XMR to ZEC Swap: Exchange Monero (XMR) to Zcash (ZEC)

Are you looking to securely convert Monero to Zcash with complete privacy? StealthEX offers you a streamlined crypto exchange service, allowing you to effortlessly purchase Zcash using Monero.

Monero to Zcash Price Chart

Monero to Zcash conversion rates


Monero (xmr)



Zcash (zec)


0.01 XMR~0.05072615 ZEC
0.1 XMR~0.5072615 ZEC
1 XMR~5.072615 ZEC
5 XMR~25.363075 ZEC
10 XMR~50.72615 ZEC
50 XMR~253.63075 ZEC
100 XMR~507.2615 ZEC
1000 XMR~5072.615 ZEC

Exchange Monero to Zcash at the Best Rates

Keep track of the latest Monero/Zcash exchange rates directly on our platform. Before making any exchange, use our advanced price calculator to get an accurate estimate of the Monero you'll receive. Simply enter the amount you wish to convert, and our system will instantly provide you with an approximate exchange rate.

StealthEX is your go-to for hassle-free cryptocurrency exchanges, supporting over 1400+ cryptocurrencies for swapping without the need for any signup. Our service is designed to be instant, non-custodial, and without limits, ensuring your trades are executed swiftly and securely.

Why Exchange XMR to ZEC on StealthEX?

  1. No Registration Required: StealthEX allows instant, non-custodial cryptocurrency exchanges without the need for registration.
  2. Wide Range of Cryptos: With over 1400+ coins and tokens listed, it offers one of the broadest ranges of trading pairs.
  3. Privacy Focused: StealthEX ensures private transactions with no need for verification or KYC
  4. Non-Custodial Security: The platform doesn't store user funds. All transactions are made wallet-to-wallet.
  5. Competitive Rates: Multiple service providers to ensure the best exchange rates
  6. Mobile App: The StealthEX app, available on Google Play, brings top crypto exchanges to your smartphone, allowing you to exchange crypto on the go.

Crypto Wallets

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Is KYC Required to Exchange Monero for Zcash?

No, KYC (Know Your Customer) is not necessary to convert Monero for Zcash on StealthEX. The platform facilitates private transactions without the need for verification or KYC. Users can exchange cryptocurrencies privately, with transactions being conducted directly from wallet to wallet and not tied to personal accounts.

What Is the Smallest Exchange Amount for a Monero/Zcash Pair?

A minimum transaction amount is set to ensure that your exchange is processed on the blockchain. This minimum ensures the execution of the exchange. When you enter the amount of cryptocurrency you wish to exchange on the homepage, the platform displays this minimum requirement.

What Is the Biggest Exchange Amount for a Monero/Zcash Pair?

There is no maximum limit for exchanges—you are free to swap as much as you desire. StealthEX supports the swift and effortless exchange of all available coins and tokens.

Is It Better to Hold Monero or Zcash?

Both Monero and Zcash offer unique advantages. Monero is often viewed as a revolutionary technology with its specific functionalities, while Zcash is recognized for its particular benefits. Investment decisions should align with individual objectives and be informed by thorough research. This universal template addresses common queries in a format applicable to any pair of cryptocurrencies, providing a versatile tool for FAQ sections related to crypto exchanges.

How to Convert Monero to Zcash?

Choose the currencies you would like to swap in the drop-down list and enter the exchange amount. You can opt for StealthEX fixed rate swaps if you need an exact amount of crypto.

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