Bitcoin Gold Price Prediction: BTG Coin Forecast

Bitcoin Gold price prediction 2020 by StealthEX

Bitcoin Gold is the second fork of Bitcoin, which took place in October 2017. The motto of the new project – “Make Bitcoin Decentralized Again”.

Bitcoin Gold (BTG) was conceived as another attempt to break the mining monopoly of corporations and thereby calling into question the principle of decentralization of the Bitcoin network. So the project developers have created an alternative cryptocurrency that could be mined even on the simplest computer equipment.

The creators of Bitcoin Gold proposed to use a new proof-of-work algorithm called – Equihash, and as a result, network users were able to mine BTG and not depend on the power of their equipment. Another feature of Bitcoin Gold is the support for SegWit technology, which increases the number of transactions per block and provides protection from reduplication.

Nowadays Bitcoin Gold project is among the “Top 40 cryptocurrencies” by market capitalization.

Bitcoin Gold Statistics

BTG Price CoinMarketCap
Current Price$9.42
ROI since launch – 98.04%
Market Cap$164,984,321
Market Rank#37
Circulating Supply17,513,924 BTG
Total Supply17,513,924 BTG

Source: CoinMarketCap, Data was taken on 24 April 2020.

Bitcoin Gold achievements and future plans

Among the main developments of the project in 2019 are the following:

•  Launched Bitcoin Gold Core v0.17.1

•  Released BTG Core Wallet v0.17.1 RC1

•  Launched Bidali Giftcard for Bitcoin Gold, and sold giftcards for more than 100 stores via BTG

•  Completed BTG’s Forum upgrades 

•  Launched a new BTG pool:

According to the official roadmap the main plans of the project to the nearest future will be the following:

•  To deploy a stable BTG version of lnd to mainnet. 

•  To launch BTG LN that will support cross-platform Zap wallet in order to provide a user-friendly desktop LN wallet interface. 

•  BTCPay Integration of BTG Lightning Network and as a result becoming the best decentralized payment gateway.

•  To launch Schnorr Signatures that will allow multiple inputs to be signed with a single signature, saving substantial space in the blockchain.

•  To launch BTG Plasma Specification.

Bitcoin Gold Technical Analysis

Technical Analysis for BTG TradingView

Source: TradingView, Data was taken on 24 April 2020.

Bitcoin Gold Price Prediction 2020

TradingBeasts BTG price prediction

The Bitcoin Gold price is forecasted to reach $7.26969 (-22.82%) by the beginning of May 2020. At the end of 2020, BTG average price will be $9.46174 (+0.44%).

Wallet investor Bitcoin Gold price prediction

The Bitcoin Gold price is predicted to reach $50.368 at the end of 2020 тя(+434.69%).

Crypto-Rating Bitcoin Gold BTG price forecast

According to Crypto-Rating’s estimates that with no grandiose system updates or partnerships on the horizon, Bitcoin Gold could easily fall out of the top 50 over the course of 2020.    

Buy Bitcoin Gold at StealthEX

Bitcoin Gold (BTG) is available for exchange on StealthEX with a low fee. Follow these easy steps:

✔ Choose the pair and the amount for your exchange. For example BTC to BTG.

✔ Press the “Start exchange” button.

✔ Provide the recipient address to which the coins will be transferred.

✔ Move your cryptocurrency for the exchange.

✔ Receive your coins.

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April 24, 2020

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