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CEEK VR: Reinventing Digital Spaces with Virtual Reality

One of the fields blockchain projects are seeking to explore is media. One of such platforms is CEEK VR. It is a virtual reality headsets and 4D headphones manufacturer that went online and released its own cryptocurrency. The company aims to open new opportunities for artists, musicians, athletes, content creators and audiences alike. Let’s find out more about the company and its native cryptocurrency CEEK VR coin.

What Is CEEK VR?

CEEK VR is a multi-award winning producer and distributor of hardware and software for the Omni-channel distribution of virtual reality (VR) experiences to a number of world-class partners. Using the CEEK Virtual Reality platform and our unique headgear, CEEK provides several channels of VR content (both original and professionally licensed). CEEK VR has alliances with global industry titans like Universal Music, Apple, T-Mobile, Ceffu, etc. CEEK VR, Inc.'s partnership agreement with Universal Music Group grants rights to live performances with top tier artists including Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, U2, Sting, Neyo and many other artists and performers.

In the United States alone, 60 million concert tickets are sold each year, which represents a very promising niche for the company and a great deal of events for its community. CEEK has gained more attraction since its integration with the BNB Smart Chain ecosystem and the addition of cross-chain support in late 2021.

CEEK is addressing this by expanding its global event reach for sold-out performances and allowing artists to sell an infinite number of virtual tickets and digital items. CEEK is the top tier virtual reality killer app for blockchain and is now teaming with prominent celebrities and some of the world's largest tech businesses to deliver one of the most exciting chances in the market to the entertainment industry and the so-called ‘Ceekers’ worldwide. 

Additionally, CEEK’s streaming platform already enables music artists and other creators to connect with fans in virtual worlds through virtual events, NFTs and other unique experiences. CEEK enables content creators to monetize their work by reaching audiences all over the world via CEEK's patent-winning virtual events streaming technology. CEEK opens up new revenue streams for musicians and creators by providing a brand-new opportunity for them to directly reach and monetize their following. The CEEK VR platform provides exclusive fan engagement experiences like concerts, sporting events, and seminars via the CEEK City metaverse, which incorporates a theater, arena, and sports stadium. 

Moreover, CEEK hosted a booth in the gift lounge at the 2022 Grammy and this may have provided a new level of exposure for the project since a number of influencers and music fans would have visited the pop up.

CEEK VR: System Features

CEEK tokens enable real-time artist payments that are validated on the blockchain, ensuring that music artists and content creators may be monetized quickly, efficiently, and seamlessly. Realtime and batch payment of artists via $CEEK is more efficient and cost effective with the BSC integration. System checks the number of views/streams the artist has accrued on its platform and pays the artist accordingly via smart contracts.

CEEK uses sharding within a validated network. State split into shards, each CEEK account is in one shard, user can only transact within the validated CEEK platform as all in shard, in CEEK VR Network transactions using ’crypto economic incentives’ that drive actors in a system to act responsibly to ensure that nodes are passing on valid information to other nodes.

CEEK VR uses Tendermint technology as a secure protocol network. Tendermint is a partially synchronous BFT consensus protocol derived from the DLS consensus algorithm. The protocol requires a fixed known set of validators, where each validator is identified by their public key. Validators attempt to come to consensus on one block at a time, where a block is a list of transactions. Voting for consensus on a block proceeds in rounds. Each round has a round-leader, or proposer, who proposes a block. The validators then vote, in stages, on whether to accept the proposed block or move on to the next round. The proposer for a round is chosen deterministically from the ordered list of validators, in proportion to their voting power.

Ceekers can update the global state through transactions made on the CEEK blockchain or through off-chain VR channels.Time-stamping through the CEEK blockchain ensures that all participants in each VRreach consensus on the shared VR state in a decentralized and provably fair way.

Virtual Merchandise Minting

CEEK enables artists to use a unique tool called the Celebrity Coin Mint, which creates unique, customized minted coins in the form of event tickets, granting artists access to new, untapped, and limitless revenue streams.

The CEEK Virtual Mint smart contract is a token conversion protocol that will allow celebrities to easily create custom venue tokens or coins that will allow them to create their own 'in game' currencies and that can be used for other purposes, such as those with special token signatures or those creating voting apps that use tokens. The CEEK Mint also allows you to create and use virtual goods and other virtual items like:

  1. Concert tickets that have adaptive, transformative properties.
  2. Virtual Skins created by both users and celebrities.
  3. In-game items (swords, gems, etc).
  4. Frequent visitor coupons offering venue perks.
  5. Virtual wallets, such as OKXWallet.
  6. CEEK pet accessories, and much more.

CEEK Coin: The Key to VR Experiences

CEEK will be offering virtual land in CEEK City so that Ceekers can build, own, monetize and express themselves in a variety of ways. CEEK land parcels are NFTs that help verify ownership of the lots in the virtual world.

Lot data is contained in the NFT block, which connects each NFT to a particular lot. CEEK non-fungible tokens (NFT) are ERC-721 standard with advanced Marketplace allowing for using NFT in context of the CEEK Marketplace with payment using CEEK token as well.

The CEEK coin is the primary unit of account and medium of exchange throughout the CEEK platform. Users can exchange their CEEK tokens for concert tickets and VIP experiences. In addition, its holders gain the right to participate in governance by voting on proposals that will shape the future direction of the platform. Additionally, CEEK token holders can vote for their favorite acts in various competitions.

How to Buy CEEK VR Coin?

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