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FLUX Coin Review: Key Features Of Flux Crypto

Flux is a decentralized Web 3.0 network where all sites aren't hosted in a single location but are distributed over a network based on blockchain technology. This project offers users a unique operating system FluxOS and a native token called Flux (FLUX) coin.

FLUX coin price today is $0.685521.

Key Features Of Flux Crypto

The project was launched in 2019, and the coin itself is a fork of Zcash. The development was originally called ZelCash, and it attracted users because of its ASIC protection.

A key feature of Flux is the distributed nature of the network. It's a cross-chain project that can provide access to other networks, like Ethereum, Solana, and Kadena. Due to this advantage, the developers suggest using a multi-asset Zelcore wallet.

Flux is based on the improved Zhash algorithm with PoW and PoS support and no validators. Flux allows you to get your node online and mine coins on graphics cards that have at least 3GB of memory.

FluxOS Benefits 

Another advantage of this project is its own OS, providing access to helpful tools for app developers, web designers, and blockchain creators. They can use FluxOS in many cases, including:

  1. Running dApps.
  2. Hosting blockchain nodes and apps.
  3. Hosting games and web servers for providing content to regular users.

Although FluxOS is built on Flux, it can be operated on any blockchain, which makes it more useful.

Today, dozens of apps are running on FluxOS. This list includes not only dApps, like Element, Nitter, and SyncPaint, but also games, such as Posio, Minetest, and Devlife.

Why Do Users Invest In FLUX Coin?

FLUX tokens are on-demand among investors for many reasons. First, with this cryptocurrency, there is no mining with ASIC. Only video cards from AMD or Nvidia are suitable for this. This ensures that the complexity of mining won't grow disproportionately.

The overall token supply is only 440 million coins. This reduces the risks of inflation, making FLUX more profitable in the long run. Developers have only 7% of the total amount of coins. It proves that investors can trust this project.

The sharing of nodes and miners is ensured. In other words, all the benefits of blockchain technology are used. Nodes and miners split the profit in half.

Flux is a cross-chain platform, which means it can work with other networks. For example, now it's implemented to work with other cryptocurrencies. Coins can be transferred from one network to another, and miners will receive a commensurate reward in FLUX tokens.

Where To Hold FLUX Tokens?

Flux token developers launched a wallet called Zelcore. Besides providing access to a native token, it offers holders dozens of cryptocurrencies and accepts 30 fiat currencies.

The wallet is encrypted so that third parties will never access private data. Zelcore is available as a mobile app on Google Play, the App Store, and AppGallery. Its desktop version operates well on Windows, macOS, and Linux.

Flux Crypto Future Prospects

Flux founders have ambitious plans. According to the roadmap, they are going to release NFTs on Flux, launch a Dibi Fetch Oracle v3.0, and complete the FluxOS fork phase 2 already in the first quarter of 2022.

Then, their plans are even more colossal. Arranging a huge Flux Meetup, releasing the first test version of the Proof of Useful Work, and deploying uPOW Algo are just a few of them.

FLUX Coin Price Prediction

With such massive plans, a Flux coin has a wonderful future, and crypto experts also believe in this token. According to DigitalCoinPrice, a Flux token price will get over $3.38 in 2025. A PricePrediction team even believes FLUX will reach this point already in 2023.


After all, Flux offers users unique opportunities, and it's not only about a token with a limited supply but also about a native OS and a user-friendly app. Being transparent and disclosing members its plans, this project gets more trusted.

Where To Buy FLUX Coin?

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