ApeCoin Price Prediction: Is APE Coin a Good Investment?

ApeCoin Price Prediction

ApeCoin (APE) coin is the official token of the Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) created by Yuga Labs. With a thriving community, the BAYC has been one of the top non-fungible token (NFT) collections since the ApeCoin DAO was established in April 2021. Since then, APE has experienced ups and downs. How will its price change in the future? Discover the updated ApeCoin price prediction in StealthEX’s latest article.

Current APE Coin PriceApeCoin Price Prediction 2025ApeCoin Price Prediction 2030
ApeCoin Price Prediction

ApeCoin (APE) Overview

What Is ApeCoin? Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC), which launched in April 2021, is home to 10,000 distinct Apes that live on the Ethereum blockchain. These one-of-a-kind digital treasures all have distinct looks, styles, and levels of rarity. The collection features cartoon apes’ profile images that were created using an algorithm.

APE token facilitates participation in decentralized governance and transactions in the ecosystem, including the Bored Ape Yacht Club. Collectively, APE token owners make governance decisions by voting on matters such as funding distribution, rule formulation, collaborations, project selection, and more. The community’s governance choices are carried out by the ApeCoin Foundation.

ApeCoin is a payment-ready cryptocurrency with a design that is identical to any other Web3 coin. Since ApeCoin is a widely used ERC-20 token, most retailers consider it to be acceptable. Additionally, the coin is already being used as NFT rewards; holders who have the BAYC can cash in their free APE right away.

Current Price$1.33
Market Cap$804,089,886
Volume (24h)$43,063,507
Market Rank#102
Circulating Supply604,895,833 APE
Total Supply1,000,000,000 APE
1 Month High / Low$2.14 / $1.02
All-Time High$39.40 Mar 17, 2022

Yuga Labs, founded in 2021 and headquartered in Miami, Florida, is a prominent name in NFTs and digital collectibles. Acclaimed as a creator of the Bored Ape Yacht Club, Yuga Labs serves as a community member in the ApeCoin DAO. They have adopted ApeCoin as their primary token in the projects they undertake.

ApeCoin Features

ApeCoin offers a number of features within the crypto space. These are:

  1. Governance. ApeCoin functions as both the governance token for the ApeCoin DAO and a utility token within the broader Bored Ape ecosystem. 
  2. Smart contracts. These allow for automated and self-executing agreements. 
  3. Decentralized nature. APE’s decentralized nature makes it resistant to censorship and fraud.
  4. Unification of spend. ApeCoin is the ecosystem’s utility token, giving all its participants a shared and open currency that can be used without centralized intermediaries.
  5. Incentivization. ApeCoin is a tool for third-party developers to participate in the ecosystem by incorporating APE into services, games, and other projects.
  6. Various use cases. APE can be used for different purposes, including online purchases, remittances, and decentralized finance applications, showcasing its versatility and potential impact across different industries and platforms.

ApeCoin Price History Highlights 

  • 2022: ApeCoin was launched in March 2022. When APE went public on March 17, 2022, it opened for trading at $7.26. In May, it reached its all-time high of $39.40.
  • 2023: During 2023, the coin’s price fluctuated, dropping from approximately $6.5 to $1.5 by the end of the year.
  • 2024: At the moment, ApeCoin token costs $1.3.

ApeCoin Price Chart   

ApeCoin Price Prediction - price chart

CoinMarketCap, April 24, 2024

ApeCoin Price Prediction up to $500

YearMinimum PriceMaximum PriceAverage PricePrice Change

APE Coin Price Prediction 2024

DigitalCoinPrice experts expect that in 2024 ApeCoin’s price might rise. According to their calculations, ApeCoin’s price might go as low as $1.19 (-11%), while at its peak it can reach $2.92 (+115%).

PricePrediction crypto analysts believe that ApeCoin is not going to do that good: its minimum price level is expected to be $1.69 (+27%), while at its maximum ApeCoin might rise to $1.97 (+48%).

Telegaon crypto experts are of the opinion that in 2024 ApeCoin can rise in price a bit higher than at the end of 2023: even at its lowest point it will cost as much as $1.84 (+38%), while at its peak it can reach $3.25 (+144%).

ApeCoin Price Prediction 2025

Based on the experts’ forecasts at DigitalCoinPrice, in 2025, ApeCoin is going to continue rising in price: it can go as high as $3.46 (+160%), while at its lowest it can drop to $2.87 (+115%). 

PricePrediction experts think that in 2025 ApeCoin might get closer to the $3 mark: it can reach $2.93 (+120%) per coin at its highest point. Its lowest price might drop to $2.44 (+83%).

Telegaon crypto experts expect that the minimum price for ApeCoin this year is going to drop down to $3.27 (+145%), while at its highest point it can rise to $7.13 (+436%).

ApeCoin Price Prediction 2030

DigitalCoinPrice analysts think that by 2030 ApeCoin will rise in price: it’s expected to go as high as $9.98 (+650%), while its minimum price will drop to $9.01 (+577%).

According to PricePrediction, by 2030, ApeCoin is going to make great progress: it can drop to $16.4 (+1,133%) at its lowest point or go as high as $19.72 (+1,382%) at its highest point.

According to Telegaon forecasts, in 2030 ApeCoin is going to skyrocket: at its lowest point it can cost $22.85 (+1,618%) while at its peak it can jump to $30.76 (+2,212%).

ApeCoin Price Prediction: Experts’ Opinions

Investors are divided on ApeCoin; some are fervently supportive, while others think the bubble will explode in a few short weeks. Many analysts believe that investing in ApeCoin will result in significant rewards in the long run. It’s important to keep in mind that these estimates could change in reaction to a variety of factors, such as changes in the market, changes in the law, and advancements in technology.

In general, experts anticipate that ApeCoin is going to become a serious player on the crypto market. For instance, CoinMarketCap believes that, if everything goes smoothly, in 2030 the predicted maximum price of ApeCoin could be up to $27.8 with a minimum price of $23.68.

ApeCoin USDT Price Technical Analysis      

ApeCoin Price Prediction - APE USDT

Tradingview, April 24, 2024

Now that we’ve seen possible price predictions for ApeCoin, let’s find out a bit more about the factors that can influence its price.

Factors Affecting Ape Coin Coin Price

Like another cryptocurrency, Apecoin is influenced by market sentiment. Positive information, partnerships, or endorsements can drive up its price, whereas adverse occasions can have the other impact. For instance, in 2023 ApeCoin made a hefty $1 million donation to the development of Ethereum (ETH).

Moreover, ApeCoin’s value may be influenced by the overall market developments. If the complete cryptocurrency market experiences a bull run, ApeCoin is likely to benefit from it as properly. Moreover, investor speculation and trading volume play a significant position in Apecoin’s price actions. Higher trading volumes and increased investor curiosity can lead to value surges, while low volumes can lead to stagnant or downward tendencies.

When assessing ApeCoin as an investment, keep the following considerations in mind:

  • Development and adoption;
  • Market sentiment;
  • Market trends;
  • Long-term vision;
  • Partnerships;
  • Competition;
  • Investor speculation.

Risks and Opportunities

ApeCoin is a significant player in the decentralized finance space. It’s an ERC-20 token, meaning it’s built on the Ethereum blockchain, and it serves a variety of functions within its ecosystem. The APE token can also be used for staking, which can be a great way to boost crypto enthusiasts’ initial investment.

Purchasing ApeCoin has a number of benefits and drawbacks. On the one hand, its decentralized structure and privacy features might encourage users to adopt it, which could boost its value. Investors should carefully assess the risks associated with the digital currency market’s inherent volatility and the creators’ anonymity.

To put things in perspective, Bored Ape’s NFTs were purchased by superstars like Justin Bieber and Eminem. Importantly, ApeCoin describes the APE Foundation as the ‘steward’ of the token. However, it’s still unclear whether NFTs are going to be massively popular in the future or not.

What Is the APE Coin Price Forecast for 2024?

According to Telegaon, in 2024 APE can reach $3.25.

What Will Ape Coin Be Worth in 2025?

If we are to believe experts at Telegaon, in 2025 APE coin can rise to $7.13.

How Much Is ApeCoin Worth in 2030?

PricePrediction experts think that by 2030, Ape Coin is going to go as high as $19.72.

Does ApeCoin Have a Future?

Given its relationship to the NFT space, this could be difficult. Nonetheless, the coin’s design implies that it might be useful in the future. The future of ApeCoin is completely up in the air since token holders govern the ApeCoin DAO.

Can ApeCoin Reach $100 Dollars?

It’s possible that ApeCoin could reach $100, but many factors would need to be considered, and some time should also pass.

Will ApeCoin Hit $1000?

At the moment this is not feasible, however, with time, it might reach a significant price level.

Is APE Coin Going to 100x?

For Ape Coin to skyrocket, it needs to come up with something extraordinary, to revolutionize the crypto industry. It can happen, however, most experts agree that the coin’s price won’t reach these highs.


Apecoin’s future is hard to predict – just like with any cryptocurrency. It does, however, exhibit promise as a result of its distinctive traits and effective community support. Apecoin is seen by many traders and industry analysts as having the potential to become even more of a major player in the cryptocurrency space. Its attention to security, privacy, and smooth transactions places it in a favorable position in the current digital landscape, and APE appears highly attractive for both short- and long-term investments, based on the favorable developments and optimistic price forecast discussed above.

Where to Buy ApeCoin?

StealthEX is here to help you buy ApeCoin (APE) if you’re looking for a way to invest in this cryptocurrency. You can buy APE tokens privately and without the need to sign up for the service. StealthEX crypto collection has more than 1500 different coins and you can do wallet-to-wallet transfers instantly and problem-free.

How to Buy Ape Coin: Quick-Step Guide

Just go to StealthEX and follow these easy steps:

  • Choose the pair and the amount you want to exchange — for instance, ETH to APE
  • Press the “Start exchange” button.
  • Provide the recipient address to transfer your crypto to.
  • Process the transaction.
  • Receive your crypto coins.
Buy APE Coin

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