Maria Carola

Maria Carola

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Maria Carola is the CEO of StealthEX – instant, non-custodial cryptocurrency exchange with over 1300 assets listed. After graduating University of Vilnius, Maria spent almost a decade in the crypto space, working in marketing and management for a variety of blockchain projects – wallets, exchanges and aggregators.
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Wall Street Sees Blockchain Technology as a Revolutionary Shift

Wall Street is placing a lot of hope on blockchain technology to streamline asset trading.

AI & Crypto: A Decade of Transformation Ahead

The relationship between AI and cryptocurrency is still in its nascent stage but is rapidly evolving.

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In the second quarter of 2023, crypto investment activity decreased to its lowest level since the fourth quarter of 2020.

CBDCs — A Tool for Big Brother’s Sway or Just a Cool New Way to Pay

What is CBDC? Central Bank Digital Currencies are merely digital versions of existing fiat currencies from central banks

Crypto Crime Sees a Sharp Decline in First Half of 2023, Bitcoin Price Shoots Up

Crypto is back in the black after a tumultuous 2022, with BTC skyrocketing 77.83% throughout the year so far.