MANA Coin Price Prediction: Can Decentraland Reach $100?

Decentraland MANA Coin Price Prediction 2030

One of the most popular cryptocurrency use cases is building metaverses. There’s a number of crypto projects that try to develop their own 3D-reality, and one of the most famous among them is Decentraland. Decentraland is a digital game that mimics reality in a three-dimensional format. Users can buy virtual plots of land in the platform as NFTs via the MANA cryptocurrency that is currently one of the Top-100 assets on CoinMarketCap. Read more about MANA coin price prediction 2030 in the new StealthEX article.

In essence, Decentraland is a user-owned, Ethereum-based virtual reality world platform, a combination of virtual reality, augmented reality, and the Internet. It allows users to be part of a shared digital experience in which they play games, exchange collectibles, buy and sell digital real estate or wearables for avatars, socialize, and interact with each other.

Current MANA crypto priceMANA price prediction 2023MANA coin price prediction 2025

MANA Coin Price Prediction

TechNewsLeader Decentraland Price Prediction

TechNewsLeader experts promise MANA crypto a steady rise in price. According to their estimations, MANA will be traded around $1.35 (+246%) a coin already in the year 2025, and that’s just its minimum price this year. At its highest MANA coin is estimated to reach $1.56 (+300%). However, in 2031, its minimum price will amount to $12.85 (+3,194%). Additionally, TechNewsLeader claims that in 2031, MANA coin will cost $15.62 (+3,905%) at its peak. MANA Coin Price Prediction

PricePrediction analytics give approximately the same forecast. They believe that MANA’s earning potential is +61% in one year and +584% in five years. According to their estimates, the average MANA price at the end of 2030 will be around $7.74 (+1,884%). At the end of 2031, the maximum MANA crypto price may reach $12.84 (+3,192%).

DigitalCoinPrice MANA Crypto Price Prediction

DigitalCoinPrice are way more skeptical in their Decentraland price predictions 2025. The website’s experts believe that in 2025, the maximum MANA crypto price can only reach $1.75 per coin (+348%), while in 2030, it may reach a higher price level with a maximum of $5.61 (+1,338%). According to their predictions, the maximum price for MANA crypto in 2031 may reach $7.57 (+1,841%).

When it comes to long-term predictions, most crypto analytics look at the cryptocurrency price positively. However, it’s exceptionally difficult to provide forecasts for crypto even for a short time frame, let alone for 10-20 years. Nonetheless, some experts, for instance, Telegaon, believe that in 2040, the crypto market may expect a maximum price of $108.31 (+27,671%) per MANA coin. The website experts also believe that in 2050, the maximum price per MANA coin can be around $265.12 (+67,879%), which seems to be a very promising forecast.

MANA Coin Price Chart

MANA Coin Price Chart
Current Price$$0.379
Market Cap$704,297,930
Volume (24h)$37,004,681
Market Rank#55
Circulating Supply1,855,084,192 MANA
Total Supply2,193,539,027 MANA
7 Day High / Low$0.3678/$0.4048
All-Time High$5.90 Nov 25, 2021

Source: CoinMarketCap, 15 December 2022

MANA Coin Price Technical Analysis

MANA Coin Price Prediction

Source: Tradingview, Data was taken on December 15, 2022.

Keep reading StealthEX’s article to learn more about Decentraland project itself and MANA coin. 

What Is Decentraland Platform?

Decentraland is considered to be a metaverse. We have already posted an article about the concept of metaverses, but, in short, Decentraland is described as a virtual reality (VR) platform powered by MANA. MANA is an ERC-20 type token that is used as the native currency of the system. Decentraland was founded in 2017 by Esteban Ordano and Ariel Meilich. Decentraland’s users are incentivized to operate a virtual reality that the entire community shares. Decentraland got a major boost in popularity after Facebook changed its corporate name to Meta. Facebook’s decision led to a major surge in the concept of what is popularly referred to as the metaverse.

The Decentraland software offers a unique experience to users who can communicate with other users and make the best of features such as in-world payments, playing games, and enjoying virtual content. With its decentralized governance structure in which the power lies in the hands of users and MANA holders, Decentraland is the first virtual platform of its kind where users are in complete control over the ecosystem. 

Decentraland community members can use MANA to buy LAND, which is a virtual parcel of the VR platform that Decentraland represents. LAND is a non-fungible ERC-721 token. The ownership of LAND represents the ownership of a piece of the virtual world. LAND is bought by burning MANA, a fungible ERC20 token of fixed supply. This token serves as a proxy for the cost of claiming a new parcel. The LAND contract uses a burn function to destroy MANA and create a new entry in the LAND registry. New parcels need to be adjacent to a non-empty parcel.

What Is MANA Crypto?

As mentioned, MANA is Decentraland’s native currency, and it’s used to purchase land on the Decentraland platform. When you purchase land in Decentraland, you are purchasing a smart contract that gives you sole ownership of that particular piece of land. The land is then stored on the Ethereum blockchain, and you can do with it whatever you please. You can develop it, sell it, or trade it with other users. This creates a metaverse-like experience because players can now own virtual land in a completely decentralized manner.

In addition to virtual land, MANA can be used to purchase other virtual goods and services within Decentraland. These include in-game items, avatar customizations, and access to premium content. You can also use MANA to make in-app purchases, such as buying a virtual cup of coffee or purchasing a ticket to a virtual concert.

Decentraland MANA Coin Price Prediction 2030

Decentraland’s History

Decentraland began as a proof of concept for allocating ownership of digital real estate to users on a blockchain. This digital real estate was initially implemented as a pixel on an infinite 2D grid, where each pixel contained metadata identifying the owner and describing the pixel’s color. The experiment was entitled Decentraland’s Stone Age. In late 2016, the team started developing the Bronze Age, a 3D virtual world divided into land parcels. The owner of each parcel was able to associate it with a hash reference to a file, using a modified Bitcoin blockchain. Any enthusiast can run a node, download and verify the blockchain, and explore the world by following more advanced instructions.

The next version of Decentraland, the Iron Age, will create a social experience with an economy driven by the existing layers of land ownership and content distribution. In the Iron Age, developers will be able to create applications on top of Decentraland, distribute them to other users, and monetize them. The Iron Age will implement peer-to-peer communications, a scripting system to enable interactive content, and a system of fast cryptocurrency payments for in-world transactions.

A communication layer is essential for social experiences, providing positioning, postures, voice chat, and more; Decentraland achieves this with a P2P network. The scripting system is the tool that landowners will use to describe the behavior and interactions of 3D objects, sound, and applications running on land parcels. Finally, a payment system with low fees is key to developing an economy in the quick environment of a virtual world.

Technology Architecture

Decentraland’s protocol has three layers: 

  1. Consensus layer: tracks land ownership and land content through an Ethereum smart contract. 
  2. Land content layer: uses a decentralized distribution system to render the content in the virtual world. 
  3. Real-time layer: provides peer-to-peer connections for users to interact with one another.

The team is building the virtual reality platform using A-Frame. To build in the world, you can first create a model in SketchUp and/or Blender, and then import it onto the platform.

Is Decentraland a Good Investment?

As the gaming industry keeps developing, MANA and its native token may find a way into the future of entertainment. In this case, MANA coin price will rise, and more and more players and investors will flock to Decentraland. Having attracted a number of celebrities, brands, and events, Decentraland (MANA) may prove to be a profitable investment if metaverses become popular, however, investing in it, as in any digital asset, carries its own risks.

Where to Buy MANA Crypto?

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