What is StealthEX?

StealthEX is a custody-free crypto exchange. We provide the opportunity to convert over 400 cryptocurrency assets limitlessly, without having to register, and with no extra or hidden fees.

How do we work?

StealthEX is working with multiple major cryptocurrency exchanges. Once you send the order in, our algorithms find the best deal on the market and make a swap for you.

Why should I trust StealthEX?

You can rest assured that StealthEX is always on your side as there are no points of failure. Our exchanges are free from sign-ups, private, and, most importantly, instant. Instant exchanges do not require storing funds on the platform – all the swaps are conducted wallet-to-wallet.


Why can the estimated and received amounts differ?

It takes some time for the exchange to process. As cryptocurrencies are very volatile, the rate might change as your swap is being done. Therefore, the sum you receive may slightly vary from the one you expect initially.

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Can I cancel my transaction?

All blockchain transactions are irreversible. This means that once you have sent something out, you cannot change or cancel the transaction. It’s very important to check the deposit amount prior to continuing the swap – otherwise, we might not be able to perform the exchange.

Can it happen that I don’t receive the coins?

Cases like this are extremely rare. It might happen though, that you have entered incorrect data for your transaction or sent the wrong deposit sum. If you have noticed something like this, please contact our support team at [email protected] – we will make sure to untangle the case!


What fees do I need to pay?

For every exchange, you have to pay the network transaction fee – this payment is needed to push the transaction into the blockchain. Besides, there might be trading fees on the liquidity provider’s side. 

The fees vary depending on the currencies you have chosen and the amount to swap. StealthEX makes sure to calculate and include all the possible fees into the transaction estimate our users see.

What is the minimum exchange amount?

We do not have a maximum exchange limit – you can swap just as much as you want. However, there needs to be a minimum amount to make sure your transaction gets included into the blockchain and the swap is made. You can see the minimum amount while entering the number of coins you would like to exchange on the main page.

How long does the exchange take?

Generally, cryptocurrency exchanges are performed in a span of 5 to 30 minutes. This estimate depends on the network you use, on the blockchain conditions, availability for trade and so on.

What is the transaction hash?

Each transaction existing on a blockchain gets its unique ID number – a transaction hash. You can use the hash to check the transaction in a block explorer, find out more about its status, or check the wallet addresses.

What is an Extra ID?

Extra ID is a special identifier for a transaction. It is needed to check the transaction in the registry, find it in case of sending to exchange wallets, or confirm the fact of crypto-made payment.

How to buy crypto with credit card?

To buy cryptocurrency click on “Buy Crypto” tab on the main page. Then select the fiat currency and choose crypto that you want to buy. Enter and check your wallet address.

You will need to confirm your identity and enter the data requested by our partner - Mercuryo if you’re buying cryptocurrency for the first time. Once all the information is verified, you will be able to purchase crypto without passing this procedure again.

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What is a cryptocurrency wallet address?

A wallet address is an alphanumeric code. This public identifier is used to transact on the blockchain. The formats of the addresses differ depending on the currency.

How do I get a wallet?

There are many great crypto wallets on the market – to get an address, you should choose the service that suits you best. You can check the website of the currency you would like to hold to see the wallets supporting it.

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