Why should I trust StealthEX?

Our service is intended especially for anonymous exchanges, it is free from sign up. Your personal data and funds are not disclosed on StealthEX. We conduct instant exchanges which means that our customers do not store deposits on StealthEX. That’s why you take no risks. Our activity is transparent, so you can always check it out at such services as Trustpilot, Bestemoneys, Okchanger, Alternativeto and left a review on your own.

Moreover, we offer 24/7 support, and our friendly team is always ready to help you.

What about sign up?

StealthEX is an anonymous exchanger, where registration is not required. Also, your personal data and funds are not disclosed on StealthEX. About the benefits of anonymous exchanges, you can read at the article .

What is StealthEX?

StealthEX is an anonymous and limitless instant cryptocurrency exchange where you can make fast and safest coin swaps. We don’t request your personal data and don’t store any information. Our service provides complete security of your transactions and takes care of your privacy.

We consider time to be the most valuable resource. That’s why we designed a clear & friendly UI and developed a speed system of exchanges.

How does StealthEX work?

The StealthEX system is integrated into different cryptocurrency trading platforms, such well-known services as Binance, Bittrex, Bitfinex, Huobi, Kucoin, Okex, etc. Also, we have other exchange partners, which allows us to offer you the most profitable exchange rates. We implement the exchange process as simple and fast as possible.

What about the limits?

StealthEX hasn’t upper limits. You can exchange the amount whatever you need to.


Why does the amount I received differ from the amount claimed?

It takes some time for the exchange to be completed. The exchange may slightly grow or fall during the transaction process due to the volatility of the coin market. Therefore, the amount you received may be insignificantly different from the amount that was estimated.

How to cancel a transaction?

Unfortunately, any transaction in the blockchain cannot be canceled. The transaction becomes irreversible and there is no way to roll it back after sending it. It is always necessary to check the information prior to the exchange. Be extremely careful!

What if I didn’t receive my coins?

The most frequent issue is incorrect swap data. We strongly advise you to check the information and ascertain that it’s correct before an exchange. If your transaction has not passed, you can always contact us via [email protected] or Online Chat here at the website, and we will help to solve your problem. The support is available 24/7.


What are the network fees?

The network fee is the fixed amount that the blockchain takes to provide a transaction. While the transaction is being created, you already see the estimates with all the fees included.

What is the minimum amount for the exchange?

StealthEX is a limitless exchange service. But there is the minimum amount anyway. It should cover the internal costs of the service and Network fees charged by the blockchain itself, etc. While you are entering the number of coins on the StealthEX, the minimum amount estimates. We always work on reducing the internal costs that allows us to cut back the minimum amount of exchange.

How long does the exchange take?

As a rule, the exchange takes from 5 tо 30 minutes. The exact time depends on different facts such as particular coin, amount of exchange, partner exchange service, etc.

What is a transaction hash?

Each transaction registered in the blockchain has its own unique identification number. The ID is assigned after you enter the address of your wallet. This ID number is called a transaction hash. The hash lets you see the transaction details in the blockchain.

What is the exchange fee?

StealthEX takes a small commission of 0.4% per exchange. You get a quick way of swapping cryptocurrency and the most profitable exchange rate.


What is the extra ID?

The Extra ID is a cryptographically protected transaction identifier in the blockchain distribution registry, which is assigned for each cryptocurrency operation after its formation. It is needed for the transaction record to be easily found and tracked by the sender or recipient, and to confirm the fact of payment.

What is the wallet address?

The wallet address is an identifier that contains alphanumeric characters. Using this address, you can make transactions with coins. Each wallet address is made for a specific cryptocurrency and contains information about the remaining balance.

How do I get the wallet address?

Each cryptocurrency has its own official wallet or a recommended wallet list. To find the information about the wallet, you should visit the official website of the coin that you are going to exchange and follow the instructions.

What is the recipient address?

The recipient address is the wallet address where the coins would be sent. It must match the coin address. Be careful, the wallet for each cryptocurrency is unique. Always check the recipient address that you enter.