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Klaytn Crypto: A Sustainable and Verifiable Chain

The top of blockchains includes a number of projects that offer a variety of solutions for the entertainment industry. One of the is Klaytn that ranks in the Top-100 cryptocurrencies on CoinMarketCap. Public blockchain platform Klaytn with its own KLAY coin is gearing up its infrastructure to be the blockchain of choice for gaming, the metaverse, and the creator economy.

What Is Klaytn Blockchain? 

Klaytn is an open public blockchain platform developed by Kakao, a major South Korean mobile platform. With a market cap of over $40 billion, Kakao is one of the largest publicly traded tech companies in Korea. Over 93% of South Korea’s population uses Kakao’s instant messaging app, KakaoTalk (usually shortened to ‘KaTalk’ in South Korea).

Fueled by the cryptocurrency bull market of 2017, Kakao entered the market in 2018. Kakao created the blockchain network Klaytn after a successful ICO to launch the KLAY token, and they believe that it would eventually serve as the technological foundation for all South Korean companies. 

Klaytn’s hybrid infrastructure helps it to deliver a seamless blockchain experience for businesses both within and outside South Korea. Using Klaytn’s modular network, enterprises can create and operate their own customized blockchains.

Klaytn Unique Features 

In general, Klaytn is dedicated to delivering a blockchain service for wide adoption in order to show the worth and utility of blockchain technology. It provides a straightforward programming environment and a focused user interface. Millions of users will be able to access blockchain services thanks to Klaytn's continued platform development. Klaytn Blockchain uses the Istanbul Byzantine fault tolerant (IBFT) consensus algorithm based on Proof-of-Stake (PoS).

Klaytn is a highly optimized, BFT-based public blockchain that aims to meet enterprise-grade reliability. Key design goals are:

  1. Immediate finality.
  2. High TPS that meets real-world use cases.
  3. Lower the cost of running blockchain applications.
  4. Lower the barriers to entry for end-users.
  5. Ease the technology adoption process for industry.

Klaytn Ecosystem

  1. Core Cell Network (CCN). CCN consists of Core Cells (CCs) that verify and execute transactions submitted through Endpoint Nodes (ENs). CCN is responsible for creating and propagating blocks throughout the network.
  2. Endpoint Node Network (ENN). ENN consists of Endpoint Nodes (ENs) that mainly create transactions, handle RPC API requests, and process data requests from service chains.
  3. Service Chain Network (SCN). SCNs are Klaytn subnetworks composed of auxiliary blockchains independently operated by dApps. Service chains are connected to the main chain via ENs.
  4. Core Cell Network and Endpoint Node Network form a Klaytn main chain or mainnet. Blockchain applications can run on the Klaytn main chain, Cypress, or can operate on their own blockchains called Service Chains.

Klay Swap: Extending the Klaytn DeFi Ecosystem

The platform has developed a new protocol called Klay Swap. Klay Swap is a complete on-chain instant swap platform that operates with an on-chain liquidity pool, where liquidity is guaranteed by automated market-making (AMM) mechanisms. Anyone who has a KLAY or KCT-type token cryptocurrency can use this on-chain swap service to become a liquidity provider and earn money from transaction fee commissions.

In Klay Swap, Ethereum-based tokens (ETH, ORC, DAI, and WBTC) can be moved to the Klaytn ecosystem through Orbit Bridge, a transparent IBC bridge developed on Orbit Chain to provide yield farming with asset pairings that were previously unconnected in the decentralized world.

Use Cases for Klaytn Crypto

Klaytn platform is designed to offer a gross development avenue that empowers various levels of blockchain development for a plethora of use cases. Klaytn blockchain is mainly bringing blockchain to businesses.

In simple terms, it serves enterprises, including small-scale and large-scale businesses. The main purpose was to provide them with a chance to integrate their technological infrastructure with a blockchain network.

Furthrmore, the supported businesses enjoy the service of a public and private blockchain through Klaytn’s ecosystem. Many users prefer this platform since the private blockchain functionality of the network guarantees discreteness. Klaytn guarantees the maximum security of sensitive data which increases the scalability nature of the network. The public blockchain within Klaytn’s network supports the decentralization of data and ensures the distribution of governance. It accommodates all the important mechanisms that can make the platform as scalable and user-friendly as possible.

KLAY Coin: The Key to Klaytn Infrastructure

KLAY has a variety of applications within the Klaytn ecosystem as the native utility token of the Klaytn network. KLAY, which also has significant utility among the other blockchain applications that run within the Klaytn network, can be used to settle all transactions that take place on the platform. It mainly works as a means of payment and exchange for app applications that run within the Klaytn ecosystem. The Orakl Network is currently developing a highly tailored solution for Klaytn dApps with new data feeds and KLAY-only fees.

The Klaytn blockchain is now available on KakaoTalk. Klip, a crypto wallet, is integrated into the app. It allows users to store more than a dozen coins, including KLAY, which is based in Klaytn. The storing of numerous fungible and non-fungible tokens (NFTs) is also supported by this wallet. Along with improving customer service, the Klip wallet offers KakaoTalk users a staking option so they may earn rewards by staking KLAY. Moreover, the Klaytn Blockchain continues to burn KLAY token, as many other blockchains do, in order to boost its price.

How to Buy Klaytn Coin?

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