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Presearch (PRE) Price Statistics

  • price

    Price (USD)

    $ 0.0173
  • supply

    Circulating Supply

    PRE 550.00M
  • volume

    Volume (24h)

    $ 171.441K
  • marketcap

    Market Cap

    $ 9.5057M
  • dry

    Low/High 24h

    $ 0.0166 - $ 0.0174
  • change

    Change (24h)

    $ 0.000312

Presearch Coin: A Crypto Search Engine

The world of crypto has launched a number of successful projects in different fields, including finance, gaming, and the Internet. It has created payment platforms, wallets, and fitness apps. Presearch is one of those fascinating crypto startups that offers a blockchain technology-powered search engine. Its developers have worked hard to make sure it delivers better search results and guarantees you privacy. In its essence, it’s a pro-privacy blockchain that's using cryptocurrency tokens called PRE as an incentive to decentralize search. Let’s take a look at what Presearch can offer its users.

Presearch Features

The blockchain project has developed a number of features that let it stand out from the vast majority of crypto platforms:

  1. Community project. Community members can actively participate in the project using Presearch community chat groups, contributing open source packages to our source code repository, or simply as users or promoters helping build usage and awareness.
  2. Decentralized platform. Presearch is preparing to release its first decentralized technology – a new search engine experience that runs on node servers operated by Presearch community members.
  3. Better search results. The new Presearch engine offers results that are as good as the world’s top search engines. It also provides an additional layer of data through community packages which makes those results even better. Anyone can search Presearch for ‘Bitcoin’ to see what the crypto package looks like.
  4. Privacy. Presearch also protects your privacy because it does not track you or store your searches, and queries are handled by a decentralized network of node servers processing anonymized queries.
  5. Rewards. Presearch community members will earn Presearch reward tokens when they search, when they operate a Presearch node, and when they refer others to join Presearch. There will be other opportunities to earn rewards as the project evolves further.
  6. Advertising opportunities. In addition to offering users a great search experience, Presearch will be valuable for marketers who would like to reach Presearch users. Advertisers can stake their PRE to a keyword, and whichever advertiser stakes the most tokens will have its ads displayed when a user searches on the term selected.

Presearch Company History

Presearch was founded over 4 years ago and its development initially stemmed from the fact that Google has basically overpowered all of its competitors. In 2011 the CEO of Presearch, Colin Pape, owned a business called ShopCity that was suffering profit loss because of Google’s actions. ShopCity even went on to complain to the U.S. Federal Trade Commission (FTC), arguing Google was unfairly favoring its own local search products. 

The idea of developing an independent decentralized search engine came to life much later – Presearch was first launched in closed beta in November 2017. In the initial stage, 15,000 members joined in, and around 9 million searches were initiated. The company has built a sustainable business model aiming for decentralized search. The final phase is decentralizing governance by establishing DAO.

Presearch Project Concept

Presearch is based on the idea that Internet users should find exactly what they need. The project encourages people to discover a democratized multiplicity of search results, not just the things big tech wants them to see. Presearch claims not to be storing or otherwise tracking users’ searches, so it should be a big advantage for everybody who is keen on their privacy.

As well as offering Google search, the engine also includes DuckDuckGo and Qwant. Social platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn are also there to cater to people-focused queries. As is stuff like Wikipedia for community-edited authority. In all the beta offers access to around 80 search services – quite a number of projects on the list.

Currently, one PRE token buys an advertiser four ad impressions on the platform – which is one lever Presearch will be able to pull on to influence the value of the token as the ecosystem develops.

At the moment Presearch has over 4 million registered users and more than 100 million monthly searches. Now the leader in decentralized search, Presearch has built a growing network of 73,000 nodes run by community operators to power its search engine. In July, it shifted all search traffic to run on its decentralized network of community-run nodes. This makes Presearch the first and largest decentralized search engine purpose-built for the Web3 era.

PRE Coin

First and foremost are the reward tokens it gives to users. The project’s crypto is called Presearch (PRE). Here are the most common use cases for PRE tokens:

  1. To reward searchers for running their searches through Presearch.
  2. To reward promoters for referring new users to Presearch.
  3. To reward node operators for contributing computing resources to power the platform, and to help secure nodes.
  4. To enable advertisers to have their ads displayed under certain keywords that the advertisers ‘stake’ their tokens against.

Reward verification system ensures safety by detecting fraudulent activity and blocking them. PRE tokens are provided to those who do value searches with Presearch. Marketing opportunities, privacy safety, and ease of use of the decentralized search engine make the system accomplish the aim of user-friendliness.

The marketplace is used to purchase PRE cryptocurrency. Bitcoin, Ethereum, or USD through wire transfer can be used to purchase PRE Token. PRE coins are standard blockchain tokens that are built on an open-source, transparent and decentralized platform called ‘Ethereum’ that handles the security and hosting of PRE. PRE is used as the unit of account and store of value within the Presearch ecosystem, and is the way that value is transferred between stakeholders as they utilize Presearch. The total supply of PRE is allocated for keyword ads, nodes, supply, and circulation. 

Presearch Nodes and Community Packages

Presearch Node software can be installed by anyone on their computer or excess server capacity to help power the original Presearch decentralized search engine. By running node software, operators help crawl the web for the information needed to answer user search queries. In exchange for providing computing resources, operators who stake PRE tokens can earn PRE rewards to offset the cost of hosting and provide incentive for more nodes to join the network and provide high-quality, reliable service. Nodes run in a software environment called Docker that is supported by all major operating systems and server platforms. 

In addition to Presearch nodes, the project offers Presearch Community Packages. These enable those with basic web development skills such as HTML, CSS and JavaScript to create open source packages that are displayed above the search results, similar to other centralized search engines’ knowledge panels. These packages can provide rich information to searchers without requiring them to leave the Presearch site. They get triggered by certain queries that make sense to display information on-site, generally fact-based information.

Presearch Coin Price Prediction

As the crypto project keeps developing, the price of PRE token stabilizes. The current price of Presearch PRE is trading around $0.08115 and it ranks #481 on CoinMarketCap. The highest price at which PRE traded till today is $1.40, and the token reached an all-time high in January 2018.

When it comes to PRE coin price predictions, the experts’ opinions differ. For instance, TechNewsLeader analysts think that the token will cost $3.86 in 10 years, but before that, its price will be hovering below $1 for at least 6 years.

PricePrediction experts give the project less credit, believing that the average price of PRE will stay below $1 until 2028. After that, it will experience a significant raise and in 2031, it will fluctuate around $3.07 on average.

Is PRE token a good long-term investment opportunity? It might be. However, investing in Presearch may prove beneficial in the short-term, and it is related to those cryptocurrency enthusiasts who have a Presearch PRE investment in their portfolio. 

Where to Buy Presearch Coin?

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