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Akita Inu Coin: A Meme Coin with Enormous Potential?

Meme coins continue to gain popularity and even those Internet users that don’t get excited about cryptocurrencies must have seen or heard of the famous Dogecoin, Kishu Inu, and many others. When meme coins were introduced into the market, hardly anyone took them seriously. They were cryptocurrencies that didn’t serve any real purpose or offer real-world utility. As a result, many traders and buyers have failed to take them seriously. However, recent meme tokens have taken a new direction. In fact, they now offer real holding opportunities too.

The rise of another token labeled ‘the Dogecoin Killer’ led to the introduction of Shiba Inu, a cryptocurrency that has allowed investors to launch many other Inu-themed crypto tokens. Akita Inu token is yet another cryptocurrency that started as a meme. Let’s try to find out whether this project has any real value behind it.

The Akita Inu token was launched on Feb 1, 2021 anonymously by its developers. Initially, the liquidity was locked in Uniswap and the contract keys were burned. It is also widely claimed that half of the token supply was sent to Vitalik Buterin, the founder of Ethereum.

The native and digital token of the Akita Inu cryptocurrency is AKITA, an ERC-20 token. The crypto project is based on Ethereum and was inspired by the success of Dogecoin. The fast adoption of the new token was made possible with multiple days of trading volume of over $200,000,000 and resulting in trending status on CoinMarketCap and CEX. Since its release, it’s also available on multiple crypto exchanges, such as MXC, HotBot, and Poloniex. In May 2021, it hit an all-time high reaching $0.00002886.

Akita Inu Features

The Akita Inu token has been taken over by the community and is being led by several core team members and moderators. Acting as DOGE's and Shiba Inu's smaller brother, this cryptocurrency now has a strong community of 60,000+ holders, along with a dedicated team known as Polarfox Labs. 

Since its inception, Akita Inu (AKITA) has been used for several interactions on the AKITA network. The AKITA token’s main aim is to be used during user interactions on a decentralized and anonymous social media platform. Here’s what it the community has to offer its members:

  1. Cross-chain interoperability.
  2. AKITA Network, a community as well as a social experiment with tokenomics.
  3. AKITA Network DAO, a decentralized autonomous organization for the AKITA community which will establish a community treasury governed by the DAO.

The project has also bridged to the Avalanche chain that uses a revolutionary consensus model that completes transactions with near-immediate finality. It offers low gas fees, extremely fast transactions and a dedicated community.

Akita Inu News

Meme coins remain super popular. Just over a month ago, the traded volume for #MEME tokens hit $600 million within only 24 hours.

At the end of June 2022, AKITA witnessed an increase of more than 10%, while the overall market capitalization continued to plummet, which means that the token is enjoying a lot of attention from investors.

Shiba Inu vs Akita Inu

So when comparing Akita Inu and Shiba Inu, Dogecoin, or any other popular meme coins, there is one factor that is very comparable, a factor that is truly the make-it or break-it element here, and it’s the community behind the token. 

AKITA token is an interesting project that realizes the power of community as well. Its logo is a dog, an Akita Inu, which is a Japanese bear hunting dog, and it’s a fitting name for a cryptocurrency that is attempting to fight the future bear markets with the power of its community.

The Akita Inu project has created and the amount of engagement within the community itself, there is no reason why the momentum can’t continue and even be a strong bull during a bearish market due to the long-term affordability. The cryptocurrency has built a better momentum compared to other meme coins. Judging by its solid acceptance, it has also shown signs of yielding some returns in the future.

Where to Buy Akita Inu Crypto?

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