Radio Caca & StealthEX AMA Recap – All You Need to Know

Radio Caca RACA & StealthEX AMA Recap

On March 3, 2022, we had StealthEX & Radio Caca AMA Session in our Telegram Community Chat and here is a recap. Just take a little time to read through and learn everything you need about Radio Caca.

RACA & StealthEX AMA Recap

We are pleased to be joined by Tailor: a Super Admin of RACA Turkish Community!

StealthEX: Can you please introduce your project?

Tailor: Sure I would like to start with a video. Please check this demo video, it is very helpful for understand to entire ecosystem and the development process of the RACA and United State of Mars (USM).

Radio Caca is the exclusive manager of Maye Musk Mystery Box (MPB) NFT and governance token for The USM Metaverse. The USM is an MMO 3D Mapping Metaverse with the same style of Decentraland while we have a real 3D Planet that can be zoomed in and zoom out proportionally as a planet. This feature is the first-ever shown on the game market globally.

Radio Caca launched on the BSC in October 2021. It’s the game where RACA plays the role of “AXS” in AXIE Infinity. The Metamon game will be expanded into the United States of Mars (USM) later.

We were announced as BSC MVB III Winner.

StealthEX: Just so we are all up to speed: we will start the AMA off with a round of questions from Twitter with the chat being turned off. Once the questions from Twitter are answered, we will open up the chat for a couple of minutes to let everyone ask their questions.

Questions from Twitter

Q1: Can You tell us more about Maye Musk Mystery Box. Why it’s so valuable?

Tailor: The first series released by Radio Caca is Maye Musk’s NFT. The reason for this name is that we position Maye Musk’s NFT works as the highest-ranking works in the Radio Caca market and the entire NFT market in the future. Like the slogan circulating in the community, Maye Musk, NFT Mother. It is a treasure box to get unlimited NFT works. Holding the Mother Box will get the airdrop of subsequent NFT works and the highest courtesy in the Radio Caca market.

Of course, the highest is still the collection value of Mother Box. Maye Musk issues her own NFT on BSC. This is a significant and representative event for the entire blockchain industry. There will be countless blockchain giant whales who want to hold this collection, and the total amount of mother boxes is only 6000(#1000–1199 for Maye Musk and her team), and now only more than two thousand boxes have been issued, which cannot meet their collection needs.

Here is an article describing all the benefits of MPB.

Q2: Metamon game is very popular now. Could you share some information about the game?

Tailor: Metamon is a popular game on BSC where RACA plays the role of “AXS” in AXIE Infinity. The Metamon game will be expanded into the United States of Mars later (USM).
The official version of Metamon is live now.

Metamon game

To improve the gaming experience and reduce gas fees, we released a new version that users need to exchange RACA for u-RACA (1 RACA =1u-RACA only used in the game) and deposit Metamon, Metamon Eggs, Potions, Diamonds into the game.


There are three main ways to enjoy in the Metamon game

  1. Challenge.
    When you initiate a challenge to an opponent’s Metamon with your own Metamon, it will cost you some u-RACA as the challenge fee.
  2. Train. Players can use rewards to develop their Metamon by leveling up.
  3. Win and earn. Players have a chance to get Metamon Egg Fragments as rewards, which reveal rewards upon opening them.

Metamon are in-game characters.
Metamon are NFT assets with different images, attributes, rarity, and levels. The rarity of Metamon is divided into four categories.

  1. Normal (N) Supply: 2,000,000.
  2. Rare (R) Supply: 20,000.
  3. Super Rare (SR) Supply: 200.
  4. Super Super Rare (SSR) Supply: 20.

Each Metamon has a unique token ID.


Metamon Leveling, Experience and Attribute System
Metamon will gain experience points during the challenge. Metamon can be upgraded after you earn enough experience points. Also there is huge usecase of Potion and Diamond NFT. You can check what the Potion and Diamond NFT used for from this photo.


EXP system allows players to increase Metamon’s EXP by using potions. Each Metamon’s EXP can be increased twice a day by potions and each operation will increase 50~150 EXP.

Metamons with higher rarity will have to consume more potion to increase EXP. This new feature will allow low level Metamons to upgrade to level 60 faster and participate in the Metamon Kingdom War.

Attr system allows players to increase Metamon’s five attributes by using potions. One of the five attributes can be increased once a day by potions and each operation will increase 0~2 Attr.

Among the five attributes, Wisdom and Size are the offensive attributes while Stealth and Courage are the defensive attributes. Luck is the crit probability. The higher Luck is, the luckier the Metamon gets.


There are three arenas for Metamon:

  • Beginner battlefield (Level 1 – Level 20), each challenge consumes 10 u-RACA.
  • Intermediate battlefield (Level 21 – Level 40), each challenge consumes 10 u-RACA.
  • Advanced battlefield (Level 41 – Level 60), each challenge consumes 10 u-RACA.

Battling on different battlefields will get different rewards in later versions. After each battle, you will get some Metamon Egg Fragments as rewards

Metamon Egg fragments can be merged into Metamon Eggs, which are NFTs. Metamon Egg fragments are not NFT assets (cannot be traded). Metamon Eggs can be traded.

We will keep making Metamon more fun with each version. We will also make sure that our Play-to-Earn game has a better economic model (so players can earn more for themselves) than Axie.

Q3: You just mentioned Metamon is a Play-to-Earn game, can you describe the economic system?

Tailor: Yes. You use u-RACA to challenge & battle other Metamon. Each challenge will earn you Metamon egg fragments, and when you collect enough fragments, you can merge them into a Metamon egg.

Metamon Eggs are mystery boxes. When you open a Metamon Egg you may win one of the following NFTs:

Metamon Eggs
  1. 3 million u-USM (token details)
  2. 6 million Donuts (the food for Metamon in the “Metamon Kingdom War” game in USM)
  3. Potions
  4. Yellow Diamonds
  5. Purple Diamonds
  6. Normal Metamon
  7. Rare Metamon
  8. Noble Title (Duke)
  9. Spaceship
  10. Rocket
  11. MPB (100)
  12. 6 Snoop Dogg or Grimes (also known as Claire Elise Boucher) skateboard NFT. You can buy or sell these NFTs on RACA NFT Marketplace.

Our main focus is to ensure that our players & community have an amazing experience playing this beautiful and fun game. Metamon gets 20 energy per day. Each challenge consumes 1 energy. On a daily basis, you can challenge up to 20 times per one Metamon. Metamon energy will reset at 18:00 PM UTC every day.

If you want to play and earn more rewards you can simply use another Metamon. That’s why many users have more than just one Metamon.


Q4: What will happen after Metamon enter the USM 3D Planet Metaverse?

Tailor: As more and more Metaverse content is gradually unveiled, every NFT will fulfill the story it was promised, starting with Metamons.

How Metamons can keep their value or even grow their value inside the the USM 3D Planet Metaverse?

In the Metamon Kingdom War, the winners will acquire lands. The plan is to allocate ~90,000 pieces of land for the hegemons. More details are to be released by the end of March.

Holding Metamons on Mars will receive distinctive noble titles and be granted exclusive treatment, access, and perks.

As rental assets. There are rental markets in the USM, where players can rent Metamons to temporarily acquire noble titles and privileges and lend Metamons to enjoy a hearty income. Currently, the rented Metamons will not be deployed in the Metamon Kingdom battles.

As staking assets. Many in-Metaverse assets such as the building blocks of building and landscaping are to be distributed to Metamon holders as staking rewards. Staking Metamons inside the 3D Planet will not change the ownership status nor affect any use cases inside the 3D Planet.

Metamon Experience Potion

All Metamon Metaverse use cases will require level 60. Currently, players have to grind to get levels. However, the noble titles are limited with a first-come-first-serve basis. If your Metamons enter the USM too late, you will never obtain the title you deserve even though you own enough Metamons.

We want to boost our user experience, and more importantly, we want to make sure all can explore the Metaverse as soon and fair as possible. We mentioned above about the details and how Metamon owners can join the new Metamon Kingdom game and USM Metaverse faster with their Metamon.

Transiting Metamons to Metaverse

There are several important updates for Metamon holders to note.

Lv 60 Metamons will no longer earn egg fragments. We want to be clear that we want to lower down the emission rate of eggs. This is beneficial to egg farmers.

Deploying Metamons into USM is irreversible. Users will not be able to move Metamons back to the Metamon Island game. This is beneficial as the Metamon holders will be able to access a completely new USM economy.

The upcoming Metamon Farming feature will only be available in the USM.

Titles and Noble Ranks

Users who use web3 wallets to authenticate will be connected to the blockchain version of the USM. Web3 users automatically get the Metaverse citizenship and receive the title “Martian”.

To distinguish Metamon-holding Martians, those who hold more than 100 N Metamon with level 60 or equivalent are entitled to different noble ranks and perks. The ranks will not be permanently set and will be adjusted according to the NFT holding of the Martian’s account.

The implication is that noble ranks can be acquired through renting NFTs from the soon-to-be-opened Martian NFT market where Metamon owners may choose to lend their beloved Metamons as rentals for a hearty yield.

Selling Metamons will result in loss of titles. Most Metamons in the USM will not be traded because having the noble titles ensures the best experiences and benefits in many big events. The value of the Metamons manifest in the value of the noble titles.

The current available noble ranks, from high to low:

noble ranks

When the cap is reached, new qualified nobles cannot acquire the rank until one or more members of that rank become disqualified and vacate their rank.

NFT Rarity Conversion Table

The following table dictates the conversion between various NFTs and N Metamons:


Noble Perks

Being Martian nobles comes with perks. First and foremost, there will be bragging rights. Noble titles will be evidently and distinctively displayed for all to see. Additional special display effects are under consideration and development.

Secondly, the noble society will receive preferential treatment when the resources are limited during events and other situations. For example, real-time interaction with the musicians in front of an audience of 150,000 must be an awesome and extremely exciting experience. However, real time support of that magnitude is very challenging (think of it as a MMO RPG such as World of Warcraft). Hence, having noble ranks is a prerequisite to be awarded such an opportunity.

As the Metaverse grows, more and more perks will become available exclusive to the Martian nobles.


Martians holding MPB will be guaranteed 10 pieces of N land. The land deeds are part of the MPB and will be transferred with the MPB as the MPB ownership changes.


There are currently 2 types of vehicles (that are also NFTs) existing on Mars: Tesla Cybertruck and Grimsz Board & Snoop Dogg Board.

Other than being driven and skateboarded, they can be lent out as rentals to events such as a wedding ceremony/reception.

As we progress, more and more cool vehicle types such as bikes, yachts, aircrafts or even spacecrafts will be added. Stay tuned!

Q5: I see that RACA is working with many universities to build USM. Could you tell us more details?

Tailor: Radio Caca and the University of Cambridge Blockchain Society cooperate to build the Metaverse education system, empower education reform, and promote the implementation of educational equity. As a carrier that integrates the virtual world and the real world, Metaverse contains huge opportunities for bringing changes in education, social networking, content, office and other scenarios. At present, with the COVID-19 pandemic spreading all over the world, online education has become the preferred way. ‘Metaverse + Education’ has become a new battle ground of global digital innovation.

Build The ‘Metaverse + Education’ World, Empowering Education Reform, Promoting Education Equity

Since the global outbreak of the COVID-19, the global education industry has suffered a heavy blow, and the themes of the industry keep constantly changing. About 1.6 billion students from 192 countries, namely 91% of the world’s student population, have suffered interruption in their academic progress. Online teaching has become the focal point in the current education field.

In 2021, the concept of the Metaverse continued to be popular, and Internet tech companies such as Facebook, Microsoft, Tencent have accelerated Metaverse infrastructure development.

Now that Radio Caca and Cambridge University Blockchain Society have announced jointly building a ‘Metaverse + Education’ system to kick off the iterative upgrades of Internet education could have profound implications to the industry in terms of empowering education reform, promoting equity, and implementing the education-for-everyone initiatives.

Cambridge Blockchain Society

With Radio Caca’s continuous development and deployment of technologies such as Metaverse, DeFi (short for Decentralized Finance), NFT, DAO, public Layer 1 and Layer 2 blockchains, and cross-chain communication and bridging infrastructures, the RACA Metaverse (USM) Education World will soon launch a series of programs:

  1. Smart Remote Curriculum
    Physical and geographical locations, which are prone to external interruptions such as a global pandemic, are no longer determining factors. Teachers and students all over the globe have never been more connected.
    The fact that the curriculum tools are no longer limited by the classroom equipment is a paradigm change that will spawn new learning behavior. For example, physical classrooms rely on standard presentation equipment such as blackboards, projectors, or limited sized screens, but in the Metaverse, a new set of tools such as virtual 3D environments can be set up to provide immersive teaching experiences. One shall expect an increasing variety of novel teaching practices optimized for different subjects to emerge.
  2. Education For All, Educational EquityThe root cause of educational inequity is due to the finite nature of educational resources. Improving educational equity is the biggest objective of launching the RACA Metaverse (USM) education world. Thanks to USM, students in locations where educational resources are limited can easily access world class education as long as the Internet connection is available. Museums, opera houses etc will be built in the USM, and an abundant number of famous courses will be available in the USM. Blending of culture, education, and technology will be within reach for everyone.Being digital turns scarcity into abundance, which is the key to provide inclusion to everyone regardless of his/her socioeconomic standing. On the other hand, cryptographic technologies such as NFT enable independent verifiability of digital scarcity. In the USM, educational resources will be mapped into NFTs on blockchains to realize the fair sharing of educational resources. Equal access to high-quality education and learning content means an equal opportunity for the future. This is Radio Caca’s plan to bring education to everyone.
  3. Fair & Transparent Education
    The USM will make use of the open and immutable characters of Blockchain by creating course NFTs to avoid copyright infringement and dispute as well as bring transparency to the courses’ sales process. The blockchain technology will play a role in the USM education world, namely, homework, exams, behaviors and grades will be recorded on the chain, forming a more comprehensive, open, and fair mechanism for credit record incentives and dynamically optimized guidance of students’ learning behaviors.
    In the USM Metaverse, educational resources are modular. Teachers can efficiently compose new educational scenes using and recombining existing modules and hence truly master their own educational resources.
    The educational resource NFT of USM Metaverse will be issued by Radio Caca. Radio Caca has a native token (Ticker: RACA). RACA is also the governance token of USM. As a result, the three form an empowering triumvirate of the ecosystem.
    A large number of users are gathered in the educational scene jointly built by Radio Caca and Cambridge University. In the Radio Caca ecosystem, NFT + Metaverse + Education is perfectly integrated. In the future, Radio Caca will continue to bring more surprises to the education industry.
    In sum, Radio Caca will build a huge Metaverse, the USM, where many innovations such as blockchain, NFT, DAO, DeFi, VR, converge, from which education is one of many things that will benefit greatly. USM will establish a Metaverse ecosystem in line with the current development of NFT+DeFi to promote a robust, open, fair, and transparent future of education whose benefits can be enjoyed by everyone.

Q6: How will you encourage crypto community that METAMON game will be the best among the rest?!

Tailor: The game industry is huge in the world. According to Messari’s 2022 report, the gaming industry has more value than the film and music industry combined. P2E is the future of gaming industry. We have a huge advantage because we are the first to take our place.

P2E games generally have some basic rules. A prize pool is essential to the game economy. According to the size of this pool, the game is sustainable. The main feature of the Metamon Island game is that it will become a whole with the USM Metaverse. If you want to take part in USM, you need Metamon Island game. Other projects don’t have this. They have the pool, we have the sea. You have to take care of the pool, not the sea.

Q7: With the big name of Radio Caca, is Radio Caca only focused on NFT and P2E games project? Any plan to launch your own NFT market place or even Crypto Exchange?

Tailor: Radio Caca already has its own NFT Marketplace. ( The trading volume is Radio Caca’s NFT Marketplace surpassed $2 Billion from August 2021 to January 2022. It is a huge volume. And only Radio Caca NFTs are sold in this market.

We started to build bridges with different chains like ETH, OKX… Our main goal is to expand these chains and include every user in our project. For this reason, we are soon building another NFT Market where each project’s NFT can be listed. (But no own Crypto Exchange) This NFT Market will be different from Radio Caca NFT Market. Also this NFT Market will be the best. We are building most smartest ecosystem.

Q8: Is metamon island will be in long term? I just started knowing raca but there is already new update (metamon kingdom). Is it too late to started now? Since i am a newbie, can you tell me what should i do? I already read radiocaca’s medium, join tg & follow your twitter. Thanks 🙂

Tailor: Our project is a lifetime project. Metamon Island game will always be on the agenda and will continue to feed the USM Metaverse. We are very new compared to competing Metaverse projects. Radio Caca launched on May 16, 2021. It’s not even a year old yet. Our roadmap was announced as 15 years in the first place. We have so much to do. You are never late.

We want everyone to get involved in USM Metaverse and Metamon Kingdom as quickly as possible. Level 60 metamon is required for this too. For this reason, we have included new experience potions in the game. Every player will be able to benefit from the system we have announced as soon as possible. My advice to you is to try to understand our wide ecosystem in the best way, follow the announcements. Upgrade Metamon, look at the lands to be actively involved in the system.

Q9: What is the most ambitious goals of the project in the future? What is your most important next priority according to the project roadmap? Is the team equipped with sufficient funds and community to meet that goal?

Tailor: Our goal is change the World. No doubt. Future is coming, our DEV team is not living at the moment, they are living at the future for sure. The excitement of the community has always been our motivation. It will continue to be. We work to be remembered with the world’s leading companies (For example, Amazon, Apple, Microsoft,Tesla, SpaceX…). All of these companies have produced developments that directly touch our lives. They created a vision. We also produce vision. We want to change the future and we are serious about it.

Q10: Radio Cacá has signed many partnerships with universities. How do you imagine the metaverse (USM) will impact education in the future? Do you believe, as I do, that the metaverse will revolutionize active methodologies in education in the future?

Tailor: I just said how focused we are on the future. University means the next generation, it means the future. We want the next generation to be with us, we have already cooperated with many university clubs in every continent of the world. We invited them to USM Metaverse. We want to benefit from their vision. We value their ideas and projects. We act interactively to offer them the environment they need.

The concept of metaverse is broader and more inclusive than we think. We share our technology and labor with the young generation, in this way we will build the future together. A completely new era. Everyone on the team is happy to be a part of it.

The negative effects of nature on humans are undeniable. The Covid-19 outbreak is the most palpable example of this. It is possible to minimize the effects of all these negativities with technology. Never before have the universal principles of education been so close to being applied. With the blockchain-based system to be established in USM Metaverse, we will eliminate the negative effects of external factors. We will work to provide the most productive environment for university students. Efficiency will emerge as a result of this equation.

Radio Caca RACA & StealthEX AMA Recap

Live Questions

Q1: Team of Raca sold any of Raca token until now?

Tailor: No. The team has not sold RACA to this time. They won’t sell. All expenses for the next 3-5 years have been covered by land sales made with BNB, and $33 million is in the team’s safe. All of these will be used for future marketing expenses and project expenses.

Q2: The Metamon game was the first big hit. Are you likely to reach a large audience in the new upcoming mk game?

Tailor: New users are very important to us. The team has very different plans for the coming days. We will be a project that is heard and known more than ever in the world.

Q3: Why USM when there are many metaverse projects?

Tailor: Although we are a very new project, we have done what older projects could not do for years. We revealed more. There is a great team working nonstop in the background. The core staff, excluding community managers, is more than 200.

Let’s put words aside. Please enter and experience the Metaverse universe of each project. Join the latest USM Metaverse. Experience for yourself why it is RACA.

Q4: Does your platform have AUDIT certificate to make users feel more trusted, secure and reliable?

Tailor: Sure, first of all, RACA token contract got audited by CertiK. The second, our tech team is the best from the crypto. They are experienced and use standard development and testing processes.

Q5: Many universities are participating in Raca.  Will these universities establish a campus and give their education to the metaverse?

Tailor: Of course! This is the our main goal. All students will be in Meta Campus… Students from all over the world will be together. What is as important as the lessons in university life is to meet and share with people from all over the world. We will provide this environment for them. Every university student will both study and have a sharing environment with other university students. 

We will also have an educational curriculum for students. We want to train them all for the future in certain areas.

Thank you for this huge interest!

I’m sure that should answer most of the questions you had about $RACA, we are very grateful for you taking the time out of the day to be here! 

Where and How to Buy Radio Caca Token RACA?

Вon’t forget you can also exchange RACA coin with 400+ assets on StealthEX platform 😎

Just follow these easy steps:

  1. Choose the pair and the amount for your exchange. For example, BTC to RACA.
  2. Press the “Start exchange” button.
  3. Provide the recipient address to which the coins will be transferred.
  4. Move your cryptocurrency for the exchange.
  5. Receive your crypto coins!

If you have remaining questions about the StealthEX exchange service you can go to our FAQ section and find all the necessary information there.

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