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What Is Jasmy Coin?

Jasmy Coin (JASMY) is a cryptocurrency that was developed using Ethereum. This token is ERC20 compliant, which makes it more secure and adds the processing power of the ETH Network to it. 

Jasmy coin price today is $0.02744822.

Jasmy Crypto News And Achievements

The first time it got listed on a crypto exchange was on January 10, 2021. The project was founded by a Japanese team working on Jasmy Incorporated, a tech company creating products for supporting Data Democracy. Since its key value is security, they also ensure that JASMY is safe for both holders and developers.

Soon after the first release, this cryptocurrency appeared on other exchanges, and in February 2021, MathWallet became one of the first platforms, letting users hold their tokens there. Next, Metamask and Trust Wallet were added to this list.

The major update happened in July 2021, as developers introduced a Payment Service utilizing unique data, which increased the utility for this coin. Its key feature is that it has a reward system, providing value to users. Thanks to it, everyone can convert his activity into points and use them in the same way as cash.

Next, JASMY kept strengthening, and on October 22, 2021, a Grand Program was announced for making this token's infrastructure more advanced. This program covers lots of activities, expanding the ecosystem and working on the communities to attract greater audiences.

At the end of 2021, this cryptocurrency became even more useful, as it was added as a payment method on the SAKURA NFT platform, which is now offering both digital and physical products, like gold debits, pieces of art and music.

One more NFT announcement was on January 1, 2022. Then a JASMY token team started working on digital arts to please their loyal holders and attract new ones.

JASMY Platform Users

JASMY crypto connects two parties: service providers and data utilizers. The first ones offer different services on the platform. They can easily promote their products by accessing users' information. Such a scheme should decrease data security prices.

The second part accesses services that help expand data utilization, as the platform makes it possible to utilize the information that has been licensed for these purposes by users.

JASMY Features 

Since Jasmy Coin was created based on ETH, it got most of the benefits of this reliable cryptocurrency. However, its primary feature is that it focuses on the following points:

  1. Increasing the value of personal information. With the business expansion, the data owned by users gets more valuable.
  2. Shaping the market in the long term by attracting institutional investors. Token value is proven to them via the determination of investment grade.

Furthermore, JASMY can be used for many purposes. First, companies need to buy and hold it to access user-owned data. Developers ensure the transparency of all data transfers.

Second, it's possible to use JASMY as an investment. Thanks to it, real demand for data utilization will be created and data democratization will get quicker.

Another benefit of this token is a limited supply. Since there are only 50 billion JASMY coins, the risk of inflation decreases, adding more value to this cryptocurrency. 

JASMY Coin Price Prediction 2025

Since JASMY values users' data and adds more features for its security, it gets more attractive for individual investors and companies. Experts also believe in this token. According to Gov.Capital, it can reach $0.151 in December 2022. Even though a Jasmy Coin prediction by WalletInvestor isn't so positive, it supposes a JASMY price will get over $0.145 by the same time. 

Is Jasmy Coin A Good Investment?

After all, JASMY is promising, and the project team does its best to add utility to this token. Securing data and getting into NFTs, this coin becomes a profitable long-term investment, and a positive JASMY crypto price prediction proves that.

Where And How To Buy JASMY Crypto With The Best Rates?

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  4. Move your cryptocurrency for the exchange.
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