and community support. Contrary to popular beliefs about meme coins, Volt Inu aims to break away from anonymity and become a project of its own. To this end, its team has developed an extensive plan and has even migrated to a new version of the system. The project also heavily relies on a growing community that relishes potentially high rewards in the long term.

Volt Inu Token: Key to the Volt Inu Ecosystem

In December 2021, Volt Inu (VOLT) debuted as a hyper-deflationary coin on Ethereum and the BNB Chain. It is an ERC-20/BEP-20 coin with a static reward system that automatically provides liquidity to holders.

The project intends to make it easier for investors to access a wider range of cryptocurrency investment options. By holding Volt Inu crypto, for instance, members of its community, also known as the VOLTARMY, can indirectly obtain exposure to NFTs, blockchain nodes, and altcoins.

VOLT token can be purchased right now on PancakeSwap, Uniswap, and Everswap. Volt Inu has a lot of aspirations for the future and has successfully passed audits from both Solidity and Certik. For instance, a P2E game with Play-to-Earn options, was announced to be released on the Volt Inu blockchain.

Volt Inu V3 Migration: Now Faster and Cheaper

From the beginning, Volt Inu’s ambitious development strategy included four imminent stages. Currently, Volt Inu V2 is outdated as the ecosystem has successfully migrated to a newer version. One of the key features of VOLT Token V3 is its improved transaction speeds and lower fees. Due to slower transaction speeds and greater fees in earlier iterations of the coin, this innovation solves one of the main concerns of consumers. With a more seamless experience, customers will find VOLT Token V3 to be more appealing due to its faster transaction times and cheaper fees.

The emphasis on security and stability that VOLT Token V3 has over its predecessors is another significant distinction. Advanced encryption and security features have been incorporated into the new cryptocurrency's architecture to safeguard users' money. Additionally, VOLT Token V3 has been created to be more stable and to have useful features; it aids in preventing price fluctuation and ensuring a more consistent user experience.

The VOLT Token V3 also differs significantly from its predecessors in that it places a strong emphasis on scalability. Additionally, this indicates that the coin has been built to support more users without sacrificing performance. The VOLT Token V3 is well-positioned to facilitate the expansion of the cryptocurrency industry since it can manage a higher volume of transactions. Additionally, this will make the platform more popular. Moreover, the launchpad/incubator is aimed to help VOLTARMY members invest in projects during their early development stages. Additionally, those holding a considerable amount of VOLT tokens and NFTs will be able to reserve project allocations.

Finally, the release of VOLT Token V3 marks a significant turning point for the cryptocurrency industry. The new edition is likely to draw more users and investors because of its enhanced features and advantages. This will significantly alter the landscape of cryptocurrencies.

Volt Inu V3: New Features

The new ecosystem aims to bring more benefits in all areas: 

  1. Holders: Lowering the barrier to entry by removing our on-chain tax seems an obvious solution to exponentially increase our holder’s count. This key metric demonstrating a product/token adoption will also significantly help developers in their upcoming work.
  2. Volume: During the initial stages of the project, the volume generated on DeFi was not of much importance or at least not a concern for the developments and exchanges on which we have been listed to date. That being said, given the evolution of the current market, a removal of the tax would exponentially increase the volume traded on DEXs which in turn will open many doors for future developments in the very near future.
  3. CEX listings and integrations: the above-mentioned features will strongly incentivize new and larger CEXs to list the VOLT token.
  4. Tax conversion: Volt’s current ETH, BSC, and Polygon smart contracts convert liquidity, treasury, marketing, and development taxes once the VOLT balance held by the contract reaches a certain threshold. As the V3 contracts no longer have any taxes, there are no tax conversions/sales by the smart contracts.
  5. Security: no longer having any on-chain taxes would significantly increase the security of token holders’ assets which in turn also ensures a safer project growth. As all the on-chain transfers have become tax-free.

All in all, despite starting out as a simple meme coin, Volt Inu stands out as a strong project with a loyal community and a solid roadmap. 

The project has so far undergone rebranding, several migrations, and built a bridge to a second blockchain while simultaneously becoming listed on over 23 CEXs. In other words, it survived challenges that would have ended most meme coin projects in their infancy. Websites like claim that by 2032, Volt Inu price can go as high as $0.00002435, which will be a milestone both for the coin and the community.

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