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Exploring Badger DAO: Revolutionizing Bitcoin in DeFi

The DeFi industry continues to grow, and new, more efficient projects emerge as time goes by. In response to this increasing adoption of DeFi, Badger DAO was built to serve a growing need for the use of Bitcoin on various blockchain networks. In short, Badger DAO is a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) that enables BTC to be used as collateral across decentralized finance applications. Let’s take a closer look at Badger DAO and the project’s characteristics.

What Is Badger DAO?

Badger Finance, a community DAO, aims to integrate Bitcoin with DeFi. Digg, an elastic supply currency pegged to Bitcoin, and Sett, a yield aggregator, are the DAO's first offerings. Badger is an ecosystem DAO where individuals and initiatives from all over DeFi can unite to work together and create the goods our industry needs. While decentralized governance can guarantee that those incentives stay equitable for all stakeholders, shared ownership in the DAO will enable builders to have aligned motivations. Badger DAO has also introduced scalable Bitcoin yield to DeFi.

Members of the Badger community are able to submit ideas for new products to the DAO, present them via video to the larger community, and, should the proposal make it through these steps, submit it to a formal vote for approval. The Badger DAO operations team will work with them to develop, finance, and promote it after it has been approved. Anyone looking to work together on a project is welcome to collaborate with Badger Builders. Badger Builders don't have to be single people; they might be a full organization or a team of engineers.

The best thing about the DAO for the Badger Builders is that there are no criteria for membership in order to gain benefits. Anyone who is interested in doing so can become a Badger Builder and use their knowledge of open-source programming and a few governance tokens to help develop something amazing.

This framework is designed to enable anyone to create what is required. Anything that the Badger community launches ought to be by nature just, open, and compensatory to everyone who worked on making the product a reality. This covers things like token awards and shared fees.

The team of Badger DAO includes Chris Spadafora, the operations lead, Ameer Rosic, part of the operations team, and Albert Castellana, the co-founder and CEO at who serves as the product advisor for Badger DAO.

Badger DAO: Components

The ecosystem consists of the following components:

  1. Badger DAO. An Aragon DAO with a liquid governance token oversees Badger Finance's governance.
  2. Sett. Also known as Sett Vaults, SETTs are pools of tokens where users can lock up their tokenized bitcoin and allow smart contracts to manage their holdings to generate a yield. In other words, SETTs are Badger’s version of an automated DeFi aggregator.
  3. Digg. DIGG is a decentralized ‘elastic-supply’ cryptocurrency, pegged to the price of Bitcoin. Digg’s software programmatically adjusts the supply of its DIGG cryptocurrency through smart contracts that expand or contract the circulating DIGG supply in response to fluctuations in the price of Bitcoin. DIGG can be used in DeFi protocols just like any other token, and can also be deposited into SETTs to generate a yield for its holders.
  4. Token distribution. Initially, airdrops are to deliver the Digg token ($DIGG) and the Badger governance token ($BADGER) to people who have shown a keen interest in community governance and Bitcoin DeFi, as well as early DAO participants and staking rewards for Sett participation.
  5. Assistants. Customized backend services to deliver essential system upgrades. They consist of system monitors, guardians, and oracles.

Badger Finance DAO uses the following Aragon Apps:

  1. Voting: Used to create and participate in votes. Votes can be linked to an action, such as minting BADGER or transferring funds, or be purely informative.
  2. Tokens: Manages the supply and distribution of BADGER.
  3. Finance: Manages the organization's financial assets, including ETH and ERC20s.
  4. Agent: Enables the organization to interact directly with any other smart contract on Ethereum. For example, adding liquidity to a Uniswap or Balancer pool.

BADGER Token Launch

When introducing their token, Badger followed's lead and explicitly stated that the BADGER token has no monetary value and is only intended for DAO governance reasons. Similar to Yearn, the BADGER token was launched with fair liquidity mining. 

The team cannot be hidden behind anonymity. They are well-recognized and completely open. To keep their relationship with the project going, they are holding 10% of the token supply. Additionally, 35% of the token supply was reserved for community decision-making about distribution. Only after the community votes and accepts the usage of the tokens may this money be utilized for operations, increased liquidity mining, partnership incentives, and many other purposes.

Charts and tables indicating the percentage allotted to venture capital funds, angel investors, early advisors, and the like are not available on the Badger DAO website because the community has ownership over the project and the tokens from the start. Instead, from the outset of the project, the community will decide how to use the Badger tokens. That might have been the perfect choice, considering that the token has increased by almost 600% since its debut.

Just recently, the Badger DAO utility token, BADGER, has skyrocketed in value thanks to cryptocurrency exchange Binance. The coin’s sharp rise came after Binance announced on November 9 that it would launch the USDS-M BADGER Perpetual Contract. The listing has increased interest in BADGER. Traders are now getting to grips with this new trading product and can use maximum leverage of 50x.

bBadger Tokens

Users that stake BADGER get composable yield farming tokens called bBADGER tokens. Furthermore, staking incentives are also given in bBADGER, which causes the benefits to compound automatically. As gas is needed for unstaking but not for staking, this ought to promote even more lockup for the token. In fact, ever since the DAO decided to enable bBadger auto-compounding, BADGER has seen a lockup rate of more than 90%.

Is Badger DAO a Good Investment?

Investing in this project will purely depend on your personal risk management. It's challenging to respond to this question. On the other hand, investing in this cryptocurrency over the long run seems like a wise choice. The graphs for Badger DAO will rise and fall in the future due to the price evolution and projections. Cryptocurrencies are highly volatile and, as such, all projections are speculative. Some sources, like PricePrediction, however, believe that by 2030, BADGER coin can rise in price and reach a maximum of $62.68.

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