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Buy Meme Coin Catgirl: Fun Anime-Based Crypto Project

The crypto world is teeming with various projects dedicated to all sorts of things. In the vast crypto space, you can find memes, notions, tech, DeFi, GameFi, and even… Anime. One of the crypto projects based on anime girls is Catgirl. Catgirl is a platform that aims to offer non-fungible tokens (NFTs) combining anime characters through its Nekoverse ecosystem. The crypto project is all about entertainment and utilizes blockchain technology in conjunction with the popularity of the anime world. Catgirl seeks to provide this comprehensive entertainment platform consisting of digitally engineered collectible Catgirls or CATGIRL tokens. Through these collectibles, users own Catgirls and prove their ownership on the blockchain.

According to the platform’s white paper, the anime community has a vast online presence with a substantial quantity of entertaining and interesting content, which remained untapped in the NFT market. The Catgirl project seeks to combine NFT and anime by onboarding professional NFT artists to create unique digital pieces and create brand awareness through various sponsorships by participating in anime-related events. 

Since NFTs are one of a kind and cannot be duplicated, Catgirl aims to provide a collectible avatar or virtual artwork that users may own, trade, or exchange as digital treasures. 

Catgirl Nekoverse Ecosystem

Through its Nekoverse ecosystem, Catgirl aims to offer collectible Catgirl NFTs, mystery boxes, and various other offerings. The customizable Catgirl NFTs aim to allow users to customize the Catgirls by giving them a variety of outfits, accessories, and randomly generated attributes. Further, as a way to obtain Catgirl NFTs, the Mystery Box seeks to provide newly designed Catgirls with varied rarity for users to add and collect through the marketplace. The Mystery Boxes are launched through various ‘seasons’ in the ecosystem. 

For each new season, a new group of newly created Catgirl NFTs with various forms, colors, sizes, personalities, and biographies are launched. Once a season ends, these Catgirls will no longer be available to obtain, and a new set of Season Catgirls will be released. This way, users can anticipate new Catgirls with varied designs and outfits each season. The Nya Score, which ranges from 1-100, is applied to all Season Catgirls and evaluates their efficiency in a variety of activities in the ecosystem.

Catgirls vary by their rarity: 

  1. Common
  2. Rare
  3. Epic
  4. Legendary
  5. Paw-some

Furthermore, Catgirl aims to launch other offerings such as a Play-to-Earn game, Catgirl merchandise, and NFT farming on the platform. Users can use Nekofuse to get a higher rarity Catgirl, which will give them access to the farm. By playing games in the Catgirl ecosystem, users will be able to engage with other players and participate in exciting activities, while utilizing their Catgirl Collectibles and NFTs.

The official token, represented by CATGIRL crypto, is a community-powered cryptocurrency. According to the platform’s tokenomics, 1% of transaction fees contribute to auto liquidity, reflection rewards, and marketing budget. A 2% transaction fee is contributed to the farming pool. CATGIRL reports a maximum total supply of 100,000,000,000,000,000 tokens.

History of CATGIRL Token

Catgirl coin was formally launched on May 31, 2021, by a team of developers, graphic designers, and creative writers, followed by the website and dApp on October 21, 2021. The lead developer has over ten years of experience in software and blockchain development, and the web designer of Catgirl has experience in designing GUIs for indie games. The project has three anonymous founders.

Catgirl Crypto Features

Using Catgirl Swap, a PancakeSwap-powered DEX, the platform lets users swap stablecoins such as BNB to CATGIRL. Additionally, the liquidity pool token pair, CATGIRL-WBNB, can be staked to earn rewards through staking in PAW. PAW is a non-transferable token meant to reward holders for their contribution to the Catgirl project. Furthermore, users can utilize the PAW token for NFT farming. After you farm a Season Catgirl for the first time, they will go to sleep. The user will have to wake up the Catgirl using PAW in order to farm again. According to the project, NFT farming increases the value of the NFT collectibles. Therefore, by staking the NFTs, users earn CATGIRL tokens. 

The project can better be described by three main features: C – Curiosity (the team is constantly learning to make their project only better), A – Act (the team is in the process, working, going towards the intended goal), T – Trust (Catgirl is trying to ensure maximum trust between the team and the community).

Catgirl Project: Objectives

The project aims to:

  1. Introduce NFTs to a broader audience. 
  2. Engage users with its theme and interface.
  3. Make sure anime culture becomes more popular.

This cryptocurrency undoubtedly has the properties of a meme coin but it is more of an NFT. The developers have their priority set on creating a full-fledged platform for gaming and are not inclined towards mass marketing. The assertion of Catgirl’s developers is that anime when integrated into the world of cryptocurrencies would throw up many opportunities in the NFT market and translate into a new phase.

Is CATGIRL Coin a Good Investment?

Catgirl may prove to be a beneficial investment in the long term as it seeks to operate in the NFT space. The whitepaper seems to be credible and the audit stamps a seal of validity on it. However, the crypto space is highly volatile, and NFTs may enter our everyday lives or become a thing of the past. At the moment, CATGIRL token costs around $0.000000000387. Telegaon estimates that by 2050 it may reach $0.25, while by 2030, its price level will fluctuate around $0.0000072 at its best.

Where to Buy Catgirl Crypto?

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How to Buy Meme Coin CATGIRL?

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