Ethereum Classic Price Prediction: Will ETC Coin Reach $100?

Ethereum Classic Price Prediction

Ethereum Classic (ETC) is an open-source, decentralized, blockchain-based distributed cryptocurrency platform that runs smart contracts. ETC crypto was created in 2016 following an Ethereum hack. For a while, the cryptocurrency was not so popular, however, in 2021 it was heavily pumped and hit its all-time high. How will it develop in the future? Discover the long-term Ethereum Classic price prediction in StealthEX’s latest article.

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Ethereum Classic Price Prediction

Ethereum Classic (ETC) Overview

ETC was originally developed by Vitalik Buterin and his colleagues as software to allow developers to create new cryptocurrency tokens and decentralized applications. Ethereum Classic is a decentralized blockchain network that facilitates the hosting of decentralized applications and value transactions through the use of smart contracts housed within a distributed ledger. Just like Bitcoin, Ethereum Classic uses a Proof-of-Work (PoW) consensus mechanism to validate transactions.

Current Price$27.02
Market Cap$3,964,051,462
Volume (24h)$171,789,207
Market Rank#26
Circulating Supply146,745,675 ETC
Total Supply210,700,000 ETC
1 Month High / Low$35.86 / $22.97
All-Time High$176.16 May 06, 2021

The Ethereum Classic mainnet was originally released via Frontier on July 30, 2015 by the Ethereum Foundation, a Swiss non-profit founded by Vitalik Buterin and the core Ethereum team. A well-known dApp known as the DAO was compromised in June 2016, resulting in the theft of $50 million from users. By taking advantage of a flaw in the system, the attacker was able to withdraw more DAO tokens than the user had really deposited, wiping out more than one-third of the DAO’s main reserves. This sparked a contentious debate as to how the developers should respond and if the chain should fork. 

After a poll, 85% of the miners on the network switched to the hard fork. As a result, the Ethereum blockchain split into two separate networks. The newer network inherited the name Ethereum and the native token ETH. The older one, renamed Ethereum Classic, has a different symbol, ETC. ETH and ETC were initially based on the same code, but Ethereum Classic has since differentiated its technology.

Ethereum Classic Features

Ethereum Classic (ETC) offers a number of features within the crypto space. These are:

  1. Smart contracts. These allow for automated and self-executing agreements.
  2. Decentralized applications.  It offers an environment for building Decentralised Applications (dApps), which operate on a peer-to-peer network instead of a single computer. This decentralization ensures that dApps are resistant to censorship and have no central point of failure.
  3. Immutability. One of Ethereum Classic’s defining features is its unwavering commitment to Blockchain immutability. This stance became evident during the DAO event when ETC participants opted not to reverse the hack’s effects, adhering to the principle that transactions, once confirmed, should be permanent.  
  4. Replay protection. Following the split from Ethereum, it implemented replay protection measures to ensure that transactions on one chain couldn’t be ‘replayed’ or duplicated on the other chain, preserving the independence and security of both networks.  
  5. Security enhancements. To address potential security concerns, given its smaller network size compared to Ethereum, it has continually implemented upgrades. These have fortified the network against double-spending, attacks and other vulnerabilities.   

Ethereum Classic (ETC) Price History Highlights 

  • 2016: Ethereum Classic traded at $0.98 when it was created and launched to the market in June 2016. 
  • 2017: ETC price increased by over 130% in March 2017 and reached a new high at $3.15, followed by a series of further gains totaling 125%. November brought 145% of gains with a new high price for Ethereum Classic at the value of $32, and with record-breaking transaction volumes exceeding 44 million. Ethereum Classic continued this positive momentum, breaking the resistance at $40 and reaching a new high of $42.
  • 2018: In January 2018, the token’s price reached an all-time high (ATH) at the value of $47, then dipped to $28 in the same month. Until December 2018, ETC price traded between lows of $9 and highs of $20, before sinking to $4 at the end of the year.
  • 2019: From February to May 2019, ETC price saw a more stable period of growth and managed to trade at over $8, reaching $9 in June as the new high for the year. By the end of 2019, ETC price had been through numerous changes caused in part by high volatility, trading between $8 and $3.
  • 2020: January 2020 started bullishly with 157% of gains and ETC was able to climb to the price of $12 as its new high for the year until it reached the value of $13 in February. Ethereum Classic traded between $4 and $8 in March, and for the rest of the year, ETC would trade in the price range of $3 to $7 with frequent trend reversals.
  • 2021: From the price of $5 in December 2020 and the start of 2021, ETC price experienced a surge and traded at $9 as its highest price in January. In May 2021, in a new peak of bull run, it reached its all-time high of $176.16.
  • 2022: The year 2022 might have seen the ETC price hovering between the range of $13 to $49. 
  • 2023: Throughout 2023, trading behavior was largely dominated by bearish trends. In April, bulls attempted to test the resistance at $23. However, this attempt lacked the strength to overcome it, so the price faced rejection. Moreover, ETC’s price frequently tested the $23 resistance level between December and the beginning of January. 
  • 2024: At the moment, the price of Ethereum Classic is around $25-35.

Ethereum Classic (ETC) Price Chart    

Ethereum Classic Price Prediction - ETC Coin Price Chart

CoinMarketCap, 26 April 2024

Ethereum Classic Price Prediction

YearMinimum PriceMaximum PriceAverage PricePrice Change

Ethereum Classic Price Prediction 2024

DigitalCoinPrice experts expect that in 2024 ETC’s price might fluctuate considerably. According to their opinion, ETC coin’s price might go as high as $55.48 (+106%), while its minimum price can drop to $24.07 (-10%).

PricePrediction crypto analysts believe that ETC coin will rise in 2024: it’s expected to cost $35.67 (+32%) at its low, while at its maximum Ethereum Classic will rise to $41.37 (+54%).

Telegaon crypto experts think that in 2024 ETC will make good progress in terms of price: its minimum price is expected to be $46.05 (+71%) vs its maximum price of $78.09 (+190%).

ETC Price Prediction 2025

DigitalCoinPrice crypto analysts think that in 2025 ETC might reach $67.27 (+150%) per coin at its highest point. Its lowest price might drop to $57.60 (+114%).

Based on the experts’ forecasts at PricePrediction, in 2025, Ethereum Classic can end up costing as much as $51.31 (+91%) at its lowest point, while at its peak it can reach $62.36 (+132%).

Telegaon analysts believe that in 2025, ETC will reach a minimum price level of $85.85 (+219%), while at its highest point it can rise to $128.98 (+380%).

ETC Price Prediction 2030

DigitalCoinPrice analysts believe that Ethereum Classic has great potential and believe that by 2030, ETC coin will rise to a maximum level of $199.94 (+641%), while its minimum price will drop to $180.82 (+573%).

According to PricePrediction, by 2030 Ethereum Classic will see a lowest price of $338.76 (+1,161%), while at its peak it might reach $403.13 (+1,400%).

According to Telegaon forecasts, in 2030 ETC is going to either drop to $266.15 (+890%) at its low or soar to $315.63 (+1,075%).

Ethereum Classic Price Prediction 2040

When it comes to long-term predictions, CoinMarketCap analysts believe that by 2040 the maximum price of the ETC will be around $530.96 (+1,876%), while its minimum price will drop to $506.33 (+1,785%).

According to PricePrediction, by 2040 ETC is going to reach staggering price levels: Ethereum Classic will see a lowest price of $20,302 (+75,484%), while at its peak it might reach $24,415 (+90,797%).

According to Telegaon forecasts, in 2040 ETC might go as low as $513.32 (+1,811%) or hit $546.89 (+1,936%) at its peak.

Ethereum Classic Price Prediction: Experts’ Opinions

Throughout the years, Ethereum Classic has retained its original blockchain, which was characterized by its commitment to immutability and resistance to external intervention. Experts hold Ethereum Classic in high regard, but, although this digital asset appears to have a bright future, there are still a lot of variables that could affect its price in the years to come. This is not just an outsider’s perspective: Ethereum Classic is about to implement a number of updates. One of the major upgrades planned is the implementation of the Thanos hard fork. The mining algorithm of Ethereum Classic will be strengthened, increasing its resistance to ASIC miners and enhancing network security.

In 2023, a new consensus algorithm named MESS is scheduled to be introduced, which is another significant breakthrough. Modified Exponential Subjective Scoring, or MESS, is a technique intended to increase network scalability and lessen the possibility of blockchain reorganizations. 

In connection with this, we could see progressively more precise and trustworthy forecasts for the price of Ethereum Classic in the future as the market develops and grows. And while some believe that the cryptocurrency may not stand the test of time, a number of experts think that in the distant future, ETC is going to skyrocket. For instance, experts at CoinMarketCap, along with other price prediction websites, believe that by 2050, Ethereum Classic could reach up to $1,115.

ETC USDT Price Technical Analysis    

Ethereum Classic Price Prediction - ETC USDT

Tradingview, April 26, 2024

Now that we’ve seen possible price predictions for Ethereum Classic, let’s find out a bit more about the factors that can influence its price.

Factors Affecting ETC Coin Price

There are many factors that contribute to Ethereum Classic price surge. Developers are working on upgrades to the ETC protocol that will make the network more scalable and able to handle more transactions per second, which could boost adoption. In addition, strong backing from the ETC community and contributions from developers will be necessary for the network’s continued support and evolution. And as ETC is similar technologically to Ethereum, the market performance of ETH may have spillover effects on ETC’s price movements.

When assessing ETC coin as an investment, keep the following considerations in mind:

  • Protocol updates and scalability solutions;
  • Adoption and usage;
  • Market sentiment;
  • Community growth;
  • Potential impact of Ethereum price;
  • Regulatory developments.

Risks and Opportunities

Because Ethereum is considered the more authentic of the two networks, Ethereum Classic’s future appears to be less bright than Ethereum’s, especially given Ethereum Classic’s security concerns. Ethereum Classic may have difficulties until it can modify its code, and software to prevent future hacks. Although both Ethereum and Ethereum Classic enable smart contracts and target the same market, Ethereum has grown in popularity as the more trustworthy of the two networks.

However, Ethereum Classic is one of the leading cryptocurrencies today. This is a testament to its popularity and influence in the crypto market. Furthermore, the increasing demand for decentralized applications will see Ethereum Classic soar in the coming years.

Is Ethereum Classic a Good Investment?

It could be. In a five-year plan perspective, it is anticipated that the cryptocurrency could potentially experience a significant surge. However, it’s vital to do your own research before making any sort of investment.

Will Ethereum Classic Go Up?

It’s possible. Most long-term price prediction scenarios believe that this is going to happen.

Will Ethereum Classic Reach $100?

While past results do not guarantee future gains, ETC has already reached this threshold, so it’s very possible for it to do it again.

Could Ethereum Classic Reach $1000?

Yes. The long-term projection of the Ethereum Classic price appears to be bullish and hence the bulls may keep up the momentum and achieve the $1,000. We can expect this extraordinary high by 2030 or later.

Does Ethereum Classic Have a Future?

The price or flow of Ethereum Classic is unpredictable. But it is growing and might gain momentum sooner or later.

What Will Ethereum Classic Coin Price Be in 2025?

Analysts at Telegaon believe that in 2025 Ethereum Classic will cost $128.98 at its peak.


One distinctive and important aspect of the blockchain and cryptocurrency environment is represented by Ethereum Classic. This blockchain represents adherence to the core blockchain technology tenets of immutability, transparency, and decentralization and goes beyond simple digital money. Ethereum Classic has persevered in the face of difficulties and diverged from its brother, Ethereum, drawing a devoted following that cherishes its core principles. Hopefully, in the future it will continue to develop and achieve new milestones.

Where to Buy Ethereum Classic?

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