The benefits of anonymous exchanges at

How anonymous can we be when managing our finances?

A lot of people get used to a world where the lives of ordinary people are under the watchful eye of the Big Brother. The authorities of many countries have made great efforts to establish control and monitor money flows.

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No wonder that the creation of the first digital currency — Bitcoin, brought back people’s belief in the protection of private life and savings. After all, the concept of this digital currency was based on innovative technical solutions. The anonymity of cryptocurrencies is based on an approach that doesn’t require any information about identity when purchasing coins. But all the transactions conducted in digital currencies are open to everyone. This information is stored in blockchains which only contain the addresses of the wallets without specification of holders identity. But if the authorities want to determine a sender and a recipient, there are some ways to connect these addresses with certain people and companies. Therefore, always keep it in mind and be careful.

Currently, a real struggle has developed around the cryptocurrency and anonymity. Authorities set a course for KYC (Know Your Customer) strategy. It is a part of AML (Anti-Money Laundering) standards with their main purpose to prevent illegal activities. But unfortunately, the victims of this strategy are ordinary people who just want to keep privacy and protect their transactions from extra attention. All this contributed to the invention of many ways to secure privacy such as anonymous coins, wallets and exchange services.

As you can see anonymity and data security is a major problem of our century. But still, there are plenty of convenient options to support your privacy while using cryptocurrency. StealthEX service is one of the best solutions for you if you want to be sure that your privacy is under super protection. Our service was created in order to maintain the original concept of cryptocurrency — anonymity.

StealthEX is designed to allow you to buy and sell 250+ cryptocurrencies without the need of providing any verification details. StealthEX never shares any information about the customers with third parties. And remember that the StealthEX team is always ready to assist you with every issue you might face while exchanging your crypto.

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