StealthEX API: Maximizing Revenue for Fiat Providers

StealthEX API: Maximizing Revenue for Fiat Providers

Launched in 2018, StealthEX stands out with its no-KYC, no-limits policy, and an interface that’s both simple and user-friendly. Now, the platform offers a remarkable Partner API Solution designed specifically for fiat providers. This solution is a game-changer for fiat providers, as it supports over 1400 assets for instant cross-chain swaps. What’s more, StealthEX has already a successful track record of over 150 partners through API integration. But let us get into more details!

StealthEX API: Maximizing Revenue for Fiat Providers

StealthEX API Solution – How It Works?

The StealthEX API is a cutting-edge solution that revolutionizes the way fiat partners operate in the crypto exchange market. It’s designed to significantly expand the asset pool for fiat purchases, making the process of buying cryptocurrencies with fiat currency straightforward and efficient.

At the heart of this system is the ability to perform swaps on the backend while maintaining a seamless user experience. This means that users interact with a simple and intuitive frontend, while the complex processes happen behind the scenes. To understand this better, let’s take a closer look at a typical case example:

Imagine a user wants to purchase Dogecoin (or any other from 1400+ assets supported by StealthEX) using a credit card. The process unfolds in the following steps:

  • The user is presented with the USD to DOGE exchange rate on the frontend.
  • After the user accepts the rate, they proceed with the transaction.
  • In the backend, the purchase is initially facilitated through a USDT (Tether) buy, or the asset that is supported by the system.
  • Finally, StealthEX API completes the transaction by swapping USDT for DOGE, transferring the Dogecoin to the user.

This process exemplifies how StealthEX API bridges the gap between fiat and crypto transactions. It does so by first converting the fiat currency to a stablecoin (like USDT), which is then seamlessly swapped for the desired cryptocurrency. This method not only simplifies the transaction process for the user but also ensures that the exchange is swift and secure.

Moreover, the API’s backend operations are designed to be transparent and efficient, ensuring that the user always gets the best possible rate without any hidden fees. The integration of this system into fiat providers’ services means they can offer a wider range of cryptocurrencies to their customers, enhancing their market presence and customer satisfaction. StealthEX’s API solution thus stands as a beacon of innovation, making crypto transactions more accessible and user-friendly for everyone involved.

StealthEX API

Benefits for Fiat Providers

Fiat providers looking to streamline their entry into the cryptocurrency market will find StealthEX’s API an invaluable tool. This innovative solution offers a host of benefits, centered around efficiency, customization, security, and easy integration.

First and foremost, the StealthEX API makes fiat to crypto transactions not just easy, but also financially advantageous. Providers can choose between standard or flexible fee structures, tailoring the service to their business model and customer needs. The standard commission option is set at a competitive 0.4%, based on a shared profit model. Alternatively, providers can opt for a customizable percentage via API markup. This flexibility in commission structures allows providers to balance their profit margins with attractive rates for their customers.

Customization is a key feature of the StealthEX API. Providers are not boxed into rigid fee structures or limited transaction options. Instead, they can tailor the service to fit their specific requirements and those of their customers. 

Security and reliability are paramount in the world of digital finance, and StealthEX’s API excels in both. It can assure their customers of safe and secure transactions, backed by a system that’s constantly updated and tested. 

Lastly, the ease of integration into existing platforms is a significant advantage. StealthEX has designed its API to be straightforward to implement, minimizing disruptions and technical challenges. Providers can seamlessly add this service to their offerings, enhancing their market presence and customer satisfaction without the need for extensive development work or resources. 

Practical Application and Use Cases of StealthEX API

The StealthEX API offers a broad spectrum of practical applications and use cases. Below are examples and scenarios where this API can be particularly beneficial:

  • E-Commerce Platforms – Online retailers looking to accept cryptocurrencies can integrate the StealthEX API to offer customers the option to pay with their preferred digital currency. This integration not only expands the customer base but also provides a competitive edge in the market.
  • Financial Services – Banks or financial institutions aiming to incorporate fiat-crypto on/off ramps into their existing services can utilise the StealthEX API.
  • Crypto Wallets, Exchanges, and Aggregators – Wallets, aggregators, and smaller exchanges that want to expand their asset offerings without the complexity of managing multiple crypto assets can leverage the StealthEX API. It simplifies the process of asset exchange and management, providing users with more options and flexibility.
  • Mobile Payment Applications – Apps that facilitate mobile payments can integrate the StealthEX API to allow users to easily convert their fiat to crypto within the app. This feature can attract a diverse user base, particularly those interested in using crypto for everyday transactions.
  • Gaming Platforms – In the gaming industry, where digital currencies are becoming increasingly popular, platforms can use the StealthEX API to enable players to buy in-game assets or credits using cryptocurrencies.
  • Fintech Startups – Startups in the fintech sector can incorporate the StealthEX API to offer innovative services such as crypto investment portfolios, savings accounts in crypto, or crypto-based remittance services.

These use cases illustrate the adaptability of the StealthEX API across various industries. By enabling easy and efficient fiat-to-crypto transactions, the API not only broadens the scope of services that businesses can offer but also enhances the overall user experience in dealing with cryptocurrencies.

Why Choosing StealthEX API Is a Smart Move

Opting for the StealthEX API offers a multitude of benefits. Here’s why it stands out:

  • Profitable Exchange Options – Every transaction through the StealthEX API is designed to be profitable. Providers can choose between standard and flexible fees, ensuring a beneficial arrangement for both the provider and their customers.
  • Dedicated Support and Communication – StealthEX doesn’t leave you in the dark. They offer ongoing support and open lines of communication through email, Telegram, and Slack. This means providers can discuss product details, marketing strategies, and support issues anytime.
  • Customization and Flexibility – The ability to list coins on demand adds a layer of customization, catering to specific market needs. Additionally, the range of assets and features is continuously growing, giving providers an ever-expanding toolkit.
  • Strong Liquidity Network – StealthEX API is backed by major DEXes and CEXes, ensuring robust liquidity for a wide range of transactions.
  • Consistent Updates and Testing – The API is not static; it’s constantly being updated and tested. This focus on continuous improvement means providers can trust in a reliable and up-to-date service.
  • Ease of Integration – The integration process is straightforward, designed to mesh seamlessly with existing platforms. This minimizes disruption and technical complexities. In the event of any integration issues, StealthEX’s team of developers is ready to assist, ensuring a smooth setup and continuous operation.
  • Active Marketing Support – StealthEX actively promotes its partners through various channels, including social media, blogs, and media outlets, which amplifies visibility and reach.
  • Easy Profit Withdrawals – The process for withdrawing profits is straightforward and accessible through a personal cabinet.


To wrap it up, the StealthEX API is a game-changer for anyone in the fiat game looking to get into crypto. It’s easy to use, secure, and gives you a bunch of options to keep your customers happy. Plus, it fits right into whatever you’re already doing. If you’re thinking about giving your business an edge and stepping up your game, StealthEX API is definitely worth checking out.

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This article is not supposed to provide financial advice. Digital assets are risky. Be sure to do your own research and consult your financial advisor before investing.

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