15 Best Crypto YouTube Channels: Your Ultimate Guide to Cryptocurrency Mastery

Best Crypto YouTube Channels

In the world of blockchain and cryptocurrency, each day reveals new mysteries and opportunities. Despite its rising fame, the realm of digital currencies remains an enigma, brimming with unexplored avenues and intricate concepts. Amidst the rapidly evolving landscape of crypto, YouTube emerges as a beacon of knowledge, offering a wealth of information at your fingertips. With its extensive array of videos, this platform stands as an accessible lighthouse, guiding both the curious and the experienced through the captivating nuances of cryptocurrencies. This article serves as your ultimate guide to the best crypto YouTube channels.

Here, you’ll find an array of channels, each bursting with insights, strategies, and valuable tips tailored to both beginners and seasoned crypto enthusiasts. Dive into this treasure trove of expert knowledge and elevate your understanding and skills in the vibrant and ever-changing world of cryptocurrencies.

Best Crypto YouTube Channels

Why Are Crypto YouTube Channels Essential for Enthusiasts?

YouTube plays a vital role in providing accessible, diverse, and up-to-date crypto information. Crypto channels often cover the most trending cryptocurrencies and help traders and investors decide which digital assets are worth looking into. It’s often easier to watch a video rather than read a long article: you can check out crypto blogs while you’re working out or taking a walk in the park.

Top-15 Best Crypto YouTube Channels

In this article, we’ll take a look at the best crypto YouTube channels. These are a few of the sources you can rely on to provide you with well-thought-out and meticulously researched details. The people highlighted below are committed to bringing you the most up-to-date information, these bloggers are both professional and grounded in facts.

1. Coin Bureau: Fundamental Analysis and Education

Coin Bureau was launched by a person who goes by the pseudonym of ‘Guy’ with an intent to provide the best educational blockchain content on the web. Coin Bureau has a flourishing following of over 2.4 million on its YouTube channel, but there’s also a blog, and a private Telegram group called the Coin Bureau Insider Group. CoinBureau is aimed at both beginners and advanced crypto users.

Coin Bureau

Since the beginning, Guy’s main goal has been to delve as far as possible into the projects that come across his radar in order to provide his devoted followers with the most impartial, astute, and truthful cryptocurrency content available on the Tube. In order to assist you in understanding what’s happening and how it affects you, the typical crypto user, he also offers his opinion on the top cryptocurrency exchanges and the day’s top crypto headlines. 

2. DataDash: Best in Crypto and Macro Trading Analysis

DataDash, which is run by the intelligent and perceptive Nicholas Merten. However, this channel goes much beyond simple technical analysis trading. With its 2017 debut, the channel has over 511K subscribers. Trading channels abound, but this one stands out for providing extremely thorough and in-depth market analysis in 20–30 minute videos using simple language. It may take you some time to become used to trading talk if you’re not familiar with it. However, these videos are not hard to understand once you understand the fundamentals. DataDash is therefore superior to the majority of standard trading channels.

3. Benjamin Cowen: Best for Crypto Technical Traders and In-Depth Chart Analysis

Benjamin Cowen of Into the Cryptoverse is another well-known and highly respected YouTuber in the cryptocurrency space who prefers to take a more technical approach to things. Ben has to be among the most astute individuals in the cryptocurrency sector: he has a background in computational mathematics, a PhD in engineering, and a passion for quantitative research. He likes to employ charting analysis and data-driven insights to examine the cryptocurrency markets in a straightforward manner.

Benjamin Cowen

With more than 788,000 subscribers, Cowen’s channel discusses technical analysis-based price projections for several cryptocurrencies, marks significant anniversaries for well-known cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum, and projects these coins’ worst-case situations. His content is both educational and inspiring.

4. Ivan On Tech: Interviews and Crypto Developments

Another popular YouTube channel covering cryptocurrency and blockchain technologies is Ivan on Tech. This channel is run by Ivan Liljeqvist, a Swedish influencer, data scientist, and a blockchain specialist. Additionally, Ivan on Tech offers educational resources regarding the crypto sector through its crypto academy.

With more than 500,000 subscribers, the YouTube channel is known for its technical insights and interviews with influential figures in the cryptocurrency space. ‘Good Morning Crypto’ is a well-liked segment on his channel where he livestreams the week’s most recent cryptocurrency happenings and engages the viewer in conversation about their broader significance.

5. Monero Talk: All About Monero (XMR) and More

Monero Talk

A smaller channel called Monero Talk broadcasts weekly conversations with crypto influencers to understand what the Monero cryptocurrency is today and what it hopes to achieve. However, the channel also touches on many aspects of the crypto industry: from privacy coins in general to crypto mistakes and latest news. With a relatively small audience of only 9,000 subscribers, the channel provides invaluable insights into the crypto industry.

6. Enter Crypto | Chris Kenyon: An Up-To-Date Digest Dedicated to Crypto

Enter Crypto

Another minor channel that constantly releases videos covering the most popular subjects, from tightening regulations to controversial events in the crypto industry. It’s an essential channel that will let you stay updated about the latest news and get insights into what’s going on the market today. There’s a lot to be learned from the Enter Crypto channel, so make sure to check it out.

7. Boxmining: A Wide Range of Crypto Topics for Discussion

Boxmining is a crypto channel with over 280K subscribers, covering cryptocurrencies since 2017. The popular YouTube crypto space specializes in news, analysis, and tutorials about cryptocurrencies. The creator and host of the channel is Michael Gu. Boxmining offers viewers interested in learning about and investing in cryptocurrency educational information and provides daily updates on the newest developments in the cryptocurrency space, including market trends, news, and technology. The channel discusses a broad range of cryptocurrency-related subjects, such as decentralized finance (DeFi), blockchain technology, altcoins, Bitcoin, Ethereum, and more.

8. Altcoin Daily: Best for Crypto News and Daily Crypto Updates

Altcoin Daily

This YouTube channel offers concise updates on everyday events in the cryptocurrency industry, allowing you to stay informed while juggling your regular tasks and professional obligations. Both newcomers and veterans can readily absorb the lighthearted commentary about the day’s news provided by hosts Aaron and Austin Arnold. This is most likely the reason Altcoin Daily has amassed 1.36 million subscribers in just several years.

9. Crypto Zombie: Daily Crypto News

A relatively small channel with over 41K subscribers, Crypto Zombie focuses on BTC, altcoin, and cryptocurrency news. Its hosts discuss coins like Bitcoin and Ethereum, blockchain technology, and host interviews with top projects and leaders in the space. Through their videos, viewers can gain an in-depth understanding of the world of crypto.

10. The Modern Investor: All-Encompassing Crypto Channel

Modern Investor

The Modern Investor is the ultimate channel to turn to if you are looking for Bitcoin, Ethereum and altcoin updates as well as news and events happening in the crypto world. This YouTube crypto space with over 230K followers provides its viewers with the latest developments in the industry and information that is crucial for every crypto investor to know.

11. Chico Crypto: Information for the Advanced Crypto Enthusiasts

Chico Crypto is a medium-sized channel with over 318K subscribers. It positions itself as ‘an informational cryptocurrency and altcoin video channel for the intermediate to advanced crypto enthusiast.’ The channel is run by Tyler Swope, a crypto investor that started out in 2013, and covers a wide range of crypto topics that any seasoned investor or crypto fan will find interesting. It also offers insights into uncovering potential crypto scams and straightforward opinions.

12. Crypto Coffee: Valuable Insights Into PulseChain and HEX

Crypto Coffee

Crypto Coffee is a channel focused on PulseChain and HEX, however, it also boasts a number of videos dedicated to a wider range of topics, such as NFTs, scams, and occasional crypto news. The channel will prove invaluable to those crypto enthusiasts that plan on staking their HEX and PulseChain assets.

13. Meet Kevin: A Broader Approach to Crypto

Meet Kevin is a large YouTube channel with over 1.9 million subscribers that offers a broader approach to finance and investment, including crypto insights and analysis. The channel is run by multimillionaire investor Kevin Paffrath, who has established himself in the cryptocurrency, stock, and real estate markets. With his unmatched zeal for cryptocurrency material, he is famous for publishing three videos per day.

The content on Meet Kevin is helpful since it offers frank and honest commentary about cryptocurrency investing. His extensive background in the financial sector allows him to apply his commercial acumen to the analysis of cryptocurrency movements. He has in fact made a few astute predictions and calls in the cryptocurrency space.

14. Crypto Lark: Guidelines on How to Understand Crypto

New Zealand-based YouTuber Lark Davis began investing in cryptocurrency in the middle of the decade. Since then, he has created educational materials and courses on cryptocurrency that may teach you how to make wise investments in the field.

Crypto Lark Davis

Crypto Lark, which has 480K followers, posts articles and videos on various issues related to cryptocurrency, including news, reviews, and interviews with prominent figures in the industry. His strategy is beginner-friendly because he offers instructions on how to look for firms, use the Binance exchange, understand analytics, and generally get around the cryptocurrency industry.

15. Brian Jung: Informative Content on Crypto Trends

Brian Jung’s channel focuses on informative content on crypto trends, investment strategies, and market analysis. With more than 1 million YouTube subscribers, Brian Jung is regarded as an insightful resource for millennials considering cryptocurrency investments. He is one of the few genuine 24 year old cryptocurrency influencers on YouTube, offering insightful guidance supported by data.

His videos cover topics such as laws, the cryptocurrency recession, thorough dives into altcoins, and the most recent market analysis and forecasts. Jung approaches his material with diligence, and because of his experience promoting financial stability, Jung emphasizes evaluating the risks associated with cryptocurrency investing rather than taking a big risk. 

Best Crypto YouTube Channels: Comparison

CoinBureau– Informative videos covering topics across the entire industry.
– Engaging content with high-quality production.
– Objective fundamental analysis.
Biased opinions.
DataDashA great general overview of the market.Slow lead time. It’ll take a while before the news is covered.
Benjamin Cowen– Insightful takes derived from technical analysis.
– Educational crypto trading content.
– A level-headed, objective approach to the crypto market.
Crypto influencers can be unreliable.
Ivan On Tech– Helpful DeFi and blockchain development tutorials.
– Interviews and live streams with blockchain experts.
Crypto influencers can be unreliable.
Monero Talk– Engaging and entertaining content.
– Quick to react and provide context to market news.
The video quality might differ slightly from larger channels.
Enter CryptoBasic educational content delivered with clarity.Smaller channel that is just shaping up.
BoxminingImmense variety of topics.Prioritizing entertainment over in-depth analysis.
Altcoin DailyAdds context to market events.More entertaining than analytical.
Crypto ZombieAlways up-to-date on the latest news on Bitcoin.The channel is dedicated mostly to Bitcoin.
The Modern InvestorGreat source of market trends that lets any investor stay updated on the latest news.Expect some delay in news coverage due to slower lead times.
Chico CryptoInvestor insights and engaging content.Slow lead time. It’ll take a while before the news is covered.
Crypto CoffeeEngaging videos that can be an invaluable source of information.The channel specializes mostly in two coins, HEX and PulseChain.
Meet Kevin– Entertaining content that is fun to watch and that lets you keep up-to-date with the latest news.
– Prolific when it comes to releasing videos.
Lacks in terms of a serious approach.
Crypto Lark– Offers market analysis and breaks down crypto news.
– Adds wider context by exploring how traditional finance impacts crypto.
Crypto influencers can be unreliable.
Brian JungAccessible content covering the absolute basics and some advanced material.Biased opinions

Summary: Navigating Market Trends and Collaborating with Influencers

All the channels listed above will be even more important in deciphering the quick changes in the crypto landscape as more individuals become interested in investing in cryptocurrencies. The channels’ owners are avid crypto supporters and they all believe that the crypto field will soon be on the rise, so the majority of these YouTube influencers have stood their ground even in times of market decline. Additionally, they collaborate closely with influencers in the cryptocurrency space to present only the most worthwhile crypto projects.

Although the number of subscribers differs and these channels are all different in nature and presentation, by releasing more videos, they all help educate the crypto community and the society in general.

StealthEX YouTube Channel

And don’t forget to drop by the StealthEX YouTube channel. It features a number of interviews with prominent figures in the field of crypto, AMA sessions, and a short tutorial on how to exchange crypto via StealthEX. If you’re only starting out in the crypto world, it can provide a few insights into the cryptocurrencies. Make sure to check it out!

StealthEX YouTube Channel


We have listed the most comprehensive YouTube channels dedicated to cryptocurrencies. Although they all present crypto content differently, these are rich with up-to-date news, in-depth analyses, and educational resources to help you get started with investing in cryptocurrencies. From CoinBureau to Crypto Coffee, they all provide insights into the crypto sector and its diverse nature.

Discover the exciting world of cryptocurrency through these Top 15 YouTube channels!

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This article is not supposed to provide financial advice. Digital assets are risky. Be sure to do your own research and consult your financial advisor before investing.

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