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What Is Ariva Crypto Coin ARV?

Ariva is a cryptocurrency project aimed at the tourism industry. Thanks to its tools, organizing domestic and international tours gets easier. One of the primary ways to pay for services is to use a native ARV crypto coin.

ARV coin price today is $0.00002377.

Ariva.World Platform

Ariva.World is a platform for traveling created on the Binance Smart Chain. It helps users access the leading tourism service providers, book tickets and hotel rooms with crypto, and get extra income for reservations and sharing valuable content.

With Ariva.World, users access:

  1. Facilities and services that can be booked with crypto.
  2. Articles posted on the travel review blog.
  3. A business dashboard that helps service providers manage their offers.
  4. Online store with tourism goods that can be purchased with crypto.
  5. Exchange services that allow users to transfer different assets to Ariva.

Ariva Finance Payments

Besides Ariva.World, this project provides access to Ariva Finance. It's an advanced generation of payment getaways created with the help of blockchain technologies. Thanks to the provided benefits, it makes transactions fast and transparent, and there's no need to pay hidden fees.

Ariva Wonderland Metaverse

Since everything is now moving to the Metaverse, Ariva is working on its digital world called Ariva Wonderland. It's a game where users can earn extra while playing. However, it's not the only advantage of this metaverse, as it has other pros:

  1. The world comprises many areas, and each of them has 7 galaxies and craters.
  2. Thanks to NFTs, players can personalize their game by changing their avatars and everything else inside the universe.
  3. VR experience lets users completely immerse themselves in this game, making it a part of their daily life by finding new friends and enjoying unexpected benefits.

Another major advantage of this project is a native Ariva token.

ARV Coin Features

Ariva (ARV) token is created as the medium of exchange among Ariva digital users. With this coin, decentralized transactions become more secure and convenient, and participants stay protected, as third parties cannot access their transfers.

Ariva crypto holders enjoy the following benefits:

  1. No reason to transfer money via SWIFT, which requires much effort.
  2. No need to overpay because there are no credit card fees or exchange difference costs in local currencies.
  3. There are no transaction limit restrictions caused by location, bank requirements, and other circumstances.
  4. If Ariva coin price increases, the sum in the wallet gets higher immediately, which helps decrease traveling costs.
  5. No need to share bank account details with unknown companies.

Ariva Crypto Future Prospects 

According to Ariva crypto news, this project is supported by leading companies in the niche, like MEXC Global, World Tourism Forum Institute, and Global Tourism Forum. However, its ambitious plans should make this project even more attractive.

As the roadmap promises, Ariva will partner with hotel groups and travel agents. It's also going to add new tokens to Ariva.World and launch Ariva.Finance payment getaway for B2C. 2022 should end up switching to its own Minnet Network and introducing the Ariva Voting.

ARV Coin Price Prediction

Since Ariva is strengthening, its price is increasing. According to WalletInvestor, this Ariva digital will cost $0.0008023 at the end of 2022. Even though PricePrediction experts are less positive, they believe the ARV token will reach almost $0.00039 by the same time.

As for a long-term ARV coin price prediction, a Gov.Capital team expects the ARV coin price to reach $0.0007 in January 2025. DigitalCoinPrice even predicts it will cost approximately $0.0009 by that time.

Is Ariva Coin a Good Investment?

Overall, Ariva provides breakthrough tourism solutions, and metaverse developments make it more attractive. If project owners achieve their goals, ARV will become the primary replacement for traditional money during trips.

Where to Buy Ariva Coin?

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