StealthEX Hits Milestone: 1400 Cryptos Are Now Available for Exchange!

StealthEX Hits Milestone: 1400 Cryptos Are Now Available for Exchange!

StealthEX is excited to announce that its vast cryptocurrency collection has expanded to include 1400 different crypto assets, all freely available for exchange on the platform. As of now users can seamlessly exchange and buy both the most popular and the most rare types of cryptocurrency using StealthEX crypto swap service.

StealthEX Hits Milestone: 1400 Cryptos Are Now Available for Exchange!

StealthEX Expands to 1400 Crypto Assets for Seamless Exchanges

StealthEX, a premier non-custodial instant cryptocurrency exchange, has made its mission to lower the entry barrier and make crypto available to everyone. It is with that goal in mind that the service keeps developing its asset collection. As the platform keeps expanding its offer, new crypto assets become available to its customers, creating an infinite number of exchange pairs, thus making crypto more accessible and easier to buy.

By introducing an increased number of options, StealthEX provides its users with the opportunity to be more flexible in their choice of cryptocurrencies. The absence of a preferred cryptocurrency at the exchange often stops users from buying it, and using cross-chain bridging can’t always provide crypto enthusiasts with absolute freedom of choice. While there are many various methods to purchase cryptocurrencies today, StealthEX service offers a convenient and straightforward solution for individuals who prefer to be able to exchange one asset for another without the need to turn to a number of providers.

“During the past few months we have been tirelessly working to deliver the largest crypto collection to our users, so that they could have the ultimate freedom of choice and be able to enjoy all the benefits of our platform. We aggregate all the crypto liquidity from multiple desynchronized sources, both CEXes and DEXes, in one place to provide the ultimate user cross-chain experience. Our crypto collection has hit 1400 different assets, and we hope it will be appreciated by our customers.”

Maria Carola, CEO of StealthEX

Throughout the years StealthEX has been a platform of choice for many crypto enthusiasts due to its flexibility, safety, and reliability. StealthEX offers crypto to crypto swaps, and customers can also use fiat currency to purchase cryptocurrency. There is a number of fiat currencies accessible, and no KYC for amounts less than 700 Euro. Customer service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, while user privacy and security are the key values as the swaps require no registration or verification and the platform does not store users’ funds. There is also an additional layer of protection between you and the exchange. As none of the customer’s details are provided, the platform has no idea who they are. StealthEX automatically finds the cheapest price for the exchange and begins the transaction.

Final Words

With more than 1400 assets, fast and reliable service, coupled with an outstanding customer support team, using StealthEX for crypto exchanges is a no-brainer. Thanks to its non-custodial nature, it is one of the most straightforward and practical methods for swapping cryptocurrencies.

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Don’t forget to do your own research before buying any crypto. The views and opinions expressed in this article are solely those of the author.

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