Adam Stieb

Adam Stieb, a seasoned blockchain writer, prominent contributor to Hackernoon, and various crypto and web3 outlets. With 5 years immersed in crypto, he's an ardent believer in the potential of decentralized technology.

Amrit Korpal

Amrit Korpal is a crypto analyst from New York, USA. He was carried away by the world of crypto trading back in 2017 when his friend introduced him to Bitcoin and the endless possibilities blockchain provides.

Ana Rojas

Ana Rojas is a crypto copywriter based in Gothenburg, Sweden. With dozens of articles on blockchain under her belt, she provides detailed explanations about the world of crypto, making any article a fascinating must-read.

Maciej Zerelik

Maciej has been aware of all cryptocurrency market trends for more than 5 years. Supporter of the idea of decentralization. And just the best crypto copywriter.

Maria Carola

Maria Carola is the CEO of StealthEX – instant, non-custodial cryptocurrency exchange with over 1300 assets listed. After graduating University of Vilnius, Maria spent almost a decade in the crypto space, working in marketing and management for a variety of blockchain projects – wallets, exchanges and aggregators.

Mike Ermolaev

Mike Ermolaev is the founder of Outset PR, an agency that specializes in cryptocurrency public relations. The crypto industry has been his focus since 2017. Mike has also penned articles for renowned publications such as Investing, BitcoinMagazine, FXStreet, Benzinga, and Invezz. Moreover, he is a frequent guest commentator on CoinTelegraph Brazil.
Additionally, Mike has contributed market analysis commentary to Forbes and interviewed high-profile figures including Prince Philip of Serbia, French Montana, and Matt Sorum (ex-GNR). With a background in both crypto and PR, Mike has extensive experience in both fields.

Sean Korbett

Sean Korbett is one of the best cryptocurrency experts in the industry from Portland, USA. Sean has been familiar with Bitcoin since its inception and thinks there’s a great opportunity to diversify your holdings with a cryptocurrency asset.